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  1. See if you were hip with my once constant barrage of Star Trek snaps than you would understand.
  2. Never spend money on what you can find for free. EDIT: dammit, maven beat me to it and I went in before viewing the rest of the thread.
  3. I have...a thing...for transit. Gilligs and Orion Flyers at the barn. Taken by former operator Gillfoto. An express bus's time stop at the university. A vaguely threatening New Flyer lurks at the Downtown Transit Center. Downtown Transit Center at sunrise, with all four morning weekday routes ready to go outbound. The lit room in the corner of the center is the driver's breakroom. Our new (now old) Gilligs arriving at the barge docks in 2009(?). Taken by former operator Gillfoto. Longtime operator Hal drives inbound in the snow in one of the last Orion Flyers to be used in Alaska. Taken by former operator Gillfoto. Hal, in blue, recently promoted to Lead Operator, walks with another Lead to return to the bus barn after monitoring from the DTC. Newest operator JR answers a passenger's question. Edited. An inbound passes through the cruise ship docks of downtown Juneau. A New Flyer and a Gillig wait for their operators in the early morning at the Downtown Transit Center. Note the "buses only" signs. Operator Ray waits for transfers at the federal building. Operator Matthew who lives up to his name's meaning of "god's gift" laughs at the comment of his new trainee before boarding his usual rig, New Flyer 51. Potentially the most famous Capital Transit photo, two brand new Gillig low floors with the rarely seen "Capital Transit" sign and completely new decals wait at the DTC. Taken by former operator Gillfoto and used on the paper timetables. The last night run to Douglas Island waits for it's operator in the February darkness. An evening run to the Mendenhall Valley being prepped by it's operator. A New Flyer turns through a downtown intersection. This photo was taken at about 4:50PM. My last visit to the local bus barn. Four out of use New Flyers sit sadly in the yard, up for auction.
  4. He's a transit operator, not a bus driver.
  5. He went on for a lot longer than three messages and then he almost blocked me for saying something else was more beautiful.
  6. @Stk004 just about made a mess in his pants over this. (Under the cut.) Good work.
  7. He comes into my thread, one ups me with his bear photo like he can out-Alaska me. Oh yeah? Here was the sick ride I saw on the highway yesterday!
  8. every morning I wake up and say "why, god? why am I fond of these people?"
  9. Bears will eat anything. They're not shy either. I've posted about one at a Legion game here, and they also get on top of buildings and walk into bars downtown. Tourists asking me about them always make me think of that passage from Dear Mr. Henshaw where the kid talks about the stupid tourist feeding a bear a cupcake.
  10. y'all are rude.
  11. It's 11:57 PM. My foster sister just ran into my room and interrupted House of Cards to drag me into the garage. Original and edited-for-clarity pictures of the beastie dragging recycling across the yard taken from my iPhone in low light. Pretty sure this is the same bear I saw dodging on the nearby highway this evening whilst riding the metro.
  13. Remember when my editing got me viral? Well, a few years and more creativity has landed me full film rights to the municipal metro system here in J-town and I am on track to make a feature length documentary about another group of men in blue nobody knows about. (My friend said bus drivers are boring and I'm fighting him on it.) I'm moving beyond editing into an executive producer/director role. BUT I am still but 17 years young and need help raising enough money to get a stabilized camera, a wireless lavalier, venue spaces for interviews, HP compatible software, blank tapes, and tokens of appreciation for the three dozen folks involved. (Like coffee gift cards or a wrap party.) I'm crowdfunding here and I would very much appreciate any donations to help get this movie into production. Even if you can't or won't donate money, you can share it around social media. (Or if you've got any equipment laying around, DM me.) The IndieGoGo page has a more in detail explanation of what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks to anybody here that supported me long ago with CSUP and thank you to anybody who continues to.
  14. Mid 60's in Alaska. Climate change is real and the lizard people know it.