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  1. All New equipment NEEDED!

    In California this would be true as well... personal property, anywhere in the world is normally covered... and most homeowners/renters repay at replacement cost versus depreciated value... Depending on your deductible, this may well be worth a call. Go price out everything you lost, new, today and see if it would be worth a call.
  2. Odd appeal play

    If this info was in the OP, then I would 100% agree with you. We have witnessed F3's tagging the BR multiple times for missing the base and then telling the BU he missed for the appeal out... But in the OP this data is not there, so although something that could occur, this, without additional information was not in the cards.
  3. How in the world can you change that call?

    Considering Granderson couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat this post season... I was surprised they even gave him the time of day to listen to his pleas...
  4. Play at the plate

    You are correct, but in real time the call on the field was out. That movement just before receiving the throw was not caught by an MLB umpire... I doubt I am good enough to catch it either...
  5. Visit to the mound

  6. Obstruction on trail runner

    Would this change in a FED ruling where the OBS requires a one base minimum award to nullify the act of OBS? Or would you use the same yard stick and determine the OBS runner could not advance due to R3's camping on 3rd?
  7. American Legion Rule Changes

    That actually is a kind of cool designation...
  8. If the reaction of the batter, after jumping as far out of the way appeared to be defensive in nature, then I have a HBP. If the ball would have missed, in my judgement, and the batter then puts their hand in the way? Time. You stay here.
  9. The bigger question... would why the umpire care what the runner on 3rd did during a time out?
  10. Break

    How dare you get a life. Congrats on College, job, relationship... adulthood.
  11. Strike Call

    Typically HIKE for strike 1 Just two for strike 2 Ball for ball. Ball 4 just to keep everyone on the same page. I point for strikes and for strike 3 swinging they get the hammer.
  12. Runner interference?

    For HS where was R1 in proximity to 2nd? If he is 1/2 way down the track I have nothing provided he is not waving his hands like a bird trying to take flight. If in the vicinity of the base then I might have FPSR violation since, A) there is a force, B) he did not slide, abandon or peel off and get out of the way. And just to clarify, there is no runners lane anywhere on the field with the exception of the last 45 feet between home and 1st base.
  13. When To Call The Ball Dead After a "Completed" Play

    If it looks like this, I may be inclined to grant time.
  14. ejected player

    Out. Time. You're gone. Coach... who is your replacement player? Game goes on...
  15. Sweet cards!

    Pretty cool... although Gerry Davis now lives in Huntington Beach, CA.
  16. When is it time to hang it up?

    For me? This ^^^^^^ I recall a few years back as the HS season was winding to a close... after what seemed like the thousandth game in a row, I recall thinking that this was becoming a job. Thankfully the season ended and after a few weeks off the passion returned. If it is not fun and you are feeling it is a grind? Hang it up for a bit... see if you long for it, or do you not even notice it is gone? Just find something to stay busy and have fun with it.
  17. ALWS

    I love the first pic... U1 just has a look of 'let's get this going'.
  18. Farewell for now

    Safe travels.
  19. ESPN MLB Rules Quiz from 2013

    Based on my score of 10/10 I am waiting by the phone for that call up job!
  20. Adidas Base Shoes

  21. Mudisfun

  22. Bottom of 6, 2 out and Cabrera up... NYY try and hit Miguel which results in F1 being ejected as well as Girardi... Just as PU is issuing warnings to both teams for throwing at batters Cabrera and F2 get into it with Cabrera shoving and then throwing blows. All hell breaks through next. Best baseball fight in a while. Sure Gil will have this on his feed in a while. Sorry for this being a download file only... it is 180 megs. 20170824_123951.mp4
  23. What to look for here?

    I'm not sure with the play you have here that there is a right answer... you need extreme slow motion, frame by frame replay to get this one and even then it is a toss up. Our training to is watch the bag for the touch which is the higher likelihood play but I think with the two players converging we need to open our field of vision and try and see the whole play/body. Focusing only on the bag, who touches first exposes us to missing a high likelihood swipe tag as well. At the end if you see the entire field of play just as U1 did here you will have to make a judgement call. Heck even the Dodgers announcers thought the runner was safe it was so close.
  24. Eclipse

    Went to work... looked up. Overcast. Thank God for TV coverage!
  25. I would have paid hard cash to see Gerry drop a runner leaving early red flag!