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  1. Conan O'Brien plays 1864 style baseball

    Caught one of these games a while back. What blast - get to one if you have a chance. The teams we saw were very picky about playing the way the game used to be. I don't think anybody struck out so the ball was almost always put in play. The best part was that on a close play the fans were sometimes consulted.
  2. TCU - NC State balk

    It's close but like stkjock says, it looks the front leg starts moving a split second before he starts to step off.
  3. Two Umpires Make Opposite Call

    Been there and it sucked. Pre-gamed it - If R1 and and a hit to the outfield, I, PU, will take 3rd and say so. R1, hit to left center, I bust to to 3rd base cutout while yelling "I've got third." I'm in the cutout and start to signal safe when BU comes up with a big "out" call. I try to stifle my safe call but this was a men's league and they knew whose call it was and saw that I was about to make a safe call. Partner and I confer and he is totally kicking himself for jumping on the call. We go with the safe call but get lots of grief. S&@t happens, do the best you can, if you F up learn from it but put it aside and focus on the game in front of you.
  4. A few years back I was working with an umpire about 18 years old with no training but had been a good player through high school and did a pretty good job on the bases - he never worked the plate. R1, ball hit to F3 who goes for a tag on R1 as he runs by. My partner said no tag. F3 looks pretty upset and seems a little mystified (this is 12u). DC questions my partner but partner stands by his call. OC who was coaching first jogs over to me and discreetly tells me that F3 did make the tag. I was not going down that potential slippery slope: "thanks coach, but let's play" he nodded and jogged back. I was grateful he was discreet about it and to this day am not sure how I would have handled it if he yelled it out to me from across the field.
  5. Brady

    Somebody on UE made fun of my accent the other day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2CA0_UE4yU
  6. Runner throwing an elbow after being forced out

    Why would this be different from calling interference at second on a force play and calling the BR out as well? Unless R2 was the third out, I'd be inclined to call interference and grab another out - or two.
  7. Fielder Touches Ball While Fielder Is Out Of Play

    Which is why I don't see that 5.09(a)(1) would have any bearing. In the OP the ball never entered dead ball territory - the kid picked the ball up and flipped it to another fielder so the fielder who held the ball was in DBT but the ball was not.
  8. Fielder Touches Ball While Fielder Is Out Of Play

    I don't see anywhere where it says 5.09(a)(1), which has to do with catches, applies to the situation in the OP. Assuming 5.09(a)(1) - which leads to a one base award - does apply, we could have these scenarios: 1. Runners on first and second, batter hits hard ground ball up right field line, speedy F9 gloves the ball and purposely leaps into the stands. Ball is dead and runners can only advance one base. 2. Batted ball bouncing around the right field corner, F9 grabs the ball, realizes BR is just about to get to third so he jumps into the stands. BR may have had a shot at an ITP but as F9 jumped into the stands just before BR got to third, BR is awarded third and has to stay there. 3. R1 with left handed batter with the shift on and only F5 between second and third. Passed ball and R1 is off, F2 realizes he doesn't have a good shot at nailing R1 at second, and since the shift is on and F5 is covering second, there's nobody to cover third so R1 will probably get third as well, F2 steps out of play before R1 touches second and R1 has to stay at second. It just doesn't seem right that the defense can take away the offense's opportunity to run the bases by intentionally carrying the ball out of play.
  9. I can't find anything in the rule book. OBR, R2, outfield "fence" is a broken down portable fence about two feet high in places. Batter hits ball that comes to a stop just inside the fence. F7, running toward ball, jumps over the fence, turns around, reaches over the fence, and picks up the ball. What's the call?
  10. Pre-game Rituals

    When working the plate part of my ritual is to clear as much dirt away from the plate as possible so as to make the plate look as big as possible.
  11. Beginning of the End for Plate Umpires?

    I don't think an electronic strike zone would work unless they change the definition of the top and bottom of the zone to a specific height. For example, a strike is a pitch that crosses the plate between 18 and 42 inches above the plate. This way the zone is exactly the same no matter what and the machine wouldn't have to adjust for each batter.
  12. Balk?

    Pitcher in set position, brings his hands together in that he is holding the ball against the outside of his glove, comes set, and pitches without the ball ever being in the glove. Balk because the ball was never in the glove? Fed says ......complete and discernible stop.... "with the ball in both hands in front of the body." OBR says "hold the ball in both hands in front of the body." I guess it boils down to whether or not holding the ball against the outside the glove the same as holding the ball in both hands. Your thoughts?
  13. Distant Slot?

    All for using pictures for comments, opinions, instruction, etc. but don't see the need for personal comments.
  14. The 2014 BRD addresses the difference between OBR and Fed at 33. It looks like Carl saw this one coming.
  15. "In an exclusive interview with 11Alive, Johns Creek Athletic Director Jason Holcombe said his school's argument was the umpires' use of technology before making a ruling was a violation of the officiating handbook. "Our argument was that the mechanics being used in the use of technology to make a questionable call that was determined to say that the runner at second did not touch third base..." Holcombe said." This indicates that the basis of the appeal was not whether the kid touched third. It looks like the appeal was based on the umpires using cell phones as an aid before deciding to call the runner out. If the umpires used phones to view video to help them make the call, they should not have done so. But, the only information I can find says they used phones to confer. Exactly who they were conferring with and what they were conferring about is a mystery. Perhaps they called someone(s) to check the rule about which runners had to advance. According to this article GHSA overturned the call on the field because the umpires used technology - not because GHSA determined the runner had touched third. http://www.11alive.com/sports/high-school/johns-creek-successful-appeal-to-ghsa-focused-on-officals-use-of-cell-phones/441980915