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  1. Suggestions for CP?

    I'm not sure the XV/MaXV/HDX is 13". I need around a 14-14.5" CP. And my MaXV more than covers me without the extension.
  2. Ditto to a city in the High Desert area of Southern California pronounced Lan-cast-ter
  3. @Scott K, can you use this to touch up the NB460v2/3?
  4. You could have saved gas by just driving north instead of east. We have PLENTY of that during Construction Season up here. Lol
  5. You have a few options. One is to replace the harness with a flex style harness. Two is to figure out how to permanently get the straps to stay in place... then hope you don't loose or gain weight.
  6. Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    Those throat guards look slightly different. Is one a Mizuno and the other a Kubota or something along those lines?
  7. @ousafe since it sounds like you are from Washington (like myself and a few others). We wear black, in particular.. the 2010 Gerry Davis sublimated shirt, for high school ball. So it isn't as regulated as those states east of the continental divide. Basically just try and match your partner. Also, and since I glossed over it earlier, #GoCreekGo
  8. Time between games

    Yes... this happens more than you would hope it would. Also, "we will get there as soon as we can" is a totally acceptable answer.
  9. You got me all hot and bothered for a second there!
  10. @wolfe_man, talk about burying the lead brotha! You guys have RED HATS?
  11. So the general rule is that the undershirt matches the last color of piping at the end of the sleeve. I.e. navy-red, red-navy, powder-navy, black-and-white, etc. There are obviously exceptions to the rule.
  12. Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    Mark Wegner uses a 6" Wilson throat guard on his F3.
  13. This topic has come up multiple times on this site. I would recommend doing a search and that might answer any questions you have. if it doesn't, I'm sure there are plenty of guys (and gals) on here that can help fill the gaps.
  14. Double Set - Balk

    Also... "stopped" means that EVERYTHING has come to a stop. If his hands stop, but he is still bouncing his foot or leg, he has not come to a stop.
  15. MLB Balk Rule

  16. Fulmer calls out PU

    Try being here in Portland, where the common breakfast question is "HOW MUCH DID THAT DOUGHNUT COST?!?"
  17. I'll take "Things Daddy Coaches Say" for $400 Alex.
  18. I don't disagree and it probably the way the situation was filmed. But it seems like Meals wasn't anywhere near Hamari and Boone... and then he was. Not saying anything was wrong. Just an observation.
  19. FS- Black Nike Pads Brand New

    Not anymore. They are replacing it with a veggie burger (for those STRANGE veggie types... like my wife). And yes... EVERYONE loved the Costco Polish Sausage!
  20. Also, at least to me, it looked like the ejection from Meals came from out of nowhere. I could understand if it was Hamari with the ejection (as the calling umpire). But Meals seems to come from out of the blue to run Boone.
  21. Facemask Upgrade

    I would also say the Diamond iX3 would work as well. Just a matter of which one you get. Because if you order the one with the lesser pads, the should be upgraded.
  22. Fulmer calls out PU

    Has to be. The website has the word "NEWS" in it.