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  1. I envy you all whenever this topic comes up. I get all of my HS games a week before the season starts, and summer travel games 48-72 hours in advance.
  2. I'm selling an almost brand new (used in one game, never took a shot) Force3 HSM. Bought it from Ump-Attire a few months ago, used it for one game and decided it just isn't for me. Asking $130 shipped, willing to drive a reasonable distance (~2 hour radius from Buffalo, NY) to avoid shipping if you would like.
  3. I'm coming from the Buffalo area and can pick you up on the way through - PM me with details and we can figure out our timing.
  4. Same in all codes from what I understand. FED 6-1-4 - "A pitch dropped during delivery and which crosses a foul line shall be called a ball...A pitch dropped during delivery with at least one runner on base would be a balk if it does not cross a foul line."
  5. Just found out my brother is playing in this event - #48 for Ashland.
  6. Haven't seen New York's rule posted here yet, so here you go: Pitch Count Rules.pdf The big things I notice: - NYS is going with nights of rest rather than days of rest, which is why 1-30 pitches requires one night of rest (eligible next day). - Pitchers may finish the batter if they meet the pitch limit mid-batter. - Balk/illegal pitch does not count as a pitch. - No word on IBB.
  7. Update from a year ago: Finished my teacher certification program, passed my exams, and landed my first-ever full time job teaching high school geometry in a Title I (high-poverty) school district in WNY. My commute will be roughly an hour and a half (pushing 2 hours or more once the snow comes), but the technology initiatives, academic programs, and student population should make the long drive completely worth it.
  8. I get assignments a week ahead of time if I'm lucky, the day before or the morning of if I'm unlucky.
  9. Showed up to my 10U doubleheader today and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was working the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken state tournament. Much better baseball than usual for the age group and much calmer parents and coaches - overall a great day. Heading back tomorrow night for the beginning of 11U bracket play. I got my squat workout in behind the plate - I'd forgotten how small these kids are.
  10. Is an "out of play" line required under FED rules? My association works at a lot of fields where we play "see 4/all you can get" on catches and have a boundary line for overthrows. Never had an issue with this until Wednesday night, where a coach argued that a defined line is required under FED rules. Keeping the specifics intentionally vague for now - I'd like to see where the general conversation goes first.
  11. Had a team from Montreal down here in Buffalo for a (FED rules) tournament last summer. Brought an entire arsenal of BESR bats with them and a local team finally called them out on day 2. Cue $#!@storm. Local team ended up loaning them a bat to use for the rest of the game after they calmed down a bit.
  12. ‚ÄčNYS math teacher here. Trig is gone for good as of next fall - this August (or maybe June, I don't remember off the top of my head) will be the last administration of the Algebra II/Trig Regents exam. Trig topics have either been eliminated, pushed down into Geometry (very few topics, mostly basic sine/cosine/tangent calculations), or pushed up into Pre-Calculus (most topics). Happy to finally chime in on a topic I actually know something about :-)
  13. Long-time lurker, but here is my first shot at giving (rather than receiving) advice on UE. Be merciful 1) NEVER let MC go unpunished, especially at the freshman level. Ejections in FED games carry a one game suspension here in NY, so hopefully the kid will learn his lesson while he sits on the bench for the next game. Good EJ. 2) I'm not sure about talking to coach vs. player on an equipment abuse warning - if I remember correctly it's a team warning for the first offense, so my guess would be that you were correct to talk to the coach in this situation. Bonus thought: Don't engage with fans, even after the game. I'm having a hard time imagining a situation where you win that encounter. Looking forward to the conversation on this one.
  14. Hi all, Anyone out there with recommendations for prescription sports glasses/goggles (or websites to go find them)? I'm brand new to the world of corrective eyewear, and between baseball, ultimate frisbee, and flag football, I've decided to look for a sports-specific pair or two. A quick Google search returned two types of sites: super expensive American retailers and super cheap sketchy overseas sites. I'm looking for something in the middle and I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Welcome to the site! I started my umpiring career over in Section V (RDUA) before moving out to Section VI. Nice to see another WNY guy on here.