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  1. Qualifications

    Many collegiate assignors have try out camps where you can go to and they will get a look at you. It is a win - win even if you don't get picked up by the conference you get some excellent training.
  2. Out or lodged ball?

    Being that he immediately removed it I'd rule catch. If he fumbled around for it I'd have to rule lodged ball.
  3. When is it time to hang it up?

    This is such a shame... I've seen it posted here any number of times and in person that the politics drives out good umpires. Unfortunately in many instances Umpire Associations are political beasts. For me the day will come when I no longer enjoy umpiring. Umpiring is fun, it often serves as an escape for me from work, family or other stresses in my life. I have a couple of hours where it is just me , my partners and baseball and the rest of the world doesn't exist. When it feels like a job to me I'll need to re-evaluate why I'm doing it. I have a very good friend who is "very seasoned" and previously worked D-I and would occasionally get called to fill in at the local MiLB park if they needed an ump quickly. Now that he's beyond retirement age and has two new knees, he cant work the same level of baseball, but he is still umpiring. Primarily coach/ machine pitch but loves every minute of it and he'll be doing it as long as he's physically able.
  4. Out or lodged ball?

    I don't think in real time I would have caught that as being in his jersey.
  5. Interesting Time Play

    I wish there was a view that showed the runners at the time of the tag.
  6. Weight Loss Group

    While I'm not in great shape I'm in better shape than I've been in years. My weight is steadily going down. I'm down almost 20 lbs in the last 6 months. While there are people who loose 20 lbs in 2-3 months that isn't my primary focus. My focus has been to get stronger, have better endurance and be more fit. Here's what I did at the start and now. Used Fitbit & My Fitness Pal to track and log my activities and eating Now I must admit I'm not as good about logging my food as I was, but after a few months I got a good feel for what I was eating and how many calories I was taking in. Like Rich said counting stuff sucks--- but it works. This said, I am more consistent with my weight loss when I actively track. I still enjoy my beer and ice cream (ice cream is my ultimate food weakness) but I am better able to moderate when I have the bad things. Make smarter food choices. Includes basically eliminating fast food. But when eating on the go is a must make better choices. Be more active. I did join Planet Fitness for a few months. I started out on fire going 5 days a week.- Then reality set in that and I was going less and less so I ended up cancelling. Take walks - My neighborhood is a figure 8 shaped with a 3rd loop within the bottom loop. The top loop is just short of 2 miles, the bottom loop is a perfect 3.2 mi (5k) and if I add the 3rd inner loop of the bottom loop that's another mile. I try to take the dogs when I do the 2-3 mile and they love it. I think of all the time I waste on the couch watching TV and it makes me feel guilty and I sometime get up and take a walk. Find an outdoor hobby or passion Last year I got shamed into registering for the Tough Mudder - And I loved it. By the end of this year I will complete 6 obstacle course races. (4 down 2 to go - The Spartan is next Sunday in Fayetteville) I also want to try kayaking Being active and outdoors benefits by not only being active but you won't pass by the fridge or pantry and eat unnecessarily. Drink water I spoke with a fitness nut friend of mine and SHE could bench press 2 of me. I told her I'm not ready to live in the gym but want to improve. She said: Drink water a minimum of 64 oz a day but the more the better Never drink calories Ditch sodas - even diet ones. Eat your veggies - get a wide variety bold colors in your veggies. Avoid starches and carbs. The never drink your calories has been a big eye opener to me, and yet it seems like pure common sense. Take the stairs vs elevator whenever possible Also try the Ease into 5K App I'm not a runner, but this got me into decent running shape and has helped me build endurance. What I give the most credit to in my quest to be fit is Burpees. These will kick your ass no matter how fit you are. And you can do them anywhere. I highly recommend for getting into shape. If you fail a Spartan obstacle you must do 30 burpees. ( I anticipate doing b/t 120 & 180 next Sunday) I am building my self up to do the pyramid and reverse pyramid 10 burpees (1min rest) 9 (1min rest)... then when you get to 1 you go back from 1 to 10. that's 110 burpees. You are a god among men if you can do that. I haven't been able to complete the 1st pyramid yet. I'm at 10-6 (40) before I'm beat. Over the winter I'll obviously be somewhat less active, then I'm going to focus on calories and weight loss. One of my 2018 goals is to complete 8 OCR including the Spartan Trifecta (5 mi Spartan Sprint, 10 mi Super and 15 mile Beast) and Tough Mudder. Best of luck!
  7. Farewell for now

    Doesn't Indianapolis have the interwebs???
  8. Richmond VA Camp 9/14-17

    I'm interested in joining the ODAC and looked into this camp, but just couldn't make the timing work.
  9. Pitching break

    I was once told by a former professional I was "Chasing sliders" meaning that I wasn't keeping my head still while tracking breaking balls.
  10. Site Upgrade

    Thanks I'll get that fixed
  11. New Feature - Member Map

    One of the questions I get a lot is where most of our members come from. So I enabled a new feature called Member Map. Located in the top right of the Main Menu bar you can click on it and enter your location. You don't have to put the marker directly over your home, you can just put it in the relative vicinity. I hope you enjoy this feature. And it's completely voluntary and will not automatically post your location.
  12. Umpire-Empire World Headquarters

    Umpire-Empire World Headquarters and hometown of the UIC...
  13. Site Upgrade

    Can someone let me know if Tapatalk is working correctly again?
  14. Site Upgrade

    Sorry couldn't get to this last night. Will try again tonight... I'll also look to see if that is possible. I find it rather annoying too and it is simply marketing/SEO for them.
  15. SWMBO - The next Chapter

    I'm going to add my wife to the Ump-Attire.com mailing list. Dollars to doughnuts I get the "why the heck am I getting this now?"