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  1. Get the feeling they don't say "please."
  2. You'll be lucky if it cuts through the two and a half cans of Axe Spray he used in the locker room before coming to the field.
  3. I think ESPN had 3 of the 4 games this weekend. Pretty sure they talked about D'Arnaud and his mask in every one.
  4. Lol. Normally just one. But I like a backup rig just in case.
  5. I think most of us do!
  6. Thanks to @wolfe_man I get to run out a black Douglas, plus the System7 harness it came with, for my next plate and get to compare it with my Schutt MaXV. This will allow me to sell off my other @MadMax "sofa cushion" (a Gold) to the highest bidder. This should be great fun!
  7. My current excuse is an almost one year old rugrat. Prior to that... you bet your ass I was being lazy. Lol
  8. Probably surprises no one. But a great transaction with @wolfe_man for a used 15" black Douglas. Quick response and even quicker shipping. Would get a "trusted seller" on here if it had the option.
  9. My wife surprised me with an umpire uniform for my 11 month old son, Jacob. She searched photos of MLB umpires and found all the stuff on either Amazon and Target. Then ironed on the screen printed decals. Talk about SPOT with the design and such!
  10. I never got a bullet pencil where the eraser wasn't dried out.
  11. Pretty sure he already knows.
  12. I'm a modern man. I just hate having to try and keep the white, white. So it is a matter of economy.
  13. Looks like it ended.
  14. He has taken quite a few this year since switching that would put most of us down. Do you have video?
  15. Seriously the dumbest thing ever.
  16. The coloring on that Nike looks a lot like the one I found.
  17. I can personally vouch for this idea. Before the season started I placed a $700 order with US. This order included two sizes of the new NB low top plate shoe, two chest protectors (Schutt and All Star), two pairs of Smitty Polydex pants, and some other stuff I am forgetting. It shipped to me fore free. And free shipping of about $500 of that order back. Besides finding deals on here, eBay, and (possibly) Facebook. Ump-Attire is the only place I will go (and that includes being able to get an association discount at some other places.)
  18. Do they come in an All black and in wide?
  19. Since STK has my old one, he could speak to its condition. It's almost like it is looped around the top bar and sewn shut. So the only part that opens is the snap. Talking to Tony, he said he could cut it off. But I really liked the strap and decided not to do it.
  20. I would chip in for this!
  21. Side note... what the heck was up with the Honigs 2010 black and light blue shirts having shorter sleeves than the Honigs undershirts? It has never made sense to me and looks horrible.
  22. I can second the Schutt XV... oddly enough it was thanks to Max that I got one (and thanks to him for making the mod for me). I too am a bigger guy (though not as tall as you.) But I found that the stock "harness" is not that uncomfortable. But the Max modification makes it way better. If you go with the Schutt you should check out buying a harness from @Razzer or the Force3/DeltaFlex type harness. You can purchase the latter two from Ump-Attire.
  23. I would say either the shins or the shoes. Or the TW pads depending on how old they are.