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  1. FWIW, I was not offended. A slippery slope.
  2. Scroll down to Second Video: Farrell maintains "Time" was called "well in advance" of the balk (BOS)
  3. It's been said many times, in different ways: umpires don't eject coaches, we simply show them where the team bus is parked.
  4. There is always some context involved in any confrontation, but if it's such a critical situation, the coach should work harder to stay in the game. This is not all on the umpire.
  5. I just can't place it.
  6. Helpful video, although I was distracted by the narrator's interesting accent.
  7. Setting aside the mask issue, a coach telling me to "man up" might miss the rest of the game.
  8. UA is as good as it gets. Excellent service and attention, and if there is a problem, Jim often addresses it and lets people know right here on U-E. Other dealers might be as good, but no one I've dealt with is better.
  9. Assuming that your list is what you have and are looking to upgrade, I'd probably start with the mask, or at least new pads, if the TWs are a little tired, to minimize risk of head injury. Then, depending on the level you work and want more protection, I'd probably upgrade the chest protector, then the shin guards. Head/face, heart/ribs/shoulders, legs/knees, in that order. Anyway, that's my thinking.
  10. One day, a 90-minute, 4-1, 13-15 y/o game. Then, several days later, a heat wave rolled in: a 3-hour, 12 y/o, 17-16 "pitching duel" with temperatures in the 90s. I drank a lot, before, during and after, and tried to keep my body temperature down with wet towels; nonetheless, soon after I got home, I fainted from heat exhaustion. I don't know how you Arizona folks do it.
  12. As I read the OP, isn't the critical fact that the ball first struck the catcher's chest protector? If not "legally caught," it can't be a "caught 3d strike." By the way, 6.05 is the old number; look at 5.09(a)(2) Comment.
  13. You know the general idea of ignore, acknowledge, warn, eject? I would not ignore his yelling at you entirely, but how you deal with it depends, doesn't it? Had he been a jerk all along? Did he persist in his comments? I agree that yelling across the diamond is not a great idea, but did you shorten his leash for the rest of the game? At the least, you might quietly say to the AC at first something like, "You can let your partner know that he's this close to making you HC for the rest of the game." If the HC wants to go, he will ultimately eject himself.
  14. noumpere is correct, but there was a recent thread ("AmLegion") that mentioned legion teams playing in tournaments under FED rules. No question here is ever simple: ask 10 umpires for their opinion, get 20 answers.