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  1. I was starting to wonder the future of my growth as an umpire was going to look like. Glad you're back!
  2. FYI, NCAA put a video out on this (original post) today.
  3. I took as @zoops took it, no tag, the runner should be safe according to the video, I think???
  4. So... do we call 'ball FOUR' for every walk, or only on 3 balls with runners? Is it a matter of mechanical preference? Asking objectively because I'm not in the habit of verbalizing 'ball FOUR'.
  5. 5-1-1 g. 3. - Ball becomes dead immediately when a pitch or any other thrown ball: goes into a stand or other dead-ball area or players' bench (even if it rebounds to the field)...
  6. Welcome!!! I recall the exciting anticipation of my first winter/spring with joy, eagerly anticipating that first game, willing to do whatever was necessary to get on a diamond, any diamond, for any level of ball. I'd work the bases (for free) if I knew my mentor was working solo, just to get experience. May I encourage you to go watch college or TRAINED high school umpires, live and in person. Take note of the little things, and apply what you learn as often as you can. Beware of the guys who've 'been doing it for 30 years' but have been doing it WRONG for 30 years. In many things in umpiring, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things - and doing it the wrong way for 30 years doesn't make it ok, especially if you want to grow and advance. Many people will try to give you advice, and it isn't all good, so be discerning and study hard. Ok, I'm done now... sorry for the soap box. Have fun!
  7. Tell me about it! Not even close! Slow pitchers, and batters 'owning the box'. PU actually did NOT give time to every batter that asked, but he did for most, and there was a bunch, because of the slow pitching.
  8. Was on the bases for a 3 hour 30 min. varsity game last night (competitive...we suspended the game tied at 5 after 7 innings due to low light), and my partner was very concerned it was his fault. All in all, it really wasn't... it was this same stuff others are experiencing. I for one, am going to reduce how often I give time to a batter, especially those repeat offenders, and I may start encouraging catchers to pick up the pace with signals.
  9. Thanks!
  10. I might need to know more about this? Aftermarket home-made deal? Or something All Star sells?
  11. So I switched from my beloved Schutt XV to the All Star System 7, for various reasons. And as usual when we have a new CP, I was eagerly anticipating a 'good shot' off of it, which I got Monday. Coaches and Catcher estimate 85-87 mph (it's where this kid normally sits) four seamer, barely knicked the bat and hit me hard, directly on the right clavicle. Only felt that something impacted the CP, sounded like a shot gun went off, but didn't feel ANYTHING underneath. I was impressed. I bought it for the clavicle protection, and it didn't disappoint! Catcher was sure I should be hurt, he asked me twice, but I literally didn't feel anything.
  12. Congrats @maven! Thanks for the effort you make to teach in a way that's conducive to learning. Very helpful!
  13. Watching an NCAA game yesterday (as a spectator), 2 man crew, R1, R2, no outs. Ground ball to F6, throws to F4 for the force at 2B, to F3 for a banger. 1BC screams 'he's off the bag!!!'. No call from BU who seemed to be in the appropriate position to make a call. Rather, BU looked at PU who was a step into foul territory about 20 ft up 1BL. Nothing from either brother for several seconds until BU finally calls him safe with no other signal, DC is out immediately. My question is this - I realize there was at one time a mechanic wherein the BU would instantly defer to PU on the line when F3's foot may have been pulled... but I thought those days were over and BU should make his call and then check with his partner if necessary, and I think the PU thought so as well. Am I wrong on that, or is this simply a mistake (which no one is above)? Is it something that guys pre-game? I for one will be pre-gaming it from now on because it obviously needs to be pre-gamed! Or am I overboard on this?
  14. The video came out over the winter clinics, was of a CWS play that was handled in absolutely exemplary fashion. He didn't make a call other than 'time'! Then he inspected the batter's hand, then he asked U1, 'I want to know if he swung.', then he awarded 1B. His timing, control, and verbiage were simply inspiring.
  15. I like 'em both! I was particularly interested in the plate jacket with the gray.