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  1. What happened to Tony Thompson having the ACC?
  2. Size might help you get them sold.
  3. I agree with you that it is poorly worded and think the intent is only in protest with an umpires call. I do not think they meant when a player throws a bat or helmet because he is upset with himself. The wording is not clear sketched way so it is up to interpretation.
  4. Everyone else has you covered on why this is a legal feint, but I want to point out what seems to be a misunderstanding of an occupied base. 2nd base is occupied because there is a runner there. The runner is what makes a base occupied, where it sounds like you were thinking the fielder was what makes a base occupied.
  5. They said the runner should have been out because the award ended when he went the past the base. They also said that the crew should have come in without being asked because it was a rule misapplication instead of a judgment call.
  6. Do you eject a catcher when he picks up the offensive teams bat and throws it towards their dugout in an effort to be helpful? A black and white reading of the rule would say he is ejected for deliberately throwing a bat, but I sure hope nobody would eject for that.
  7. I disagree. There has to be gray area in the rule. The rule states the player is to be ejected for deliberately throwing a bat or helmet. What would you say if your catcher was ejected for throwing a bat towards the offensive team's dugout? What if your catcher is ejected because he takes his helmet off and throws it ten feet away while trying to catch a popup? I know these would be two ridiculous ejections, but reading the rule without interpretation would lead to these ejections. So Ricka56 and myself interpret the rule to mean deliberately throwing equipment in disgust of an umpires call. Now if the player chunked his helmet in disgust of himself I would give him a warning and tell him he was on thin ice. I just don't think the rule can be read in black and white.
  8. It looks like has them in stock in those sizes.
  9. Did the umpire say the out was for hitting the pitcher? If not then maybe he/she had RLI. If the umpire judged that the batter/runner interfered with the opportunity for F3 to field the throw at first by running out of the runner's lane during the last half distance to first. That is the only call that I can think for why the runner would be called out from the description of the play.
  10. @Thunderheads lock it up. Everything is sold. Thanks
  11. Original post updated. Mask pads sold. Make an offer on the shin guards.
  12. @BobUmp is a good buyer. Money was sent quickly.
  13. Bump. Make me an offer for the shins or mask pads
  14. Zro G frame and harness sold. Wilson Memory foam pads available for $25 shipped. Thanks.
  15. I love them. I just switched to the 16.5 in ones. 18.5 in was a little too long for me