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  1. Horrible news - @grayhawk

    Brothers and sisters Steve aka @grayhawk has sustained what sounds like serious injuries in a freak accident. Info below from an email sent to our association members: Just this morning, Steve stopped by Windrow Park in support of two of our finest working a tournament Semi-final game. While the crew was getting dressed in the parking lot, Steve sat in one their chairs. The chair then broke, which caused Steve's neck to snap back as he fell to the ground. This created some immediate back pain, but did not appear to be serious at the time. Some hours later Steve began to lose all feeling in his legs and arms, and was admitted to Saddleback Medical Center. He is currently undergoing surgery to remove a disc in his back that the Dr's feel is causing the inflammation on the nerves which led to his condition. I briefly spoke w/ Steve and his wife, Christine, just before surgery, and they said assuming all goes well, another surgery will be needed to insert pins & screws. The recovery process could take a very long time. I know Steve personally and I know that many of you have formed a relationship with him via this very site, so I know many of you would want to know about this tragedy and would want to add him to your prayers. @Magic who is also our association VP I am sure is in contact with his family as well. When additional information is available, I am sure one of us will share it.... Prayers to Steve and his family.
  2. Situation From the Other Day

    @SouthJerseyK you need to step up your management skills. YOU are in charge of running the game, not the coaches, especially if you are there on an assignment and not just a team Dad who was hijacked into running the game. Don't let coaches tell you what is going to happen. If they come to you, ask them what they want, what they saw, or what they need. If they are asking a rules question, wait for them to finish and then give them your answer; do not debate. If they want to complain about the other team, tell them what you have, why it is or is not ok and send them back to the dugout. Telling you they will take their toys and go home is poor sportsmanship and really as low as it gets. Don't let coaches dictate to you what you will and will not do. Coach, you will not dictate to me how I will officiate this game. This is your warning and if you continue you will be ejected from the game. Please go back to your dugout now. If one is starting issues with the other teams coaches, end it, now. No good comes from allowing them to interact, especially when their maturity level seems to be below that of the 1st graders that are playing the game. You sound young, which is not a dig at you. Your management of the game starts when you walk onto the field. Have your uniform, if you wear one in good shape. Know your pregame plate meeting topics, hit the items you need to cover. Don't BS with the coaches other than shaking hands and saying hello. Be firm in your knowledge of the field, ground rules and playing/local rules. If you seem in charge, they will see you as in charge. If they see you as un-knowledgeable , indecisive or lazy they will try and push every button they can to their advantage.
  3. String them up and eject them all. How dare these kids think this is a game! oh, wait...
  4. Bottom line is you had a few possible learning experiences, right or wrong. The best part is that instead of just eating it, here you have arrived and here you are asking questions. This is the beginning of a long journey for you, especially if you enjoy officiating! You will find as you progress, and as @JaxRolo () will attest, that umpiring machine pitch, coach pitch and T-ball 'low/no stakes' is where you will find many of the completely uninformed and over zealous coaches in any league. See if your league has training. If not, at a minimum get your hands on the rule book for the league you are working for, be it the LL Green Book, Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth etc... Read the book! As you are reading it, ask questions... lots of questions. There are approved rulings in most leagues and many of those modify what is written directly in the rules. Come to this site, ask questions. There is such a wealth of information already here just in the thousands of threads, plus a group of seriously talented and knowledgeable group of umpires here to interact with. I learn something EVERY TIME on log on to this site. Amazing how much my game has improved in rules knowledge or situation handling just from sponging off their experience...
  5. Sure beats the Wilson bag in the back of my car and the shirts hanging from the old 'o $h!t handle".
  6. Double Set - Balk

    If you have him coming to a complete stop and then moving again, any subsequent stop is a double set. If you see it, call it, but just make sure everything is stopped...
  7. LL obstruction at 1B

  8. Chirping Assistant

    La Cosa Nostra... or 'this thing of ours'...
  9. Chirping Assistant

    Also imagine the next practice where little Jimmy the snitch gets to get some special BP... I don't want to make players rat out other players... that just ends badly. The HC on the other hand, by rule, is responsible for all actions of his team. He is the king rat... let him pay for the little rats actions.
  10. Attempt to go to 2nd

    The only thing fair or foul territory does is determine the status of a hit ball. Once the status of the ball is determined by either being touched, settled or passing a base fair or foul, the area we call fair/foul ground just becomes the field of play. So in your case, your runner while on the field of play, after making an attempt to advance to 2nd was tagged and ruled out by failing to be on the base at the time of the tag.
  11. Field of Play

    Are you referring to something like your right fielder is still in the dugout and not remotely close to the field? If so... the ball should not be put into play. Tell the coach to get a player out there. Normally this is all that is required as he will be yelling for someone to get off their butt and get on the field. Now how do we handle this is we, as the umpires put the ball in play and the subsequent play causes harm due to the lack of the position player? Get ready for a storm!
  12. Even 90º+ Gets to the Best of Us

    But how else am I expected to keep up on my Twitter and Tap a Talk feeds?
  13. Another Assault

    Because this is how school yard bullies who never grew up act. What a tool... hope he gets to spend some time in jail, or at a minimum picking up a bunch of trash on the freeway for a while.
  14. Umpire day anniversary!

    The left out the part where all of the thorns were left in place as they hurled the roses at the umpire
  15. Time between games

    Depends... Is the field going to be prepped again? That takes the crew 20-30 minutes normally. Same teams playing a DH? New teams? Same umpires/crew? How far did we have to park away from the field if we are swapping plate/base positions and need to redress? Normally... if it is not blazing outside, same teams and solo? 20-30 minutes is fine. If swapping spots and there is field prep to be done? 25-40 seems average. I agree that when you think about it... if you allow for 2 hrs per game, .5 hours between and say .5-.75 for pregame (and often an hour) you are already committed to a long day with possibly 1.5 hours of dead time already built into the day... and that does not account for your drive time to and from the fields... adding more dead time just eats into your already significant time commitment of 5-7 hours depending on actual game length and other factors.
  16. LL obstruction at 1B

    We teach in our district to watch for the body language of the runner, especially at this age group. In a LL game, this level and age? I have obstruction and will award 1st. No reason F3 should be set up in the lane like this before the throw is even attempted.
  17. Appeal calls

    ^^^^ this. BUT be very careful on how you go about this as there is a very good chance that you will be engaged in an argument and will be protesting from the parking lot. Sometimes people see what they want to see. If the BU 'KNOWS' he saw the tag, there is little you will do to convince him that he might be wrong. If your coaches have been fishing all game, arguing calls or making a bunch of cat calls for 6 innings, there is little chance that he is now going to go to his partner for you. Boy who cried wolf syndrome.
  18. Even 90º+ Gets to the Best of Us

    Normal average day, I'll go through 2 bottles, maybe 3 if solo and there is a ton of running around. The other day when I got back to the car after drinking a ton? Barely was able to use the restroom before our 2nd game started, so I know even then I was not taking in more than I needed, but at least I avoided that heat headache that often comes with being in the sun all day and under hydrating.
  19. Even 90º+ Gets to the Best of Us

    Even during the HS season, at least in my experience, it has been rare to be offered drinks by the teams or schools. I don't want to trust they will, so I bring my own mini bar to the party.
  20. Even 90º+ Gets to the Best of Us

    Games this weekend were 100+... 1st game on the dish I went through 5 water bottles and 1 sports drink. Back at the car, another 2 bottles of water and a sports drink. Next game on the bags went through my ice water thermos and another 2 water bottles. Never cramped up, felt like cramping or experienced other issues... just was DAMN hot! And for those old school guys who think bringing water on to the field is 'weak' or 'not good optics'... pound sand. When umpiring games starts paying my mortgage and all the other bills, then maybe I will worry about that optic.... and at mid-40's I don't think umpiring will anytime soon be paying my way!
  21. LL

    30 minutes minimum... and get the kids out of the steel fenced enclosed dugouts... have them wait in their parents vehicles, in the gym... anywhere but in the lightning rod of a dugout.
  22. Ball stuck in/on offensive player('s uniform)

    I definitely do not have interference. The defensive team made a poor throw, hit the runner with the ball and then the DHC wants him called out since he grabbed his body where he was hit, just by happenstance delaying the ball dropping to the ground? Sorry coach... I am not bailing your team out that far. I have nothing on this play other than a safe at first and play on.
  23. Moving hands/elbow after coming set

    Sadly, the worse part of this tale was the coaches and their reaction. The best answer would have been to tell you "thank you" and that they would say something to the kid, even if they had no plans to do so. By spouting off like that, they just created an environment where any calls you make there after will be perceived to be aggressive towards their team and they will use that as justification for acting like jerks. In due course an ejection will be forthcoming and they will complain to high heaven that you were just being vengeful... No good deed goes unpunished as they say. Next time, if you think it is a balk, call the balk. If it is not a balk, ignore it. At 11, most of the kids can't figure out how to come completely still, not turn their shoulders a little when set and trying to see 1st etc...
  24. Horrible news - @grayhawk

    Update sent from our association: As it turned out, due the seriousness of his condition, his surgeon determined that his best chance for recovery was to immediately remove the herniated disc in the C6-C7 vertebrae of the neck which was pinching the blood vessels in the spinal cord. If not treated aggressively, the loss of blood flow in the tissues of the spinal column could cause severe damage and limit his ability to walk and to perform basic motor functions. The procedure took 6 1/2 hours to perform, and his Dr. did insert rods & pins to help stabilize. The good news is an additional surgery should now not be needed. He is able to move the toes on his left foot, but not the right (though he does have some sensation). His grip with the left hand is strong, not so much with his right and he's having quite a bit of left arm pain that will probably exist for some time to come. Next step is to start therapy and get him out of ICU. I cannot even begin to tell you how much he misses baseball already, but he's focused now on just being able to walk again. The recovery process will long, difficult and slow. He really enjoys having visitors. The only limitations are the # that can visit him in ICU at a time. The hospital policy is 2 visitors at any one time, but the nursing staff is able to stretch the rules a bit as they did today. Also, should you stop in, he may be asleep as he's under constant management for the pain. Many of you have reached out to me wanting to know what you can do. Christine told me that she & Steve feel tremendous strength from prayer. Please continue to pray for them both. He'd also like to see his brothers in the umpiring community for a visit. It has also been suggested that once Steve is able to go home, the OCBOA brotherhood provide home-cooked, or restaurant food for delivery. Christine will certainly have her hands full, and I know the family would appreciate that very much. If you are able to help, please email me and I will keep a list and provide further details when able.
  25. Dropped third strike dead ball.

    I would just go back and fix my typo... but that would make these comments, which are funny BTW, seem odd. Spell check can be a good and bad thing... good when your spelling is bad, awful when you actually spell a word correctly but use the wrong word!