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  1. I see what you are referring to... it does appear to be somewhat reflective... I might, MIGHT have an issue with that on a sunny day if it was beaming into my eyes but other than that there is no way I am picking this bugger normally.
  2. Had a run away game the other day and same experience... Quietly told F1 a couple times I needed him to stop fully but he just did not get it... and with the VT going station to station only with no stealing there was no point in balking in another 10 runs over the 30 they already had... No run rule so we got to play it all out. Everyone knew what we were doing and not a peep. Everyone just wanted this to end.
  3. Funny this subject came up... I just had this conversation with a parent the other day as we watched A) the F1 from the other team act like a jack wagon and B) the parents acting just like the F1... guess it is a learned behavior. My son is playing 14U and I cheer for him. When he does good I cheer and clap. When he tries and makes a mistake I clap and cheer good effort. If they win or lose I can honestly care less. You never will win everything in life and this is a good place to start learning how to lose with dignity and grace. More importantly try and learn something from the loss. If I want to see trophies I go to my Mother's house and get mine out from a thousand years ago. In your examples it is just sad... so many adults that from the time they were kids had to get a trophy just for showing up. Is it a technical win? Yes since the rules require XYZ however you would not find me cheering especially when the other team for 81/2 innings kicked the crap out of us... My neighbor asked me to fill in for their team a week or so back... so last inning and the score is 30 something to 10 (yes, we were the 10) and one of the players from the other team got into it with the umpire who ejected him. Now the umpire was dumb and kept getting into a long distance argument with this guy versus shutting his mouth but long story short the umpire announced a forfeit. Not one person on our team accepted that and even the 'coach' went to the umpire and TD and said there was no way we would accept a win when they KILLED us on the field. At that point the jack wagon had left the field and they decided to give the game to the real winners. Thankfully my neighbors team had some class.
  4. As they say, baseball like life is not always fair. How much better does it sound when you immediately, in your scenarios go to your partner who yells back "I have no idea, I'm watching the touch at 3rd or I was not watching or, or, or...". To me that makes you look a lot worse that possibly making an incorrect judgement call. I agree with @maven that you need to make your call. If you need to get together after that and there is additional information your partner can give you? Great. if he cannot then you are right where you started.
  5. Under garments Pants Shoes shins CP shirt hat (chant as I hit each spot) Shoes, shins, cup, CP. hat, mask. Close car. Lock doors. Put key in zippered pocket in ball bag. Try not to suck.
  6. Mr

    Even at the LL level if a game is called we tell our umpires they need to leave and not work the game. If they chose to continue as a practice or scrimmage that is fine but we as the assigned officials and the representative of the assigning body cannot be part of the game at that point for liability reasons.
  7. Such as sad, sad statement. Sadder that it is also very true.
  8. Mr

    @noumpere Wish this thought worked everywhere... Game on Friday... HS Varsity which I think was football? Final 33-1... with the home team scoring their one run with 1 out in the bottom of the 7th. I would have serious issues in a game like this if the visitors wanted to challenge the final score...
  9. So watching The ASU/OSU game and saw what to me was a very odd set position... Not questioning it, just sharing it since it was a new one for me... Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  10. @Madmax my thoughts to your questions: Now, beyond this, I'm trying to determine what a BU is to do when his PU partner doesn't vocalize, signal or indicate the outcome of a pitch – whether it be ball or strike. If you are unsure on the call, let's assume the throw caught R1 versus an overthrow you can make your call and change it when you realize or are informed it is ball 4. If R1 steps off the bag then and is re-tagged you negate that action since due to your out call R1 left the base. Or you can go with the Joe West, wait, see and then decide/make your award. If strike 2 or 3 then R1 is dead to rights either way. Granted, in my scenario, the Runner turned into a tag-able situation because he slid past 2B and left contact with it. But what if he slid before the bag, and never reached it? Ball 4 negates the tag. Call time since for all intents and purposes the play is dead at this point and award 2nd base since the R1 is entitled to the base, he is not liable to be put out in this scenario. Adding to that, what if F6, in receiving the throw, lost the ball and it went beyond a reach's distance from him, but instead went to F4 backing him up? R1 has slid, not achieved the base yet, and now F6 is, by definition, obstructing R1 getting to the base... a base he is, well, entitled to anyway. I think I have nothing in this scenario. R1 is entitled to 2nd with no liability to be put out so obstruction with F4 having possession of the ball pretty much makes further advancement unlikely. Obstruction is going to be an award or protection to 2nd and once he achieves that base his protection ends. Now what about F2 sails the ball to F8 who does or does not get to it right away, F6 obstructs R1 on the 1st base side of 2nd but R1 breaks for 3rd and is thrown out by a step... do you enforce the obstruction or only protect R1 to 2nd?
  11. He did all of that at the beginning... his stopped/set position was as shown in pic 2. Since this is NCAA I guess the relevant rulings would need to come from there.
  12. Unfortunately the next pitch ended the inning so I did not get to see him work multiple pitches. I looked up and saw this and my brain just went WHOH... what is that?
  13. I wish it would have... first pitch turned out to be 86 and last pitch 82... But there was a silver lining... 7 full innings, 1 nothing game, 1 hr 33 minutes.
  14. @MadMax If I have to do this level I am rebelling! You did make a point.., this might be old man, drunk player ball... that makes a lot of what happened make much more sense.
  15. I don't... But he started in the normal stretch, came set in the position shown in the second pic and then proceeded to pitch direct to home... Just looked funny. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  16. Can't figure how to edit on tap talk... What was odd was coming at fully facing the runner at 2nd. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  17. I have a 3:30 PM start time today in Santa Ana... should be roughly 77 at first pitch cooling down to a chilly 75 around 5:30 PM.
  18. I think I saw a cloud a few minutes ago. Thought about getting my jacket.
  19. Just use yellow baseballs and that yellow/orange safety base! You will be fine!
  20. I work the same are as @grayhawk so I'll just say "Thank God for A/C today".
  21. LL allows this so that the pace of the game is not interrupted by swapping pitchers mid-batter.
  22. @beerguy55 at this point in the circus if the coach is asking for time I am going to say loudly we have a live ball coach! I hope to God this scenario does not happen...
  23. That explains the story then!
  24. Same here... last season, JV game and the 3rd base coach was making calls. Asked him politely not to do so as it just looked bad, especially if I agreed with his call and worse when I banged them out.
  25. The OP says "umpire signals with hand that the ball is fair" so I am not thinking the umpire yelled anything... It also says he indicated and then the ball was dropped by the fielder which may indicate bad timing or just the way the poster typed out the scenario. Either way we have an indicated fair ball. What should the umpire have done? Stayed on the line "yelling" fair with his emphatic pointing to fair territory and been ready for the play at 1st... Eventually someone is going to see and or do something... I am 6' 250#'s dressed all in black and gray... eventually someone is going to notice me standing on the line continually pointing to fair territory... At least I hope so...