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  1. FWIW, I was not offended. A slippery slope.
  2. Scroll down to Second Video: Farrell maintains "Time" was called "well in advance" of the balk (BOS)
  3. It's been said many times, in different ways: umpires don't eject coaches, we simply show them where the team bus is parked.
  4. There is always some context involved in any confrontation, but if it's such a critical situation, the coach should work harder to stay in the game. This is not all on the umpire.
  5. I just can't place it.
  6. Helpful video, although I was distracted by the narrator's interesting accent.
  7. Setting aside the mask issue, a coach telling me to "man up" might miss the rest of the game.
  8. UA is as good as it gets. Excellent service and attention, and if there is a problem, Jim often addresses it and lets people know right here on U-E. Other dealers might be as good, but no one I've dealt with is better.
  9. One day, a 90-minute, 4-1, 13-15 y/o game. Then, several days later, a heat wave rolled in: a 3-hour, 12 y/o, 17-16 "pitching duel" with temperatures in the 90s. I drank a lot, before, during and after, and tried to keep my body temperature down with wet towels; nonetheless, soon after I got home, I fainted from heat exhaustion. I don't know how you Arizona folks do it.
  10. Assuming that your list is what you have and are looking to upgrade, I'd probably start with the mask, or at least new pads, if the TWs are a little tired, to minimize risk of head injury. Then, depending on the level you work and want more protection, I'd probably upgrade the chest protector, then the shin guards. Head/face, heart/ribs/shoulders, legs/knees, in that order. Anyway, that's my thinking.
  12. As I read the OP, isn't the critical fact that the ball first struck the catcher's chest protector? If not "legally caught," it can't be a "caught 3d strike." By the way, 6.05 is the old number; look at 5.09(a)(2) Comment.
  13. You know the general idea of ignore, acknowledge, warn, eject? I would not ignore his yelling at you entirely, but how you deal with it depends, doesn't it? Had he been a jerk all along? Did he persist in his comments? I agree that yelling across the diamond is not a great idea, but did you shorten his leash for the rest of the game? At the least, you might quietly say to the AC at first something like, "You can let your partner know that he's this close to making you HC for the rest of the game." If the HC wants to go, he will ultimately eject himself.
  14. noumpere is correct, but there was a recent thread ("AmLegion") that mentioned legion teams playing in tournaments under FED rules. No question here is ever simple: ask 10 umpires for their opinion, get 20 answers.
  15. You might want to bring this misconception to the attention of the UIC or LD for educational/training purposes.
  16. Do you mean something like this, which is, I believe, by a forum member, Razzer:
  17. Don't be in a rush to make a call in those circumstances. Take a moment to read the situation and the players' reactions. It is hard not to duck or bail in games at that level, where pitchers struggle to find the plate and catchers can neither catch nor block errant pitches.
  18. Intent is a judgment, and if a hard tag is MC, F3's intentional trip could likewise be excessive and construed as the intent to injure. Or call it unsportsmanlike, "behavior in any manner not in accordance with the spirit of fair play."
  19. Several local leagues play OBR with Fed modifications, including a malicious contact rule. An intentional trip could be MC. Wasn't there a Fed POE that said an unnecessarily forceful tag was MC? I.e., was the contact intentional and excessive?
  20. Not exactly. OBR 6.01(a) It is interference by a batter or a runner when: (5) Any batter or runner who has just been put out, or any runner who has just scored, hinders or impedes any following play being made on a runner. Such runner shall be declared out for the interference of his teammate.... Comment: If the batter or a runner continues to advance after he has been put out, he shall not by that act alone be considered as confusing, hindering or impeding the fielders.
  21. A two-game suspension sounds light, considering the tirade and the bump, but the AC got her money's worth! Later edit: I don't do college baseball or any kind of softball, so I was unaware of the "automatic" penalties.
  22. First thing I learned was to park away from the field and foul balls. The second was when someone approaches you after the game, step back and put your mask back on.
  23. OK, I retract my second comment. Apologies for misconstruing what happened.
  24. Max makes an interesting point about something I may have misconstrued. Thawk751, when you conferred with your partner to ensure you had an out, what did you mean? Did you consult him about the rule or about your judgment that the runner missed the plate (which is what it sounded like to me); I agree that the former is appropriate, but the latter? But let's not rewrite the facts and alter the circumstances: the OP did not simply tell the coach an appeal had to be made during a live ball; he told the coach he needed to perform an appeal play, which sounds to me like, "It's not a protest, it's an appeal." And to say that it was done quietly, between coach and umpire, is to ignore the fact that the opposing coach heard this exchange, because he came out and objected to the OP's giving advice to the other team. And, again, I'm looking at what the coaches say and do, not at the kids. But maybe we are disagreeing about something similar to the arguments in the forum about where to draw the line between preventive officiating and coaching. Matters of opinion.