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  1. I resemble that remark!
  2. The rumor I heard (think it is more that rumor since the guy I was speaking with knows the principal) was Honigs was purchased in whole by an NFL ref and will be reemerging very soon after completing all of their movement. The new plan from what I understand is to be a pretty much exclusive internet/mail business model versus the combination of local outlets and internet/mail.
  3. The one play that causes me more issues when outside is R1 and I am in B. Ball hit to the left side and F4 acts like a first baseman for the force throw... when does the ball get there in relation to the runner if there is a banger. This is where using your ears is essential since you are on the back side of the fielder and thus cannot see the ball enter the glove. Your PU needs to help on this play by watching the catch and making sure there is secure possession or was there a drop on the transfer? If there is an issue and Skippy comes out to talk to you your partner will be the only source of information you can rely on since your on the back side of the play and cannot really see 100% if there was a dropped ball versus a transfer attempt.
  4. But that makes sense... a ball being thrown from 3rd, SS or 2nd? How would the runners lane come into play really? The B/R is not going to interfere with a quality throw with a ball coming from that direction and more than likely a crappy throw that takes F3 off the mark is going to bring F3 and B/R together at the last moment and most likely at the point on the track where we would expect B/R to come into fair territory to achieve 1st base. Getting RLI on that? I would expect an EJ to promptly follow.
  5. Yes he has lost weight. On another note he just opened a new store in Orange County I believe in Santa Ana.
  6. To answer the OP... I love watching Dad's play catch with their kids. Have fun and enjoy that time as it will be gone sooner than you think! So answer #1, yes absolutely you may play catch and warm up players, including the pitcher until he starts acting as a pitcher. This includes down the lines in the outfield prior to the game. When you go from playing catch to squatting you are now 'catching'. This is the time you need a player in there even if your 'pitcher' is not throwing hard. LL wants PLAYERS playing the game. They fully understand that not every kid on the team is going to receive optimum playing time and want them to have the opportunity to participate as much as possible. Warming up the pitcher gets them playing time even when not in the game. It also possibly gives them additional experience in a position they may not normally play even though it is not a live ball situation. Lastly coaches catching using the excuse of "I need to see how he is throwing" or other such dribble need to realize that the time for correcting and practicing was during practice and not just before or during the game... this is the time for the players to play... If they have not digested what you have been teaching I highly doubt the extra 5 minutes you want to work with them is going to make a difference.
  7. No... but the BU can overrule to plate! Can you check it? Did he go? Yes he did... then that is a strike! Can you check it? Did he go? No! But it caught the corner! :-)
  8. So true... did 3 plates a few weeks back.. 9:30 game roughly 80 at 1st pitch. Went through 2 water bottles and one on the drive to games 2-3. 1:15pm 84 at 1st pitch with decent humidity - Went through 3 bottles during the game. Typical tournament where they were WAY behind from game one... 1:15 game ends after 2:05 game time... take a 20 minute break and game 3 starts at 85 degrees... went thought 5 water bottles but could still feel the impact of the heat. Example: R2/R1, 1 out. Fly to F8 for out 2 in the later innings. R2 gets into a run down after retouching for out #3. F6 fires to F4 and gets R1 into a run down which I am officiating for the 4th out! Normally I am aware of the out count but I could tell my focus was starting to suffer due to heat, fatigue and dehydration. Thankfully the game ended an inning or so later but I had to make a conscience effort to concentrate harder on pitches and pickoff attempts for example. Got home, cracked a couple of cold, frosty adult beverages and decided that 3 plates in a row are dumb with little to no time between games to rest, cool down and get some hydration in ya!
  9. Depends on where you are I guess... the majority of the umpires in my district are volunteer but if as the UIC I get into a pinch and cannot cover a game? Time to go to the pro and get an assassin for $50 to get the game covered.
  10. Real competitive JV game between the 1st and 2nd place teams... Top of 7th, 1-2 score. With one out and R2, batter (player #XX) is called out on strikes for the 2nd out. #XX states "you have got to be kidding" and then loudly yells "FUXK". Player #XX was immediately ejected for his unsportsmanlike behavior. In this inning the 1st batter was rung up and called out on the exact same pitch, outside corner right above the knees... F1 kept hitting that spot all night and hung 3-4 others out to dry on that pitch. Chat with partner after the game and he confirmed the pitch was over the outside portion of the plate at the knees. Unfortunate for this player as tonight (Thursday) is their last game of the season so he will be sitting and not playing. Other than that pretty uneventful game... both runs for the home team were on overthrows that went into the dugout thus awarding bases (2 from TOP on both occasions). Field is completely closed in but there is zero protection in front of the dug outs to prevent any overthrow from entering dead ball territory. One more game today and my HS season will be in the books!
  11. Just looked at their site and they have lots of more up to date options... I own 5-6 of their shirts and love it when I can use them, especially going into summer.
  12. What about The Officials Choice? Light, airy, tons of options... cost effective.
  13. I think this falls right up there with 'but they are stealing signs!'... well do a better job of hiding or changing signs. Pitchers grunt sometimes... I have yet to have one grunt so hard and loud that it distracted me behind the plate so I find it hard to imagine that it will really distract a batter who is focused on the pitch... maybe the first time just out of surprise but after that? The uniqueness should be worn off. Kind of bush but nothing patently illegal.
  14. Had a 1st base coach try and get a call for illegal pitch this weekend, I was U1 in A... pitcher is on the rubber but of course there is a divot in front of the rubber so when he made his pivot in the windup or started in the stretch his foot was maybe a WHOLE INCH off the front of the rubber. Asked the coach if he wanted me calling that illegal against his F1 all game as well since the condition of the mound was the issue and not the pitcher trying to gain any advantage. Conversation ended real quick from there :-)
  15. Do you have an example of a 'had to' ejection you can cite? That would be more helpful for us to give you valid feedback... Something like he threw his bat would fall under a maybe... has the player been warned prior in the same game? Well then maybe the next time he has to go by rule in your league.
  16. Had a kid in a Minor B game the other day... inside pitch and he jumped back... ball hit the knob squarely and rolled 3 feet in front of home plate... signal fair and watch as F1 picks it up and tags BR... kid was miffed because he did not understand that although he dodged the pitch it is still a batted ball. Next batter please...
  17. My hit by pitch routine makes it obvious. TIME! Depending on the nuance of the hit... If it just clipped a sleeve for instance I slap my arm so that everyone knows why/where there was a HBP. If the kid got drilled then I do not do this, no reason. In any scenario I step out and move between the batter and the pitcher which again conveys that something happened. I deliver or toss a new ball to F1 depending again on the severity of the hit to the batter.... he may need a minute to collect himself. I have never had an issue with a batter going after the pitcher but figure if this routine gets me moving in the right direction for when that day happens then why not practice it? All of these actions make it quite clear that something occurred and that play is dead. Now just a B/R heading off like he got hit? How is this different than a batter on ball 3 taking off like it is ball 4? Again that could be a designed play... You could audible "No, No, No! Back in the box" when he takes off... that conveys all the info you need to both the offence and defense.
  18. You mean like this?
  19. Use this as a teachable moment... let the coach know and let him fix it. As @MadMax said... 10u.
  20. Which region or district are you in? My district uses the following for 60' which is not what LL utilizes (all positions start outside): Bases Occupied U1 U3 None A D 1st A C 1st/2nd A C Loaded A C 1st/3rd A C 2nd/3rd B D 2nd B D 3rd A D The LL mechanics manual has the following positions (all starting outside): Bases Occupied U1 U3 None A D 1st A B 1st/2nd B D Loaded B D 1st/3rd B D 2nd/3rd B D 2nd B D 3rd A D
  21. Had BI in a varsity game, no question, no argument. Had more egregious BI in a JV game and got a ton of grief... batter 'I did not hit the catcher' since of course that is a requirement... Coach telling me that blocking the plate on a swing/steal is just 100% within the rules... Love BI.
  22. Have a conversation with the league UIC... As the UIC for my kids LL I know all the coaches and if they gave me a video like you describe then I could use it as a teaching tool. Coming from the UIC to the umpire will bear more fruit than if you do it directly.
  23. You are correct on all accounts... Since the majority of the people on this board are sane and use the proper wording I made that change for the readers sanity :-)
  24. MR

    Absolutely it should score... assuming the smart manager is out there talking to the umpire about the IFF and determining the reason it was not called. Depending on the answer will determine if the officials get together or if the manager is putting a P in the book for a rules misapplication assuming the criteria for IFF was actually present. If the criteria for IFF was missing, ex. no ordinary effort then, really awesome pop-up from a bunted ball then no, the run will not count.
  25. My thinking was they had a video camera at the backstop... if so then the video could be a learning tool. If taken from the dugout? not real helpful as you mention.