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  1. I know... was just making more of a wise crack. I try very hard not to let emotions take over and make me lose my cool... I understand I am there to officiate; I have no real skin in the game. The coaches and players on the other hand are trying to find any advantage they can to win. As you pointed out when you do get heated... it does take time to come back down to an even keel... and for that 10-20 minutes you can just feel ever thing is 'off'.
  2. As much as I agree with @maven and I definitely cannot argue with his professional credentials... when he is right he is right after all... but MAN... that STFU stare is just so much more gratifying!
  3. Did 3 solo games on Sunday... 75 at 9:30 first pitch... 85 first pitch for game 2 and 84 first pitch for game 3. Lovely day but super dry... went through 10-12 water bottles just working the games not including between game breaks.
  4. Did a Minor B game with my son on Saturday and I used the OSP... sat in the slot, stayed nice and cool and let the raft take the hits. Fun game for all.
  5. JV 2 man HS game... R1, 1 out. Hit to F6 who makes a not so great throw to F4 who while on the run to 2nd had to make a stretch and a small leap... ball was there in plenty of time but he was in the air and never touched the base. Turns and throws to first to complete the attempted double. Safe, Out, back to 2nd safe, off the bag. Skip comes out... ball was there etc, etc. Coach he was in the air and not just barely off the base (the onlly I saw it scenario) but demonstrability off the base. Coach tries to give me the 'level of play, gotta get that out, expected play...' My reply was coach, I called what I saw. Your fielder was in the air and never made contact with the bag. Runner at 2nd is safe, runner at 1st is out so lets play baseball. Sometimes you get paid to umpire... 50% of the fans loved this call and 50% hated it...
  6. He bought a Nutty Buddy. Everything else is just gravy from there :-)
  7. Wonder how long until this takes place...
  8. Time to put on those big boy pants and do your job... I like how this is/would be handled... Thankfully I have yet to run into an issue with fighting on the field but I am sure that is just a matter of time.
  9. "Ball stays in, we stay out. Ball goes out, we go in" Have fun!
  10. YES
  11. Welcome! Hopefully the snow melts soon and you can get your season in!
  12. So the guy starting this service up apparently is in my HS association and decided to use his access to the members list to spam all of us over the weekend. Needless to say this did not go over very well with, well pretty much the entire membership. Not a stellar start for his service considering...
  13. Real competitive JV game between the 1st and 2nd place teams... Top of 7th, 1-2 score. With one out and R2, batter (player #XX) is called out on strikes for the 2nd out. #XX states "you have got to be kidding" and then loudly yells "FUXK". Player #XX was immediately ejected for his unsportsmanlike behavior. In this inning the 1st batter was rung up and called out on the exact same pitch, outside corner right above the knees... F1 kept hitting that spot all night and hung 3-4 others out to dry on that pitch. Chat with partner after the game and he confirmed the pitch was over the outside portion of the plate at the knees. Unfortunate for this player as tonight (Thursday) is their last game of the season so he will be sitting and not playing. Other than that pretty uneventful game... both runs for the home team were on overthrows that went into the dugout thus awarding bases (2 from TOP on both occasions). Field is completely closed in but there is zero protection in front of the dug outs to prevent any overthrow from entering dead ball territory. One more game today and my HS season will be in the books!
  14. This could be interesting but I have a few questions: * Does the umpire get to set the rates they are willing to work for or is this directed by the coaches/hiring group? * How does the service get paid? Hiring entity or the umpire? * How does this benefit the coaches/umpire? Typically I am paying the assignor, not the teams. If the teams pay the fee for the service I guess this is a win for me but if I am paying a fee for games assigned how is this any different than working for folks who I am already paying a fee to for the same games? * If an official has an issue with a team... don't like a call, arguing, they don't like the Navy Blue (@MadMax I put this is for you) shirt color... whatever... is there any protection in place for the official to keep them from being black balled? * Do the coaches think they are going to get different or better officials? Seems most of the same guys work for the same assignors so I would be shocked if there was suddenly a whole new flock of umpires crawling out from under rocks to pick up games.
  15. Not my call coach. Lets go ask (insert name here) who was watching that part of the play. Last season has a coach go to the wrong umpire. We both realized quickly this little fact so I just asked, Skip what do you want? Ball was already dead so no issue there. Made the determination on his appeal and moved right along. Why open a can of crap if you do not need to? Does being this OOO make the game better?
  16. Funny... I read a document the other day on working with a pillow and it stated get into the slot. Either or... I just like watching the evolution of our craft from generation to generation.
  17. Bet either the BU forgot about R3 or thought with R3 he would take A and let PU take plays at 3rd.
  18. WTH
  19. <iframe src='' width='400' height='224' frameborder='0'>Your browser does not support iframes.</iframe> If the embedding didn't work here is the link @maven I think is referring to.
  20. Have HS games through Thursday this week and then that will be all she wrote!
  21. Couple years back 10yr old TOC game... Kid who has hit an HR and a triple gets up... Bottom of 7th, 2 outs, runners R1/R2, game tied,,, the defensive team pitches around him but don't intentionally walk him. Ball 4 and the next thing I hear is the batters mother BOOING... yelling BOO PITCHER, BOO! Hear her whining about how much she spends on her kids lessons etc... B/R gets to 1st, coach asks for time to change F1 and for one of the few times I addressed the stands about sportsmanship and adults booing 10 year old kids which was just disgusting. Next batters comes up, walked, R3 advances, touches home, everyone else touched where they should and game over. The kids won with grace... the parents? Not so much.
  22. My last game... had a play that I kicked but not for the reason the coach thought... R1 and ball hit to F6. F4 coming across the bag for the throw leaps as R1 comes sliding in BUT he did not come in straight; he went to the inside of the bag... I should have grabbed FPSR but failed to do so, to my everlasting shame. What I did have was F4 off the bag so I safe signaled and banged out B/R on the tail end of the play. I did come back and signal safe, off the bag. Coach comes out and argues not about FPS which in retrospect I should have grabbed, but that EVERYONE in the yard expected that to be a double play and that I should have called the double since the ball was there in time etc... Now R2 did not in my opinion cause F4 to leap, that was the throw from F6 so my explanation to the coach what F4 was demonstrably off the bag so I had to call what I saw. 3 pitches later after replaying all of this in my head is when the light for FPS came on... Next batter grounded out and there was no hit to the defensive team as far as scoring runs however there is no way I was going to say something to the coach in the box. If asked by the coach in the box I do not think I would have engaged in that conversation as this was a tight league game in the later innings.
  23. I love watching these old clips... Working the slot? What is the slot?
  24. Considering the era... If there was an opportunity for an out to be called on Jackie Robinson I would expect they would have taken the opportunity. Also give @Rich Ives some slack... he may have been at that game and saw 'the bounce' in person
  25. Never get into an idiotic argument with an idiot... they will beat you into submission based on pure experience!