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  1. I'm honored to have stimulated your 6000th post!!!! But please, teach on... Should I have cited 5.09 (a)(8) alone, WITHOUT the comment?
  2. I wear 2. My college group requires 2; while I agree, I wouldn't be able to answer why they require it.
  3. I'm afraid to ask!
  4. Helpful. Thanks.
  5. I'm going with the call on the field, in all codes, the runner is out. From my perspective, F2 did not block the plate illegally and moved into the line of the runner to field the throw. After the ball was loosened from his grip, he had a right to pick it up and tag the runner (both on the ground and tangled).
  6. Rule 5.09(a)(8) comment (2nd paragraph) - If a whole bat is thrown into fair or foul territory and interferes with a defensive player attempting to make a play, interference shall be called whether intentional or not.
  7. Had a guy last summer who made a move to first by jumping off the back of the rubber (not a direct and clear disengagement as everything moved simultaneously) and he did NOT throw to first... I balked him. HC was adamant that F1 'stepped off' so he doesn't need to throw. I know other guys have seen this as well, and it may become more prevalent, but it's a balk and it should be called. Thanks @maven for emphasizing it.
  8. The NCAA video that just came out on the High Strike has answered a pet peeve of mine, and I am so grateful that they put it out. I think it's well done, and I'm praying guys will embrace the concepts therein wholeheartedly. The pitches shown are pitches that can be hit hard by batters, and indeed are pitches that are often labeled 'mistakes' by pitchers and defenses. True, they DON'T want to throw it up there because it's a pitch that can be driven out out of the park. That, coupled with the truth that it is within the strike zone according to rule, DEMANDS they be called strikes. And in so doing, IMHO, we will benefit the game for everyone, IF the majority of us get on board. But frankly, I'm not sure why we wouldn't??? Thank you NCAA Umpire Coordinators!!!
  9. Agreed, as I stipulated in my previous post, but when he's outside the confines of the lane the last 10 ft, running (not stepping) in fair territory, and hinders the fielder in receiving a throw, that's RLI, that's all I'm saying. And... while I'm at it, I'm grateful for your wisdom, and grace.
  10. While the video clearly has the BR's right foot in fair territory at the beginning of the cutout, we can agree to disagree on that... my only question then, is... Does it matter where the runner was between 10 & 80 ft, IF he's running in fair territory, outside the confines of the lane, from 80-90 ft? Even if he were in the lane for a time, in this case, isn't his running in fair territory, outside the confines of the lane in the last 6-10 feet is a violation of the rule (assuming he left the lane prior to the need to step on the bag)?
  11. I've been tuned into this thread from the beginning, and I'm confused. Realizing I've got a lot to learn myself, and that I don't have the right to criticize much here, and wanting to be courteous in all things, especially understanding we're discussing this in hindsight, I still struggle to see how we can say this BR was EVER running legally to 1st base based on the video provided. When the camera left the BR he was clearly in fair territory (legally for the first 45 ft.), and when the camera returns to the BR at about 6:44, it's evident the runner was in fair territory for at least the entire length of the cut out (more than a reach or step). I'm teachable and coachable friends, but at present I don't see how this is NOT a violation of NCAA 7.11.p. I just want to understand if I'm missing something.
  12. You mean this isn't a simple matter of chronological seniority/longevity/tenure?!!!
  13. My son and I saw that guy pitch a couple weeks ago and he asked me if that was legal. The real quirk, if it's the same guy, is that he taps the toe of his free foot on the way to coming set, and it's a bit more than just a 'touch' of the ground, almost like he puts it down twice. I answered my son "I guess so, because nobody is calling anything, but certainly gives reason to look for something". Just annoying!
  14. After you've been faithful and honest in a constructive and friendly way with no attempt on his part at change (assuming you work with him multiple games), tell the partner you're gonna notify the assigner that you'd prefer to not work with him, and then do so. If nothing changes, you might want to work somewhere else.
  15. Actually, this comment is a positive reflection on you, as the coach noticed the difference. When I work with a guy like this, and in my area it happens ALL THE TIME, I try to kick up my focus even higher, and MAKE SURE the difference between my partner and I is absolutely noticeable, even to my lazy partner!
  16. I agree with the idea that the game should be about the players on the field, and that we as umpires should be as much 'out of sight and mind' as possible... HOWEVER!!! For the love of the game, we have to be loud enough to be effective! Giving counts, putting the ball in play, calling 'foul ball' on close ones, and yes, even calling 'ball' on occasion, requires significant volume to be effective. If we're trying to find balance between NOT being the focus of the game and being effective, IMHO we should err on the side of increased volume, especially in key situations.
  17. I lost 3 this week, including my first NCAA game tomorrow. But hey.. the Good Book says God sends the rain[snow] on the wicked and the righteous... so who am I to complain! Just praying He melts it fast!!!
  18. I think I'd have to fail pretty miserably to allow this to happen, and I say it that way because to call this, BOTH umps would've seen something illegal that they failed to call. If neither saw it, it shouldn't be called. But if either saw it and didn't call it until after the coach brought it to their attention, it was perhaps a borderline infraction, i.e... hands separating simultaneously to stepping off or something along those lines. I'd probably be more apt to tell a coach something along the lines of... 'I won't call a balk because you think I should, and even if we missed something, the idea of us calling a balk NOW, simply because you said we should, is a recipe for disaster going forward! Back to the dugout, let's play ball.'.
  19. I love watching Laz Diaz call MLB games. Love his energy and enthusiasm. But it's puzzled me for a couple years now, why he's constantly changing his plate mechanics. For a couple innings he'll work the slot 'heel/toe', then he'll switch to the scissors. Calling strikes too... he'll use the hammer out front, then later he'll point to the side, and then he'll often switch back. Does anyone else do this? Is there a rationale for it? Or is it just a personal preference?
  20. What level Stan?
  21. I use the Wilson bag, and I'm struggling to find the best arrangement as well, but I'm managing. Though I'll be honest, if I used a HSM, I wouldn't have a clue. I DO NOT put uniforms (except jackets) in my gear bag. I keep my mask on top, away from the dirt from shins and shoes. ONLY shins and CP go in the bottom. I think I can do better.
  22. Bring you snow shoes!
  23. Terrific!!! Praying God melts it and dries it quick!
  24. The landscape is as white as can be here in Eastern PA. So much for my first 3 games of the season next week. They say more snow coming Tuesday. Ugghhhh.
  25. @maven, I wish I could, but I simply don't have the brain power. Anyone else able to help our brother who helps us so much?