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  1. Got my riddell!!.......stickers!! Can't afford the CP so I got some decals! $10 each. shipping $2. PayPal or venmo.
  2. +pos chest protector

    What was wrong with it? Why was it refurbished?
  3. Anyone else have a Carlucci set? I know a few guys. Wanted to see if anyone else is out there.
  4. Football reconditioners or repair places?

    Impressive what you are doing. Awesome!
  5. Mask Porn?

    This was the reebok mask @Thunderheads
  6. Mask Porn?

    @Thunderheads adidas
  7. Mask Porn?

    Nike Steel powder coated baby blue by maskitsport.com
  8. Since Team Wendy is not retrofitting chest protectors anymore, I find it hard to believe that there is not another company in the USA who can't make a low profile pad for a chest protector. Are there any football equipment reconditioners or local sports equipment repair places willing to do it?
  9. This Old CP, 2016 Edition

    Yes you need to start it since you have the sweetest one on the planet!
  10. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    I stuck the padding in the washing machine and I couldn't get padding off the shoulders so I stuck the rest in there too. Washed it twice in hot. And a third time in warm. Used regular dollar store detergent. Let air dry.
  11. Vinyl wrapping CP

    @wolfe_man ok I was under the impression that a heated blower needed to be used
  12. Vinyl wrapping CP

    Is anyone familiar with the process and how to do it? Any good YouTube videos?
  13. Vinyl wrapping CP

    How about doing a black CP with gray vinyl?
  14. Vinyl wrapping CP

    All the guys that want to paint their CP a different color I think @HCueds is on to something. I know nothing about this process but it seems really cool. Just wanted to start this thread to lead to more discussion and pictures.
  15. All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    Ok it cleaned up great. Pad is black now. Plates are navy.