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  1. @acpar72 the more I learn and study these protectors that pad seems to be there for maybe two reasons other than the throat guard reason 1. Carlucci had a pad there and Joe west was a big Carlucci fan. 2. These early protectors were made from football shoulder pad parts and the pad looks as though it served a purpose of connecting the two plates in the front so no gap was left. If you look at the front of hunter w's cp. really i don't know what I'm talking about just two ideas for why the platinum has it. Joe west in the early 90s was wearing a power with a pad on it like the platinum has now. Imagine making a CP out of the shoulder pads I posted. a pad would be needed in that area to connect the two sides of the shoulder pads
  2. Guy now told me they are plus pos.
  3. Are these really Nikes. A buddy trying to sell them to me. What do y'all think they are worth. I have never seen any like them.
  4. Is there not one made for female umpires? Heck they even make female football shoulder pads. This needs to be addressed by some company. We will have a female big league umpire soon I would assume.
  5. Wow!!! @JimKirk thanks! Would like the wings on the gold changed to be more like the power or platinum. Most people I believe dislike them.
  6. @JimKirk after meeting with Wilson do you think there will be any plans in changing the foam or updating the two west vest models out currently?
  7. It is easier to clean with the velcro.
  8. Ump attire has velcro ones with the mesh padding.
  9. I think .5 is as thin as u should go. Why is spartan armor?
  10. Found pic with plate coat. Looks like gold with TW.
  11. Is Vic's CP a team wendy vintage west vest? That thing is low profile man.
  12. Me and u both!!!!
  13. Jeff told me they will only do douglas when I asked. I know will do them. But it's $200.
  14. Ok great! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has thought of doing this.