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  1. One local LL-affiliated league has this rule for 60' games: "There will be no delayed steals of home or any base in the 8, 9 or 10-year old age groups. Specifically, once the catcher has the ball and is returning it to the pitcher who is in contact with the pitching rubber area, all base runners must return to their respective bases."
  2. I stretch, especially my Achilles tendons when I work the plate.
  3. Between the weather and poor field conditions, I don't think many teams here have even been able to practice outside much, and the official start date for the season is just four days off.
  4. I understand that this is a college game, but I'm curious about OBR. Rule 5.07(a)(2) reads, in part, "Set Position shall be indicated by the pitcher when he stands facing the batter with his pivot foot in contact with, and his other foot in front of, the pitcher’s plate, holding the ball in both hands in front of his body and coming to a complete stop." Am I missing something?
  5. Wait until you've lived up another decade or two. I'm umpiring (and refereeing basketball) for the kids of guys I officiated for when they (the parents) were teenagers. However, I don't think I'll make it to the grandkids' games.
  6. Thanks, conbo61 and kstrunk.
  7. Anyone have a link to the on-line Pennsylvania American Legion umpire renewal form? I can't find it, don't see it, on the Legion web site. I emailed HQ, but have not gotten a reply so far. Thanks.
  8. I assume the OP is referring to Cooperstown All Star Village,, a baseball tournament facility like Cooperstown Dream Park, near Cooperstown, NY.
  9. The PBUC "Manual for the Two-Umpire System" for MiLB reads, in part, "There is no restriction on which umpire should initiate the infield fly call other than the plate umpire should be the one to initiate the call if the fly ball is hit near either foul line." (page 58 of the edition I got 2-3 years ago) The 2014 PBUC Umpire Manual reads, "the umpire is to rule," without specifying which umpire. It goes on to state, "When one umpire calls an infield fly, other umpires are instructed to follow the call immediately...." (page 101) Has this been superseded? Is the catch/no catch principle a Fed mechanic?
  10. I've always wondered why indicators that show strike-ball, rather than the more logical ball-strike, are still manufactured.
  11. A kid that young arguing every time he doesn't like a call? He has a lesson to be learned, and you are the teacher. How you do it is for you to decide, in the context of the game: although an EJ might be too harsh, "son, that's all from you I going to take today" or "coach, if you want to keep that kid in the game, get him under control" or some such.
  12. Years ago, I had a similar issue in soccer. Nothing that a little liquid black shoe polish couldn't resolve, and much cheaper than buying new shoes.
  13. FWIW, I don't accept the analogy between a SD and a boss on the job or a superior. It's one time when our independent contractor status might give us some authority to make decisions for ourselves and our partners. And, again fwiw, bosses need to know how best to get results from their employees or "inferiors."
  14. U1: I told him he needed to replace my partner. SD: Why? U1: He's suffering heat exhaustion, vomiting and is about to pass out. SD, scenario #1: Don't tell me what to do! I'm in charge here, not you! SD, scenario #2: OK, I'll take care of it. Why put the blame on Jaxrolo, rather than the SD?
  15. Maybe Jaxrolo might have been more diplomatic. But we can't necessarily read into what was said ("I called the Site director over and told him he needed to replace my partner") a command or confrontational tone, rather than an blank statement of fact. Nonetheless, adversarial or not, if the umpire is in such obvious distress, the site director has to recognize that first, deal with it appropriately, and later address any perceived improprieties, not get his back up and order umpires around. By insisting on his authority, the SD put the health of Jaxrolo's partner at risk--and that is what is really unacceptable. Since it was the same group you had troubles with before, Jaxrolo, maybe you should not have gone to that league and expose yourself to more of the same treatment.