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  1. I can't find it now. She must have sold it.
  2. @midtnump thanks for the great info!
  3. I can't imagine anything being lower profile than the pic of this vsport. Which is the same as the AA and old champion? Right?
  4. @midtnump which is lower profile your douglas or the old champion?
  5. This Is awesome!
  6. Thank you! A great informative response!
  7. @midtnump how would you compare it to your douglas? I picked a champion with old padding up for $35. I have a douglas. Gonna use this as a backup
  8. @Mister B is it a lot hotter than the wilson douglas or other protectors out there?
  9. The first champion pic looks like the type of padding on the All American CPs that were sold. Very similar to the padding on the wilsons and football pads.
  10. Was there a different type of padding first used on the champion CPs? Or are all they the same? I didn't like the gray hard scratchy type on the last two pics.
  11. Found it on FB. Lady won't ship. Maybe one of you Jersey guys can get it?
  12. I took mine off also when I had the platinum.
  13. Pretty cool it had the sternum pad like the platinum. I have always thought the platinum looked the closest to the riddell.
  14. I want one! Is this one aluminum?