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  1. Could some one take the douglas padding and attach these champion. plates? I think it would be very similar. Since riddell and Douglas are shoulder pad companies.
  2. DM me or text me. Thanks.
  3. I'm talking about travel ball 6 games in a day with 3 plates in a row in July guys. How many are wearing it for this type of ball?
  4. Wow just tried one on! I missed my v1! Crazy. Do the plates inside make a big difference?
  5. I have had both. Just Looking to see others thoughts on this. I have Seen some cons to the thooks like the hooks snagging your shirt or causing the top chest plate to come off the Velcro on the outside edges.
  6. Lock it up @Thunderheads
  7. Thanks for the pad! Made my 13 into a 15 after taking hit to stomach!
  8. Great question. The reason why I don't wear them. I would say good old soap and water.
  9. Where can u find the elbecos online?
  10. I was expecting to see the Doug Harvey elbeco!
  11. How many guys are wearing the v2? What adjustments have you made to customize the cp for yourself?
  12. Send a pic of screen
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Those days seem to be gone for good. Shoes like these are not made to last for years anymore. A New pair every year or two max. Very similar to football cleats. Those guys in the NFL have ten boxes in their locker. They are not made to last but to be replaced.
  15. Can you attach @Razzer harness to it?