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  1. Quick Tip Videos

    I have a channel with 1 whopping video one it currently. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0vV4nQjnhngh6dXcMQol_w Basic enough where I can cover it in just 2-3 min.Signals sounds like a good suggestion.. I probably will not cover LL rules as I'm not well versed on those. Most rules I'm going to cover are from the standpoint of MLB/OBR. I also have a couple planned for NFHS. I will also have some things on mechanics. As for a donation, I'm flattered, but that's not necessary. If you want to contribute to the site I suggest becoming a Premium Member. However, I have taken down the option to purchase Premium Memberships for the immediate time as it is being revamped. Look for Premium Memberships to return in the near future.
  2. Quick Tip Videos

    Next month I will be launching a series of weekly YouTube videos. These will be short videos to help umpires develop. I already have over 100 topics on my list and have created nearly 20 which are ready to be launched right now. What I'm looking for from you is your ideas for topics. Your honest feedback on the videos as they come out or other pertinent feedback. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!
  3. Hey Chief - I found a few pictures that you may or may not wish to incorporate over time.  What is a good email to send them to?

  4. Veterans Check In

    Today, on the eve of Veterans Day I thought it would be fitting to ask that our members who have served check in let us know a little about you your service and maybe any pictures you may have.
  5. Any update for brd

    If I recall correctly Brent Rice was taking it over.
  6. Gurriel's action and punishment

    I think it's hugely unfortunate things like this work their ways into sports. Sports is an escape from "the real world" and how ugly and nasty it can be. I just want to sit in my chair and enjoy the game without this type of crap. However, what I thought was refreshing about the whole incident is how Darvish took the highroad on the whole ordeal.
  7. My thoughts on the 2017 World Series

    I had my kids with me and after all the B!+ching I do about them using so much data, I wasn't going to be a hypocrite (in front of them )
  8. Guess who is hiring...

  9. My thoughts on the 2017 World Series

    As I write this on just a few hours sleep as game 5 went well past 1:00 am I have to say this has been a spectacular World Series, for the players, fans umps, and umpire fans. How can anybody possibly say baseball isn't exciting after watching the first 5 games. I'm not particularly a fan of either team and I thought initially it would be the Dodgers winning but it would be going to 7. But that is based on the very limited information I have on either team. These games have been dramatic, action packed, great baseball. Now for the important part; the umpires. They have been phenomenal! They have been putting on a showcase of what Major League umpiring is about. Yes, they still are doing things at their level that we would get dinged on in an evaluation like moving on their calls, but that's more accepted at that level. This is the first morning I've seen anything negative. And of course it's from people who know nothing. But I go to c-net to get my morning nerd-news and I see this story. https://www.cnet.com/news/world-series-umpire-strike-zone-bill-miller-houston-astros-los-angeles-dodgers/?ftag=COS-05-10aaa0e&linkId=44088762 I have no problem with Miller's zone. The highlighted pitches all seem to be touching or just immediately off the superimposed zone which means almost nothing. I likes the aggressive calling of strikes. Nothing I saw was egregious to where someone would have a legitimate complaint. Then let's talk about the announcers. My opinions on Joe half-a-Buck are well known and I'll let those stand. But I must say he hasn't been horrible, he's actually doing his job for the most part. Then we have Smoltz. I must say I've been impressed. Clueless Joe Buck set Smoltz up on more than one occasion to take a shot at the umpires and he never took the bait. Even in game one disagreed on something with Buck and was in the umpires' favor. I wish I had recorded it so I could accurately quote him. But once again this is the world series the fans, the players, the umpires and we, the umpiring fans, deserve. My only little rant is Saturday I had to be out running errands, and I could not get the game on a local radio station. Our local ESPN radio affiliate was carrying a football game and I had to listen to a very staticy AM 1100 all the way from Chicago over 900 miles away to listen to the game while I was driving. Those announcers I think it's Ron Darling, but the static was pretty bad, are pretty clueless, of what I did hear.
  10. Assigning Expectations

    @CJK posted a thread I didn't want to hijack but on a similar topic. Say you're assigned games at 10:00 & 12:30. You arrive and for whatever reason the field isn't ready so the teams say, oh we'll just start the first one at 12:30 and play a 3:00. Now you're there twiddling your thumbs for 2.5 hrs. and if you stay for the 3:00 you're impeding on my time. Maybe I made plans for 5:00??? Would you be expected to do the 3:00? Would you face repercussions for not doing it? How would you be compensated? Unfortunately, I've faced similar situations a few times. If I can I've stayed, but I've also told them I just cant do it. When I've said no, I haven't faced any repercussions but there has been moderate pressure to help out and try to take it. But when I have agreed to work the later game I've never received any additional compensation.
  11. WS crew..

    Davis doesn't seem to be suffering any real ill effects of such a long career. I wouldn't bet on this being this being his last go around.
  12. University Application/contact

    Reading is fundamental
  13. University Application/contact

    What school are you hoping to go to? Its possible someone here would have some contacts.
  14. Keeping shoes white

    I use all of the above for general cleaning. But I am still a bit old school and try to get shoes with no or as little white as possible. I use scrubbing bubbles regularly. I like that they get dirt out of some of the hard to reach areas and out of the seams. I also use Murphy's Oil Soap. I love this stuff it's my daily cleaner. I recently had to make a mad dash for some cleaner b/c the top came off my Murphys. I grabbed the first thing I could under the sink before running off to a game and grabbed La's Totally Awesome and was impressed.