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  1. Assigning Expectations

    @CJK posted a thread I didn't want to hijack but on a similar topic. Say you're assigned games at 10:00 & 12:30. You arrive and for whatever reason the field isn't ready so the teams say, oh we'll just start the first one at 12:30 and play a 3:00. Now you're there twiddling your thumbs for 2.5 hrs. and if you stay for the 3:00 you're impeding on my time. Maybe I made plans for 5:00??? Would you be expected to do the 3:00? Would you face repercussions for not doing it? How would you be compensated? Unfortunately, I've faced similar situations a few times. If I can I've stayed, but I've also told them I just cant do it. When I've said no, I haven't faced any repercussions but there has been moderate pressure to help out and try to take it. But when I have agreed to work the later game I've never received any additional compensation.
  2. New Feature - Member Map

    One of the questions I get a lot is where most of our members come from. So I enabled a new feature called Member Map. Located in the top right of the Main Menu bar you can click on it and enter your location. You don't have to put the marker directly over your home, you can just put it in the relative vicinity. I hope you enjoy this feature. And it's completely voluntary and will not automatically post your location.
  3. WS crew..

    Davis doesn't seem to be suffering any real ill effects of such a long career. I wouldn't bet on this being this being his last go around.
  4. University Application/contact

    Reading is fundamental
  5. University Application/contact

    What school are you hoping to go to? Its possible someone here would have some contacts.
  6. Keeping shoes white

    I use all of the above for general cleaning. But I am still a bit old school and try to get shoes with no or as little white as possible. I use scrubbing bubbles regularly. I like that they get dirt out of some of the hard to reach areas and out of the seams. I also use Murphy's Oil Soap. I love this stuff it's my daily cleaner. I recently had to make a mad dash for some cleaner b/c the top came off my Murphys. I grabbed the first thing I could under the sink before running off to a game and grabbed La's Totally Awesome and was impressed.
  7. WS crew..

    Great crew!
  8. WS crew..

    It's a teaser
  9. TapaTalk

    All TapaTalk users, I received an email from TapaTalk about an urgent update being required. This is causing connection issues for many users. While I do not seem have the issue, I will be performing the update this weekend. Thanks, Warren
  10. Forum Rules

    In our continuing quest to make this the best umpire forum and overall best umpire related site please adhere to the following rules. Rule No. 1 -Flaming, Bashing, and Trolling:fuel: Hate posts and personal attacks will not be tolerated at Umpire-Empire. Treat others on these message boards as you would expect them to treat you. Posting topics specifically designed to provoke a negative response from someone (aka trolling) is prohibited. There are however some posts that will cause debates that may offend you. If you are easily offended by discussions on highly opinionated topics we suggest you stay out of those topics. (you’re probably not an umpire if you fit this bill) Rule No. 2 -No 'Spamming' Purposely spamming a message board with senseless, vacuous, or empty messages to gain a higher post count, or just to annoy others is HIGHLY frowned upon! Commercial spamming and advertising are just as unwelcome. If you would like to advertise with us please go here. Rule No. 3 -Impersonating Other Users / Accessing Another User('s)Account You may not impersonate another board member or create an account specifically for the purpose of provoking other users. Also, accessing or using someone else's account or attempting to access another poster's account is strictly prohibited. You will be banned. Additionally, taking a username from another “well-known” user on another board will not be permitted. Rule No. 4 -Nudity/Porn/ Bad Words Please remember that this board is a 'PUBLIC' forum. There are 12 year olds here just as there are 50+ year olds. Nudity and porn is prohibited for obvious reasons. Do not post pictures with BAD WORDS written on them because the word filter will miss this. Rule No. 5 -Copyrighted Material Umpire-Empire users agree not to post any material that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner(s) of said copyright, trademark or other proprietary right. You may link to others protected material. Rule No. 6 - Signatures We do not have any specific set of rules regarding signatures. However, we do ask you that it will not be offensive to others and the width & height will not exceed 500x135 pixels. If you desire to have a custom avatar, it must be 80x80 pixels or less. No adult, drug related or racist content please. Rule No. 7 - Language This is an English speaking forum, please type your post in English. Rule No. 8 – Linking If you have a site you want to link to, please do. Links are allowed in your signature and in your posts. We also offer a links directory. If you want to promote your/another site please just be obvious about it. Any site linked to must not contain or promote Porn/Nudity/Spam/Hate/Drugs or related sites. Unapproved commercial links are prohibited (text link in signatures are okay). If you would like to advertise at Umpire-Empire visit here. Rule 9.01© – The Umpire in Chief has authority to rule on any point not specifically covered in these rules. Have fun and make this the best umpire site on the internet.
  11. Sunglasses Polarized or No

    I have always been a huge fan of polarized sunglasses and have used them on the field umpiring. Recently I was in an Oakley Outlet Store and the guy working there was helping another customer and I listened in as he was speaking. This customer was wanting a pair of sunglasses for baseball. The worker was explaining for sports like baseball you actually don't want polarized glasses and went on to some specifics why. I know we don't have the same optical needs a s a player but I found this interesting. The players are looking up at the ball and generally speaking we are looking at the fielder, not the ball. Do you use or recommend polarized glasses or not and why?
  12. Unorthodox rotation situation

    Last night I had a first. A fairly well played HS fall ball game, pretty competitive and if not for one big half inning we would have probably been out of there in about 1:30. R1, I'm in the B position. Pick off attempt runner gets in a pickle between 1st and 2nd. My partner hustles down the line to cover the 1st base side. We have an overthrow back to first and a lot of foul territory. R1 rounds 2nd and attempts for 3rd, F3 makes an excellent throw to third and now R1 is in a pickle between 2nd & 3rd. As I take the runner towards 3rd, my partner hollers he got the 2nd base side. Wouldn't you know it, the ball gets away again good throw, bad fielding and it gets away toward right field. R1 is now heading home. I take the runner towards the plate F9 makes a great throw to the plate and now we have a 3rd pickle situation. My partner yells he's got 3rd and I stay at the plate area. Next relay to the plate the runner dives for the plate, I'm there and get the out at the plate. I don't think you'll find this in any mechanics manual, but it worked for us. Sometimes you just have to umpire.
  13. Replay's finest moment

    I saw that play last night and was glad I wasn't the one making it. It is piratically impossible to see both the hand on the base and the tag at the ankles. on this type of play. I agree with @noumpere I'm going to call him safe until I'm sure I have an out.
  14. I really like this article one of my favorites @Gil has posted. As I've said before I will continue to umpire as long as I enjoy it. As Gil noted, "It's about the disturbed state of the participant, not about the official." It does take it's toll on people. I think at the amateur level coaches, parents and fans are at a new level of disrespect towards officials. And we have a huge nation wide problem recruiting and retaining officials to begin with. There are 2 youth leagues in my area, my association has contracts with that I will not work any longer because IMO they are just out of control and as much as I like umpiring, it's not worth it to me. Here's one thing I turn back to time and again when discussing people's poor decision making and out of control behavior. Reality TV: the drama, the histrionics, the displays of the worst of human behavior. People who regularly watch this crap, IMO, start to believe that is normal. The systematic abuse of officials - by this I mean where leagues, associations or others who have the ability to reign things in don't - is completely unacceptable. These groups should hold their coaches, parents and participants to higher levels of sportsmanship.
  15. Sorry all for the delay. Needless to say the March Member of the Month has worked hard and generously shared his knowledge with other members and built quite the reputation for himself. His answers to rules type questions and brief, bright, relevant and on the mark. This member has quite the umpiring resume that would be impressive enough by itself, however the respect he has earned here is not based on that; the respect he has earned here is based strictly on the quality of his responses and helpfulness to other members. The strength of his resume is an undertone to his posts. This person has been a member here for just under 3 years and in that time has become a member favorite. So I would like to congratulate @lawump for being our March Member of the Month.
  16. Wilson Dyna-Lite Aluminum Umpire Mask

    The Wilson® Silver Dyna-Lite™ Aluminum Umpire Mask is the lightest umpire face mask available from Wilson. It offers the same lightweight feel as titanium-without the cost. The memory foam mask pads are wrapped in a moisture wicking fabric for the best in comfort, perspiration management and protection. Features: Unique construction: Anodized silver aluminum cage provides an improved, clear field of vision Lightweight: Weighs approximately 1.3lbs (.58kg) with harness and pads Comfort, Protection, and Performance: Non-wraparound memory foam padding allows the mask to sit closer to face for better vision. This mask is available exclusively from our friends at Ump-Attire.com.
  17. Wilson Dyna-Lite Aluminum Umpire Mask

    This is my first new mask in over 10 years. I placed a rather large order from Ump-Attire.com and threw it in just because I wanted to and I'm glad I did. First, I must say this mask is light, very light. I was amazed at how light it was. 1lb, 3.4 oz by my kitchen scale. That's 7oz lighter than my older Wilson Dyna-lite. I've worked several games since I received the mask and have been dying to try it. Unfortunately, my partners all really wanted the plate. So last night I had a fall ball JV game. Perfect for trying out my new mask. As any umpire will attest when we get a new piece of equipment the masochist in us comes out and we want to take a hit with our new gear. A JV fall ball game is the perfect place to get those wanted hits so I demanded the plate. Second batter of the game is all it took. Uncaught "fastball" (maybe mid 60's) straight to the center of my jaw. No ill effects to either me or the mask. A couple of innings later, bam! A pretty hard foul to my right eye. Everything was fine. The game offered me several other opportunities to be hit in the mask among other places. I was impressed. the memory foam padding is light and comfortable and took the shock out of the blow just as it should have. It was comfortable and as I mentioned ultra-light weight. I actually believe the weight of entire of the mask is supported by the bill of the cap. I believe I will be enjoying this mask for years to come!
  18. "play"

    This is one of my pet peeves, partners who are lax on putting the ball back into play. IMO it's always important to do, but with a runner(s) on it is critical. And I do put the ball in play at the beginning of each half inning.
  19. Unorthodox rotation situation

    Almost, the play didn't last all that long My partner was great telling me, I've got first, I've got second, I've got third. I ended up taking the play on the opposite side of the wedge right at the cutout in fair territory about 3-5 feet inside the 3rd base line. It was actually a pretty good view.
  20. College site apparel

    Arriving at a collegiate site the expectation is that we have slacks and a button down dress shirt. Khakis and a polo are the bare minimum.
  21. Looking to buy a silver SSK throat guard like the one pictured below. If you have one in good condition you'd sell PM me please.
  22. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Some of you know my feelings towards government. I'm neither a righty or a lefty. But Hokieump and others have made comments about the media and I feel they (equally on both sides) are exasperating the situation for their own gains. This in turn divides the country greater than the issue itself. Then they don't let the issue go after the horse has been beaten to death. Also have you noticed when they interview people on the street about topics they deliberately select the absolute worst people to represent either side. They can never find someone with at least a 5th grade education who can make a clear, succinct point, be logical and not default to worn out bromides and clichés or even name calling. The media's problem is they can no longer differentiate between fact and opinion. They cherry pick facts which support their world view and over-engross on the commentary/opinion. If you give me the real unfiltered facts I can form my own opinion.
  23. Just Cancel the Game

    I sit here under a Tropical Storm Warning until 7:30 PM as whats left of Maria is 150-200 miles off the coast. We've had intermittent rain and decent wind. I'm sure the worst of it has passed however, according to the weather channel we are currently getting sustained winds of 25+ MPH with gusts of over 40. By 6:00 game time they're calling for sustained winds of 20 MPH and gusts of 30+ MPH. You know we're not going to play in this, why wait to cancel?
  24. What a call!

    Very nice call the tell tale moment is when Sogard makes the second effort to get to the bag. If he didn't come off why the second effort?