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  1. Keeping shoes white

    Hi, I recently purchased a pair of the new New Balance field shoes with the white bottom. I've only worn them on turf fields, but I'm still noticing they're getting a bit black at the point where they meet the bottom of the shoe. Anyone have any recommendations for getting them back to pearly white?
  2. Before the first robot ump game, everyone will be excited. The excitement will last exactly two innings, until a catcher picks a curve off the ground and it's called a strike because it caught the knee.
  3. Rawling's NC HC

    OK. Thank you.
  4. Rawling's NC HC

    Wouldn't that just mean that the new pitcher (the reliever) is out of the game for good? Now you have 9 players and 9 spots in the order. Or is there a provision that it can't happen?
  5. Rawling's NC HC

    This one shouldn't be too hard though. Just list the P/DH twice. In the batting order, list the player as a DH. Then at the bottom, list him as P. Switch as needed.
  6. Ump gets shown up by batter, batter doesn't like ump's response

    Then again, I can show you a lot of videos of pitches at the belt to Lucas Duda or Ike Davis -- two tall Mets -- that are called balls.
  7. Changing Plate Mechanics IN GAME

    Plate umpires do dress differently than field umps. Do you mean Laz was in blue while the others were in black?
  8. MLB Iron Man Streak

    Apparently, Gehrig's streak started as a pinch hitter. So maybe it's just being in a game, period. Quick edit: It's an at-bat or at least a half-inning on defense.
  9. MLB Iron Man Streak

    What is the Ripken rule? Appear in a game? Or play 5 innings? I was never sure.
  10. What do you do for a living?

    Interesting. I've never thought that radio political punditry could be a side job. Cool nonetheless.
  11. "Over 60 Physical Signals"

    Time play. Not to mention 3-man and 4-man rotation mechanics.
  12. More electronic strike zone discussion

    Am I wrong, or are both HRD umpires MiLB umps who are being given the assignment? Also, Looking at the numbers, most of the time the MLB strike zone is smaller than the book zone. So the "plate discipline" hitters will not be happy about this.
  13. Robot Ump

    I can't wait until a catcher plucks a baseball out of the dirt and it's called a strike. Or a curveball that is caught at the belt and above a catcher's head, but catches the top of the zone. That's going to be fun.
  14. Majordave and Jaxrolo?

    Not to go off topic, but I found that amazing as well. Even in cities where it seemed there was no pollution at all -- the trains were covered in graffiti (and it's not that no one uses public transportation. Hope you enjoyed your trip.
  15. Well, some umps with knowledge of only the George Brett Pine Tar incident ruled in an American Legion playoff game in Connecticut, and it may have decided the game. Here's what happened, as per Gameday CT: I'm surprised (though I shouldn't be) that the head coach didn't protest the ruling, as he would have been in the right. Here's the MLB rule book about pine tar: In other words, the play should have stood because an objection was not raised prior to the bat's use. The bat with pine tar on it is not considered an "illegal bat" for the purposes of declaring a batter out. Also, FYI, the George Brett game was protested. The Royals actually won the protest, as the league commissioner declared that pine tar above the 18-inch mark does not help the batter. Let's finish off this story with a nice quote that makes you want to bang your head against a wall, shall we?