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  1. I called Bob Bainter after I read this post...apparently he was Greg's crew chief in AA and AAA...he jokingly said that he taught Greg everything he knows...he said, "don't take that seriously though, I'd take a bullet for Greg." Sounds like my kind of guy! I will let you know, but I think I'm going... Later!
  2. Here's the link for the new school: Ok...thoughts???
  3. I thought your profile said "Resident Equipment CHEF"!!! I must be losing my mind...LOL...if you are a chef...can you please cook me up some new ball bags??? Mine are fading fast...! Ghosty
  4. I posted a thread elsewhere on the forums...but was wondering if you had heard about a new umpire school in Florida? It's the Oceanside Umpire Training School, at the Cocoa Expo Sports Center in Cocoa, FL. It looks like it's geared towards guys who want to learn how to umpire high school and college ball...even though half the instructors are former pro umps...interesting concept...I am thinking about signing's a two week school, and they have a one week option, as well...can you guys tell me what you think? Ghosty