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  1. I often wonder why I am still on some of those Facebook pages.
  2. He gone!
  3. I have the black Majestic and the light blue Honigs. I much prefer the Majestic. Not to mention that, for some reason, the Honigs sleeves are shorter than their undershirt sleeves.
  4. Used my force3 shins yesterday for two games... yup, best thing out there. Oh, and I would content going from an All Star to a Wilson bucket is not an upgrade. It is barely a sideways movement.
  5. Instagram? Maybe a flow on the Twitter?
  6. Love the two kids in the bottom right. Can't tell me that wasn't planned by them. Lol
  7. I was just giving you a hard time. I am looking forward to using my new shin guards today. Was considering the mask as well (not because of the possibly of Kevlar in the pads but because of the technology in the mask). But I am not a fan of the chest protector and will probably never own one.
  8. They have Kevlar in all their stuff. Where have you been the last 3 or 4 years? Lol
  9. I putzed around with a pair before the start of the season. But returned them with the knowledge that I would be replacing my old FinnShins with then next year. Well, i had a small equipment malfunction (the knee cap part of the shin guard separated from the rest of it) mid game of a playoff game. My first, and only, choice to replace them was the Force3. Get to use them for back to back plates today and I am looking forward to it.
  10. Hey... someone had to after Payne Stewart passed away. Don't forget dude can still hit the golf ball a country mile.
  11. That's right. It was just a big huge merry go round of umpire gear between the three of us.
  12. Indeed they do. I sold mine to either TPatence or Stk (I can't recall which) because I wanted to try the Wilson memory foam.
  13. And the best thing is that you can we them both before AND after Labor Day.
  14. Boy... this post went sideways! By the way.. I check it out. Thailand.
  15. Sure it does! I see both heather and charcoal shades in there. Heck... there might be what ever color the Davis pants are in there.
  16. That reminds me... in my area we have one if those "you can get everything you ever need" kind of stores. They do a huge sock sale twice a year (and trust me... it is a BIG thing!) I could do with replacing my Nike Dri-fit socks soon. They are still in good shape. But new ones are in BETTER shape.
  17. Im disappointed in no one asking the "elephant in the room" question... Was she hot?
  18. Didn't I buy mine from you? Or was that @tpatience and i got my Zett from you? Man... I did a lot of wheeling-and-dealing this off season.
  19. Just saw a FB post from a friend and fellow umpire from here in Portland that knows Dale. Said that Scott sent an email out to friends and family saying he is hanging up the mask. I can only imagine how scary that last concussion had to have been being taken off on a backboard and a neckbrace.
  20. Ditto
  21. I'll have to look at the tag on mine. Will have to look. But I think I remember it being either China or Vietnam.
  22. Holy crap! Jeff actually sold this? Lol
  23. And yet, the most important part of the whole thing (the cage) has not authentication marking.