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  1. Good luck. Keep us posted as to how it goes.
  2. That's simple compared to the Arctic Enema. The Ice is much thicker Here's my friends come out of it. Pretty intense. I'm right behind them but I guess I wasn't pretty enough to waste a picture on.
  3. Congrats! I called one last year myself. There are so many umpires that will go their entire career without one.
  4. Never heard of that one.
  5. and temporary internet files.
  6. Some of you may recall last year I ran the Tough Mudder. I have coworkers who run it regularly and every year I'd say, "Yeah, I want to do that one day." Well about this time last year they were registering and as I started my 'maybe next year' routine they stood over me at my desk and essentially shamed me into registering right then and there. And now I'm so glad they did I loved it and now they've created a monster. For 2017 I've already registered for 4 Obstacle Course Races including returning to the Tough Mudder and A Spartan Sprint. For those who aren't aware the Spartan series of OCR is the real deal. While most others are for the experience and just a good ol time. The Spartan series is both timed and carries a penalty for failing an obstacle. So what's the penalty??? 30 Burpees - If you don't know what a burpee is Google it and try just doing 10. It will kick your A$$. Now get this. One of the guys I work with is a Spartan Elite racer and after we both completed our first Tough Mudder he convinced me, "If you can do the Tough Mudder, you can do Spartan." So I registered for the Spartan Sprint (Their 3-5 mile event with 20-23 obstacles) he said he'd run it with me, but the next year (2018) I have to do a Trifecta with him too - and stupid me agreed. The Spartan Trifecta is doing 3 of their race series in 1 year : The Sprint - 3-5 miles 20-23 obstacles The Super - 8-10 miles 24-29 obstacles The Beast - 12-14 miles 30-35 obstacles Well I asked him if he'd registered yet as I got an email saying the Sprint I registered for is now 95% full. That's when he announced to everybody his wife is expecting and due within a week of that race. So, I let him off the hook, but I'm still on the hook for the Trifecta. So I'll be running the Sprint solo this year. So Saturday May 5th is my first race of the year and it will be special. It's not a terribly difficult course- it's actually the easiest I will do this year, but my son will be running it with me so I'm really excited about that. I look forward to that and besides it's local and supports my county's FOP so its for a good cause.
  7. I've been meaning to comment on their new site for a while, but it is one sharp looking site.
  8. Me neither.
  9. This reminds me more of my last non-shaving age game than a MLB one. Your browser does not support iframes.
  10. Ya'll are too kind.
  11. Okay, It's been a rough few days. And of course it happens at the worst possible time. I'll start from the beginning... You may have noticed earlier last week the site was running pretty slow. I put in a support ticket in and was told of a brand new update which would solve the issue. I run the update Friday morning as work was pretty light and I thought I could get it done pretty quickly. Just as you always should I made a complete back up before starting.However fate had a different plan. We ran into a cacophony of errors. They first identified error was that a manual sql query I had to do timed out and caused chaos between the system and the database. The problem was identified, but the solution was eluding all. Now I must say I was given excellent support by both the company I lease my server from and the forum's software company. They kept fighting for a solution while I was saying lets just start from scratch and I'll manually upload all the various tables to rebuild the database. They continued to persuade me work things through and get to the root of the problem. I was getting impatient but trusted their expertise. Then this afternoon someone new from one of the software team found one tiny file that became corrupt. Fix the file, reload and now we're back in business.
  12. Guys it's that awesome time of year again for the UMPS CARE Charities Auction. I personally love this event and there are some great items up for grab. I've personally won some really great items over the years and been involved in some pretty cool bidding wars with some of our members like @Majordave @JimKirk and @JaxRolo. Once again this is a great event for a great cause and I hope you will check it out! From the UMPS CARE Charities website: Happy bidding!
  13. When I first read this I had a negative reaction. Like tpatience said they do it in Japan. But the way they do it in Japan can actually "shame" the umpires and they may actually need to issue a public apology But I thought about it some more and it goes back to what I once mentioned about having a rules expert in the booth. This could actually help. The downside to this is IMO two fold 1. making the game longer 2. Some of the plays where people get confused on there is no replay like int/obs.
  14. Awesome news Tony!
  15. I too have tried this the theory as it was explained to me is moving the harness out leads to less of the harness contacting the umpire and easier for the mask to be knocked off in the event of a hit.