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  1. R1 & R2 less than 2 outs. IFF situation. I'm in C. "Adult" league. Ball is popped up high. Prior to it reaching it's apex I call and signal IFF. I turn to pick up the fielder who "should be" making a play and there is no one there. The closest fielder is F9 who is charging in hard but has no play but fields it on the hop. F3 was covering 1st. The ball lands in the OF grass about 10 from the cutout and about 25 feet from the marks in the infield dirt where F4 had been playing. F4 ended up in the grass behind 2nd - How I don't know. The runners were not going so there was no need for him to cover 2nd. I do make a habit to know where my infielders are prior to the pitch to help me get a feel for what might happen and he was there before the pitch. Had I not called the IFF F9 would have easily been able to put out R1 at second and possibly cause a tag play on R2 at third. But the second play would be a close. Here comes the argument, "There was nobody there to make a catch" I stuck with my call. Post-game my partner (who is really great) said it could have gone either way. He would not have called IFF knowing there was nobody to make the catch. But he said adults should be able to make a catch anywhere on the infield and a little beyond especially given the height that fly ball had. His take on it was that F4 maybe took a VERY bad read on the ball and was out of position (lighting here is horrible popups can go above the lights where they are lost until they enter the lights again). But even from the C position as it was going up I knew approximately where it was going to land. My post game self analysis was it was horrible timing and had I made the call after finding a fielder to catch it I might have not called it, but am not positive. What say you?
  2. Do any of you have plans for the solar eclipse Monday? I was already planning on a mini vacation to see my best friend from HS up in Maine @SunDevil#71 and returning home that Monday with my son, but my son has successfully twisted my arm and convinced me that we need to go to my mother's house in South Carolina where she will be in the 100% totality zone. ME is like 65%, Our house is 85%. So I'm leaving Maine at Zero-dark-thirty and driving 1100 miles to SC on Sunday. Here's a little map of our trip. 6 days 14 States + DC (Visiting my sister tomorrow just outside of DC) NC, VA, DC, MD, DE, NJ, NY, CT, MA, NH, ME, PA, WV, TN, SC Over 2300 miles (taking a slightly longer route from ME to SC, but avoiding many major cities) 37 hours of driving But I'm looking forward to it and am hoping the weather holds out.
  3. I'm staying with My sister in Arlington tonight and will leave her house at 5:00 am to avoid the DC & Balt traffic, but may hit Wilmington/Philly am traffic.
  4. My question about this is, is this necessary? Why will being full-time will this make them better officials, will they get more calls correct. What responsibilities will they have when they're not on the field (Maybe that's the HR in me)?
  5. The runner is allowed to make his own basepath until a play is being made on him once that occurs he must make a straight line towards the base.
  6. We can also get thrown a surprise or two. I remember I was surprised when Rapuano or Tshida retired among others. Others retiring earlier than expected just wanting to spend time with family etc...
  7. My county is well known for bears and in particular the facility where my wife works. Here are some cool bear pics she has sent me over the years. They go on lock-down about once a month when a bear gets too close to her building. This spring she had bear paw prints in the pollen on her car Amazingly, I have never seen a wild bear in our county I've seen dead ones hit by cars, I've seen prints, I've seen scat and I've seen them in the back of friends trucks. I cant find the picture immediately, but she had one come right up to her office window and press it's nose to the window.
  8. Lets see if this makes things better...
  9. IMO, this got more public attention because it's Joe West. Joe is a lightning rod for negative attention. Just remember a few years ago the mess he stirred up by saying the Yankees and Red Sox take too long to play their games.
  10. I don't do seeds. But even worse than what Ken wrote, I've been to fields where the grass is killed in the B & C position because if the salt from seeds.
  11. Interesting... Let me see what I can do. Maybe see if I can change the descriptor to "topic title" or something similar. Thanks for bringing it to my attention
  12. So I was CC for our a championship game last night. The good thing is it was 3 man and a good time with good partners. Through the tournament they have been playing 9 innings. My game was scheduled for 7:30. The Semi final before my game didn't finish until nearly 8:30. Then they had a half hour break between games. We did the plate conference where both coaches "kid" with each other that they have no pitching left. Then they did all the rigmarole of announcing the lineups, the pledge, the national anthem. We finally get started about 9:20. For better or worse they weren't kidding about not having any pitching. Neither starting pitcher made it through the first. So what to massive pitching changes do to the game, well it doesn't make the game any shorter. The final score was something around 18-12. And we ended up at about 12:30 am. I then had about an hour drive home. As a baseball fan I feel it is unfair and anti-climatic that the players work so hard to get to the championship and then can't give themselves a good game. Maybe have a day's break between the semis and the championship. It was hot as a dog yesterday. The team that played in the first semi had the disadvantage of playing in the peak of the heat (nearly 100 degrees and high humidity, but they got a 4 hr rest in between). The other got to play a little later and it was a bit cooler, but they only got under an hour rest.
  13. My son told me he made this one up, I've never heard it before. How many umpires does it take to change a light bulb??? None, they like them out..
  14. Another question... When is it that you are getting this; at login, when posting, other?
  15. Would it be accurate to say it only happens when you are signed on to a public wifi? Is anybody getting it from a home/ work network?
  16. I'm looking into this. I can't replicate it on my end so have created a ticket with the software company.
  17. Sorry all for the delay. Needless to say the March Member of the Month has worked hard and generously shared his knowledge with other members and built quite the reputation for himself. His answers to rules type questions and brief, bright, relevant and on the mark. This member has quite the umpiring resume that would be impressive enough by itself, however the respect he has earned here is not based on that; the respect he has earned here is based strictly on the quality of his responses and helpfulness to other members. The strength of his resume is an undertone to his posts. This person has been a member here for just under 3 years and in that time has become a member favorite. So I would like to congratulate @lawump for being our March Member of the Month.
  18. Look at that awesome picture of me on the local paper's sports home page. I'm just glad they didn't get the one of me having awful timing and having to change my call.
  19. Sorry @dumbdumb wrong Hickory. This one is in VA only 10ish miles from my house. But I actually know where the one you're speaking of is.
  20. Yes, we've had a ton of rain. I've been scheduled everyday this week and this is the only game I've gotten in. These are the district tourney's and the regions are supposed to start Monday, but I don't see how.
  21. This reminds me more of my last non-shaving age game than a MLB one. Your browser does not support iframes.
  22. Tonight I had the most ridiculous balk I'd ever had in my life. F1 let's just say - thought very highly of himself. He strutted on and off the field. Gave any number of obnoxious facial expressions. When he struck out a batter he brushed off his shoulder. He's roll his eyes at my partner if he disagreed with a pitch call. Just an obnoxious prick. Through the game F1 kept blowing bubbles with his gum. Now we have runners on 2nd & 3rd. F1 (a righty) in the set position comes set and starts dicking around with the runners turning his head back and forth and giving them a wise-ass smile. Then while staring down R3 he starts blowing a bubble with his gum and then spits it out accidentally. The dufus then tries to catch his gum. And I come up from the C position with one of the biggest balk calls I think I'd ever done and forcibly pointed R3 home then R2 to 3rd. Karma...
  23. 14/15 y/o No, In my mind you have to cross the line from obnoxious to malicious.
  24. The Wilson Dyna-LiteUmpire Mask with Doeskin Non- Wraparound Padding has the same styling and design you've come to expect with Dyna-Lite but with black and light doeskin padding that's cooler when the weather gets hot. Lightweight umpire mask Absorbent doeskin non-wraparound padding Velcro adjustments for a comfort fit MLB® logo on back harness - Wilson is the Official Umpire Gear of Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball. Ultra Light: 1.5 lbs / 1.8 lbs with harness (0.7 and 0.8 kg) Expanded throat and ear bars for maximum protection Endorsed by Major League Baseball for use by its umpires This product is available at
  25. This is the most annoying thing about umpiring youth games - the adults both coaches and parents. In a recent experience I had one parent who was being a jerk and before too long he incited others to join in. In my HS association we also have to do youth rec we can't say only assign me HS games or we'd get nothing. Now there are some benefits. It helps us develop umpires, you see things on the small fields which you will never see in "real" baseball and it makes you learn how to umpire. I believe it comes down to weak coaches and weak youth league "leadership". I've told this story before I'll try to keep it short and sweet. My daughter played volleyball on this one team for 4 years. Year one all year long we never even placed in any tournament we went to until the last one of the year, then we came in 2nd place. Year 2 we placed in a few, we even one a couple. Year 3 we were dominate. Year 4 (to be fair we didn't go to half as many tournaments as we had before for any number of reasons) but we were insanely incredible and never lost a single set the entire (yet limited) year. The coach was an absolute class act. In each and every one of his parent meetings he brought up parent behavior. 99% of the time it wasn't needed. In his parent meetings he was absolutely firm, that as parents we had 3 jobs: Pay our dues, get our kids to practice/games on time, and cheer like hell for our kids. He had us sign an agreement that for our kids to play on the team we had to abide by his rules. Rules were separate form our jobs. But his rules included Absolutely no disparaging remarks to the officials, to our team, the other team, their parents/fans. He would constantly say we are better than these behaviors or even reacting to others when others weren't so kind to us. He admitted there will be bad calls by the officials and while not intentional, but he'd handle those situations and we'd never lose a match over any bad calls, so there was no need to get worked up about it. In 4 years he only removed 1 person from our team. First they made comments about another teams players, next they started screaming at a ref (they were only using 1) for a in/out call which was very wrong. We had an emergency parent meeting after one of the practices where the coach stated Mr. & Mrs ______ are no longer with the Red Hots. We will miss (the girls name). But there will be no further discussion about this. Then he went on about parental behavior our next Tournament etc...