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  2. Remember when my editing got me viral? Well, a few years and more creativity has landed me full film rights to the municipal metro system here in J-town and I am on track to make a feature length documentary about another group of men in blue nobody knows about. (My friend said bus drivers are boring and I'm fighting him on it.) I'm moving beyond editing into an executive producer/director role. BUT I am still but 17 years young and need help raising enough money to get a stabilized camera, a wireless lavalier, venue spaces for interviews, HP compatible software, blank tapes, and tokens of appreciation for the three dozen folks involved. (Like coffee gift cards or a wrap party.) I'm crowdfunding here and I would very much appreciate any donations to help get this movie into production. Even if you can't or won't donate money, you can share it around social media. (Or if you've got any equipment laying around, DM me.) The IndieGoGo page has a more in detail explanation of what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks to anybody here that supported me long ago with CSUP and thank you to anybody who continues to.
  3. Mid 60's in Alaska. Climate change is real and the lizard people know it.
  4. Transit companies are always hiring.
  5. That's not nearly as dramatic. If you're not going to games intending to make the paper, why are you going at all?
  6. Just curl up in the fetal position on home plate and cry.
  7. It's not even the CUT, so much as the wonky color.
  8. *stands on milk crate* GREGORY ALLAN GIBSON IS MY HERO!
  9. Thanks, I think. They want me because years of playing goalie for hockey has turned me into a wall. However I am a 5'4 wall. I think center is what they're hoping I'll pick but I'm too self-conscious to make snaps. There will be a fumble and then I'll get anxious, and mess up the snap again, and get more anxious...I think I'll try guard. @stkjock our school is too poor for that kind of field time.
  10. I got recruited to the high school football team. As a rising senior. I have not a clue what I'm doing. I barely know rules, much less how to tackle and snap and throw. I was told to try out for the defensive line in July, because who cares about repeated concussions? Ironically, I don't think there's a single place more filled with guys who know football than this baseball forum. Help me, oh dear lord help me.
  11. Everybody is talking about this place like it's the Parris Island of the Army...
  12. I shouldn't have to join the military to not freeze to death on the concrete and yet here we are. That's why I'm upset.
  13. You didn't think that a kid joining the military on their seventeenth birthday, before they've even finished their junior year, has any idea what adulthood is like? I'm certainly not enlisting to play with guns. I've been in it for the past year, dude. I don't have heating oil because I decided to buy groceries this week, and I lose my health insurance June 30th, thus (part of) my reasoning for joining the Guard. Not only am I in it, I'm in the SH*# part of it. I don't have to be proud of this country and I don't have to be proud of myself for joining it's military when it's done out of necessity for survival. ESPECIALLY when it's done out of necessity for survival at SEVENTEEN. Some of us have a very long upwards battle to fight, and it's not just the final hike at Basic. If I had my way I'd be going to paramedicine academy or umpire school but I don't, because I've been dumped on the street by one parent and forced to live with the other, not entirely excellent one, who's broke as hell too. So save the "travel the world and then you'll be proud of your country" for when YOU'RE being threatened with electrocution because you don't "conform" and bills are being pushed that strip you of your dignity. GD.