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  1. Every year we have a handful of members who go to one of the 2 pro schools. Some are looking for jobs and the chance to enter Baseballs Narrowest Door others are just looking for the learning opportunity. Either way, I for one am envious. So if you feel comfortable doing so please let us know if you're going to be attending pro school.
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  3. Legit Ejection... Hor$e$h+ Announcers. When Cabrera turns to say something to Angel Hernandez it definitely wasn't "You're the best"
  4. He doesn't post those manually, I have a feed. Let me see if this is working correctly.
  5. This is one of the toughest situations in the 2 man system. The PU has it all. He needs to gain ample distance towards the play to rule on the F/F, catch/no-catch. Once the ball is touched, he needs to glance at the runner to see the tag up (or realistically that he's close enough) Then he goes back to the fielder ensuring he made the catch Then get back in proper position for a potential play at the plate.
  6. First of all Great Play to bring to our attention and great discussion. I think we're all in agreement here in OBR - We've got nothing. NCAA - I am going to have nothing on the initial play, he's in the act of fielding, but OBS on the subsequent play. Simply by the rule: He muffed fielding the ball and lost his protection. But... (I realize this isn't the current rule as written) this might be a good example of why the "tangle/untangle" rule might be need to be expanded on for plays other than steals and pick off attempts. Who is actually doing anything wrong in the video? Neither IMO. If you were to extend the principle to this situation, the fielder would have the right to continue to play the ball, and the runner has the right to try and advance. Once the initial tangle/untangle is over (in this case it never was) without any intentional actions by either the play continues. In theory we could get the out or at least let it play itself out. NFHS - Obstruction. As for the umpire: Position - Not necessarily ideal, but I would not have read this as a collision play and I doubt 99% of others would initially read this as a collision play. I don't think any body could read collision until the ball actually gets to the catcher. By the time you realize it is going to be a collision, it's too late to do much more than a minor adjustment. Had it been fielded cleanly, we'd have nothing more than a typical put out at the plate. So Kudos on just umpiring in an atypical, but real world situation. Timing - Whether you have obstruction and award the runner home or have an out; you have to agree THIS IS AWESOME TIMING. It appears he saw the entire play unfold, the ball being loose and the subsequent play. Kudos again for following the entire play and having remarkable timing. Game Management - It appears the 3rd base coach comes to the umpire to discuss the play. While you cant hear what is said, the umpire handles the assistant coach and then has the discussion with the manager. Too many guys get wrapped up in, I'm not going to discuss this with you because you're the Assistant. You can tell by both the umpire's and assistant coach's body language it was handled well.
  7. Here's how my association works: I had some questions for folks regarding their summer ball assignments: Do you belong to an association or work directly for an individual assigner? For the association If an association, how often do they meet? We have about 8 meetings a year Do they provide training? Extensive Do they have an evaluation process? Yes, a pretty well organized evaluation system How long are your meetings? We have a 2 hour drop dead time limit What is the average attendance? I'd guess 60-70% Do they have multi-year contracts with leagues or is it year to year? Yes, They do multi year contracts. Do they have a website and would you be willing to provide a link? If you work for an individual, do they arrange for any training? Anything else you are willing to volunteer Just curious to see how things are done in other parts of the country. Thank you.
  8. eBags TLS Mother Lode 29" Wheeled Duffel

    Features Guaranteed for life under the eBags Lifetime Warranty and built with premium materials, wheels and handles Upper compartment measures 28.5" x 16.5" x 9" and lower compartment 28" x 16.5" x 6" Premium YKK zippers include photo-reflective cords for nighttime safety and lockable D-rings discourage tampering Recessed, locking telescoping trolley handle extends to three heights 46", 43", 40" Designed with all the organizational details that’s made the eBags brand a favorite for over 15 years The eBags TLS Collection is designed to be "Tough, Lightweight & Smart" - it's built with premium durable 840D & 900D Twisted Poly and the best telescoping handle system and wheels available. If we put our name on it, you can trust that we stand behind it. Hide-away Add-A-Bag stores inside a zippered pocket Upper compartment measures 28.5" x 16.5" x 9" and has the following features: Lockable u-zip opening for easy loading. 15.5 x 13.5" A smaller zippered top pocket is perfect for last minute items. 13.5" x 6" x 4" Two curved zippered side pockets Zippered mesh pocket under the lid. 14.75" x 12.5" Two webbing tie-down straps to secure packed contents Two removable fiberglass rods provide a tip-free design – even when expanded. To learn more about how to install the fiberglass rods and how to replace the wheels, click here Lower compartment measures 28" x 16.5" x 6" and has the following features: Two zippered mesh pockets. 12.5" x 13" Compression-molded EVA bottom that is exceptionally lightweight and flexible to withstand a lifetime of baggage handlers Two movable shelves give you flexibility to pack and secure your belongings the way you want to Convertible single/double compartment provides flexibility in how you pack. Unzip the floor that divides the upper/lower section, roll it up and secure it in place with two clip straps. Now you have one extra-large compartment measuring 28.5" x 16.5" x 15" Zippered 2" expansion gusset increases the packing space by 19% (for all the treasures you pick up for loved ones - ahem, yourself - throughout your travels) External features of the bags are as follows: Four exterior Compression straps keep a partially filled bag condensed, and overfilled bags constrained Easy-to-grab front handle is bar-tac reinforced for strength Front feet double as a second grab handle - great for overhead compartment and car trunk lifting Auto-retracting top lift handle keeps a low, out-of-the-way profile when not in use Privacy-mesh ID pocket on the side never gets separated from your bag Interior is lined with high visibility orange nylon – to make finding small things easier Recessed, locking telescoping trolley handle extends to three heights : 46", 43", 40". None of the heel-kick found on short-handled bags! Patent-pending ABS center brace for trolley system rigidity Quiet wheels glide on sealed ball bearings. While it's unlikely to be an issue, we designed them to be easily replaced if needed. Lockable D-rings on primary zippers discourage tampering and keep luggage locks in a consistent location YKK® zippers with photo-reflective zipper cords for nighttime safety When used for airline travel, be sure to check with your airline for any weight limitations Detailed Product Description Tough Lightweight Smart – TLS truly defines the new Mother Lode series. We've completely re-designed our best selling wheeled duffels and added new features and innovative functionality and performance without added weight. If you're looking for outstanding design, style, and function, you'll find it in the new Mother Lode TLS series.
  9. New Balance 460V3 Umpire Plate Shoes

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  10. Force3 Ultimate Umpire Shin Guards

    The Force3 Ultimate Umpire Shin Guards are a high quality umpire shin guard made of premium materials including DuPont Kevlar, stainless steel rivets, and high-impact slimline composite buckles. The uniqueness of this design is in its lower profile design that uses Kevlar inside the padding that reduces the need for bulkier and/or heavier padding. Therefore, of all lower-profile designs in a double-knee variety, consider this your most protective option. FEATURES Kevlar layer is laminated into the interior padding providing the best protection and lowest weight possible. Slim profile provides conforming protection. Optional comfort padding provides a cushioned barrier between your leg and the shin guard. Vent holes make for great breathability and airflow while working your game. Lightweight: approximately 3lbs Three sizes: 14.5″, 16.5″ and 18.5"
  11. I've always been a fan of the high strike. I got a copy of the video from Jason to share with our HS level umpires who won't have access to it. If we get guys calling it in JV and Varsity it will become ingrained in the batters.
  12. Wow you guys are making me feel pretty lucky. The worst I've had was a (self diagnosed) concussion. Took a foul to the mask and had a dull headache for a few days. I rolled my ankle on a rotation play once - Field was in horrible condition. I was immobile the remainder of that game. Then the typical bruises from fouls or uncaught pitches.
  13. Here are the links: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
  14. I've banned him his IP and the system is automatically removing his posts. It seems to be taking a little longer than I expected.
  15. I've been in some pretty frigid games. My first ever D-II game ever the high was below freezing and it was windy. After the second 9 inning game I felt I was going to die. This past Saturday was in the lower 40's and breezy. I had the plate and was okay temp wise. Sunday was a high of 37, less breezy and I had the bases. I was layered up, by the 7th I was still a Popsicle, just waiting for the game to end.
  16. I would like to announce or February Member of the Month winner, @Stk004 While he's only been a member for almost a year, he's become a valuable member of the site pretty quickly. His posts are on point and pretty well thought out and are in the spirit of the site in trying to be helpful to others. So join me in congratulating Stk004 in being named our February 2017 Member of the Month!
  17. I've been meaning to post this for a while, but I noticed in several of the College Football Bowl games they had a "rules expert" in the booth that they would go to if needed. I as someone who knows very little beyond the basics of college football rules found this helpful. Would the major networks even think about this? If so I'm available MLB Network
  18. If an umpire cant tell which stance he's in, it should then become umpire judgement. While I like Price, the PU should judge whether he's in the wind-up or set then rule from there. If he gets balked and complains, then honestly he (and others who have the same delivery) needs to adjust to the rules, not the other way around. The way things use to be, before the hybrid, was so much easier for everybody involved. How much time at all levels have we spent the last 5-6 years tweaking the definition of the pitching positions, how many times have we had new rules POE's or approved rulings???
  19. Wow... I can see this both ways and while Fantasy sports are technically gambling, I think it's a stretch to suspend these guys for that.
  20. Needs jail time and I hope there is a hefty civil suit as well.
  21. Wow, it really doesn't seem like it was 3 years ago.
  22. Here it is...
  23. I had a friend who runs a machine/fabrication shop redo my mask. I asked for a matte black finish. After he got the coating off the mask he called me and showed me what was left. He said he'd still be glad to powder coat it in black matte, but the metal underneath the coating was not really perfect and it may look bad so we went with a slightly textured matte black option and I really like it.
  24. I use this one. It says it holds 6 I probably have 8 or more in there just fine.
  25. Here is something that overall works for me... I align my eyes with the top of the zone. Now you can generally do this with most batters, without having completely improper head height in the slot. But you may have to improvise on either rather tall or short batters. Sometimes my chin may be an inch or two higher than the top of the catcher's head, other times it may be an inch or two lower. Anything more/less than that then I revert to proper traditional head height.