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  1. It depends on the scenario. If one team is trying to use it as a strategic move, I'm pushing hustle as hard as possible. If the teams are teaching like in Fall Ball, they get some leeway...
  2. It's out of Stock
  3. Brain Freeze...sorry...
  4. When was time called? As BR is jogging to 1B, I have it live....
  5. Beltre claimed it wasn't him, that it was Fielder.
  6. I think he's signaling he pushed him off.
  7. ​^^^^^ THIS!!!
  8. Check your time zone setting....
  9. In OBR, if they made the base before the Foul call, leave them there and play on.
  10. @gnhbua93 I bought one last year from Ump-attire that was velcro. $55 for the 13" version
  11. So on fields that have no RL marked, do you tell coaches at Ground Rules to have them run on the foul side at least?
  12. Liked!
  13. It has been great following your experiences! Thank You!