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  1. @Thunderheads lock it
  2. Who was the guy who had bought all the smitty jackets at a close out and was selling them? Looking for a large navy.
  3. I didn't like the WV gold either. You got used to platinum. I would wear platinum. Sell the gold. Buy a new platinum. And sell the old platinum. You pretty much covered the cost of new platinum there.
  4. You made my day wth ball bag on bases comment. One guy here in Rec ball wears one on the bases to keep his phone which is about the size of an iPad mini and his sunflower seeds!!! Too funny!
  5. Ok I have UA xl in black and blue. I just ordered 2 black and 2 blue drilow bags. Maybe should have got the smitty xls.
  6. Do y'all always wear two? I see some of the MLB guys wear one. With the XL bags do you need two?
  7. I have bought 3 within the last two months. One I ruined trying to take the number off. One I bought from a guy who retired. The other off eBay.
  8. I love the look of the boombah Ti.
  9. No ball bags and longer too and more warm. Looks legit.
  10. I just got my first one a couple weeks ago. I loved it. Just bought another this week. I will have one to sell soon. 44R
  11. I had all plus pos gear. Mask CP and shins. Had the armor type that looked like a Sammuri. Shins were flat and wrapped around leg. Real thin.
  12. I hadn't one bend and crack on me last summer with a d1 pitcher and ball coming off bat right to my mask. I will be wearing my aluminum wilson doing that college summer wood bat league for now on.