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  1. Cav

  2. Navy blue plate coat 44L

    Here's a shot of a strikingly handsome model my wife keeps around our place. He's wearing his plate coat over his Honig's CP. It's been dry cleaned after each season; last tag is still pinned on the sleeve cuff. There's no rips, runs or errors.
  3. Navy blue plate coat 44L

    I'm putting up for sale my clean though used, +POS plate coat, size 44L, in navy for $50, buyer pays for shipping.
  4. Insect repellent

    Old soldier here. I've learned that mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on Earth. DEET has protected service personnel from mosquitoes and other biting insects all over the world since WWII. It also doubles as an effective additive to the can of peanut butter found in the old C-rats to make a suitable source of fuel to heat up the main course. It does have side effects, but only in California. And, frankly, California has many other more serious chemicals to be concerned about.
  5. Brief moment of fame (?)

    In the end, the memory will prove more valuable than the cap.
  6. Always late to work

    I've been on both sides of that coffee cup.
  7. I wouldn't last 25 minutes umpiring in the National League, let alone 25 years as he did. RIP Big Guy. Speaking of which, I'm going to put this thread to rest on my end. Nothing I can say or do will change our opinions of Barksdale's call.
  8. Someday, you should ask about my 1/2" strike zone that I used to call (indeed admonished to call by some pretty good mentors in the day) during a blowout game. I'm not so sure the shadow you mentioned above is the ball, but I am pretty sure that the thin shadow just above it (towards F2; Narvaez?) is the catcher's glove. On initial contact with the ball and F2's glove, the glove's shadow is still in line near the inside corner. And, given the trajectory from the lefty's release point, I have strike three.
  9. I didn't see it that way. I can't decipher (px -1.350, pz 2.842) and I have little confidence in the display. Over the plate or when caught? I presume you're interested in my zone width: It's as close to 23" wide as I can make and keep it. I hope yours is too. Any number of things happen when a catcher comes to bat. I try never to ring up any hitter on a pitch in the box. I'm guessing you, too, are good enough to avoid doing so. I've had some interesting conversations with catchers. I believe, based on anecdotal evidence, that catchers, as a group, make better umpires than other current or former players. HS and up. LH-er Rodon's release point is maybe 12-24" to the 1B side of the pitcher's plate. Smarter people than me can come up with the trajectory of his heater, but I'm declaring that pitch was one that I would strike in my games and a good hitter, already with 2 strikes, would be swinging at, even if it were to just waste it. And, Bryant as a hitter is fully capable of all that and more. Perhaps that was the catalyst for his uncharacteristic outburst. I tracked the pitched ball by frame (about 6 total) from release point (@0:03) to F2's glove (#0:04). Perhaps you may wish to try it. Back to real time: Strike three!
  10. Strike all day long in my games. I like it. I like it a lot. I spend a lot more time with a catcher than I do with any hitter.
  11. Good call; screw the displayed zone. I try very hard to call that strike all day long. (It's just one of several reasons I get so many greeting cards from pitchers during the holidays.) In my games, I seldom, if ever, see a Maddux and a Jenkins on the hill, although I've worked several with Billingsley back in the day.
  12. 2018 Games

    We have one HS league assignor who posted our games back in April for...wait for it...2019! He's taking a heck of a chance assigning games to me at my age.
  13. Runner interference??

    Emphasis above is an important consideration.