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  1. In LL for Majors and below I would go with 7.08(4) - The runner slides head first while advancing. This would be a judgement call of course... does hurdling which includes a diving motion as I included from the screen grab meet the definition of a head first slide? or does the definition of head first slide require contact with the ground? I think based on LL's penchant for siding with safety they would want this ruled an out but YMMV depending on the region you work.
  2. LL Majors and below this is definitely an out... have to look up Intermediate and above...
  3. The answer to this question lies in the Little League Green Book. Rule 3.13 - The local League will establish ground rules to be followed by all teams in the League. APPROVED RULING: Local ground rules should pertain to particular situations or field conditions that are not specifically covered in the rule book, but at no time should they supersede or change the rule book. (Emphases is mine) Rule 3.03... NOTE 3: If during the game either team is unable to place nine (9) players on the field due to illness, injury, ejection or inability to make a legal substitution, the opposing manager shall select a player previously used in the line-up to re-enter the game, but only if use of all eligible players has exhausted the roster. A player ejected from the game is not eligible for re-entry. Rule 4.17 - If during a game either team is unable to place nine (9) players on the field due to injury or ejection, the opposing manager shall select a player to re-enter the line-up. A player ejected from the game is not eligible for re-entry. If no players are available for re-entry, or if a team refuses to place nine (9) players on the field, this shall not be grounds for automatic forfeiture but shall be referred to the Board of Directors for a decision. NOTE: A game may not be continued with less than nine (9) players on each team. So here you have it... your local rule, unless approved by Williamsport is invalid and illegal. If you do not have a valid sub and there is no other player available who can be re-entered using the process in 3.03 and or 4.17 your game is suspended. Even if you are playing CBO by rule you need nine players to be a legal squad. If you had 10 on the roster and at the game site then I would allow the batting order to compress, no out recorded and finish the game since you still have 9 but... this is not what you have in the OP so by rule the game needs to be suspended and referred to the BOD. HOWEVER as you mention above this was the last inning and there was little chance the injured player would come to bat... unless he had to leave immediately I would have held out any mention of him not coming to bat until it was his turn in the order... that is where all of this would kick in since he would not be able to continue and at that time your lineup would drop to less than 9. From an umpire point of view if this occurs this is the conversation I have with the managers: * By rule this game is suspended and referred to the BOD for decision or rescheduling. * If you as a group wish to continue as a scrimmage or practice you are well within your rights to do so HOWEVER as the designated official for this game I cannot continue in any capacity as an umpire. ------> go get hot dog and a coke.
  4. In California possession of tobacco products on a school property not only is prohibited it actually is a criminal offence...
  5. Finished my game yesterday and as I was walking to the car quickly checked on the lower level game still in progress... The PU was interesting so I went and changed clothes and went back to watch a little staying about 75' back from the field so no one took notice or recognized me from earlier. The PU was wearing a body camera with belt bag battery which explained why when I was within earshot of the stands at my game a few people asked why I was not wearing a camera like 'the other guy'. At that time I had no idea what they were talking about... ohh boy. Game ends and Mr. all about me starts going to each team to shake hands etc... I found this funny since he was asking the score keeper between pitches when something happened (steal for example) what was the count etc... I just shuddered watching this and made my way back to the car... it hurt to watch. I had an opportunity to ask him about it and he stated it was for him to cover himself etc... Just painful... I finish the game, roll the balls, either head direct to the exit if solo or meet my partner and head for the exit stopping only to open the gate to get out!
  6. Pay

    All of our assignments are handled through the Arbiter however payment lies with the school or school district... Some schools pay at the site prior to the game Some schools pay via Ref Pay. Have had some hit my account while gearing up or on the way home. Typically Ref Pay is within a day or two at most. The last batch will send a check to your address. Occasionally when working a tournament they may pay the association who will pay us but this is on the rarer side.
  7. Caught the ball? That would be an out.
  8. All I know is my knee hurts watching him contort around to come set!
  9. @Matt In my neck of the woods that behavior is unacceptable and against the bylaw rules as stated in most if not all of the organizations I officiate for. That being said it would be within the purview of the umpire to handle that business. Sadly many adults find berating children is acceptable in today's highly competitive sports since of course "they can take it" or they think it will make them tougher... whatever. My position is clearly stated, right or wrong.
  10. I underlined and highlighted the appropriate parts of this question. 12 year old KIDS. RETARD. IDIOT. I hear an adult coach call a 12 year old child on a baseball field a retard or an idiot he is instantly ejected. No warning needed since this is something I would expect any adult to know is 100% unacceptable behavior. If the parents of this team are not willing to stand up for their children then I will in this one game. If a coach called my kid (who happens to be 12) an Idiot or Retard there would be a serious conversation with the BOD and league president that day as well as with the coach as I packed my son's gear and headed for the parking lot right then and there. @beerguy55 I agree with you that there are instances where an Umpire should not jump into the team dynamics however I would hazard a guess if we polled 100 adults the majority of them would agree that calling 12 year old kids idiots and retards would fall into unacceptable behavior which is not really subject to interpretation of acceptable/unacceptable behavior. In this situation I am going with the coach needs to leave, now. I would not want to hear this from a Varsity HS coach much less for little kids.
  11. Unless he completely freezes (11u?) and stays there trying to balance all I am asking of him is try and throw strikes! At this age the majority of the balks are the big ones: No stop, huge shoulder turn after coming set, double set, falling off the mound during delivery and not throwing the ball etc.
  12. Has this exact play this morning and called BI. R1 going on the pitch, BR swing and a miss... everything is good so far. F2 comes up to throw and I see batter while still in the box leaning into the catcher who is crossing the plate; contact is made with the catcher and the batters helmet which made the throw go off line. I indicate BI and the throw fails to retire R1 on the initial throw. Time, that is interference, you are out and R2 back to first. Batter never left the box.
  13. What specifically does the local rule state? If not clear then what is the approved ruling from the league or organizing bodies UIC? Here is the issue with these types of modifications... they dilute and make generic answers for the same rule sets hard since the interpretation will vary by location to location. My ruling, if this was in place and without additional guidance from the league would be balk the pitcher, enforce the local rule by issuing the warning and put R3 back on third. Sucks but that is how the league apparently wants this enforced. Now when enough people go to the board and complain then they may make a change or come out with an approved ruling allowing the run to score in the future.
  14. A local Pony league does the 'call the balk' but there is no enforcement for the 1st half of the season and the runner cannot be put out in the event of a balk. They also close 3rd base with no lead offs and R3 can only score on a ball put into play; no over throws back to F1 or pass balls to F2. This is for their 9-10 YO group but into the 2nd half they enforce without warning all balks. At this age group I have no issues with not truly enforcing the penalty... heck after 2 pitches most runners are standing on 3rd anyhow since the F1 is so concerned with R1 he either overthrows to 1st on a pick off attempt or is so worried about a balk that his delivery home is quick as molasses in winter time (to steal a line from the Outlaw Josey Wales) so R1 has no problem advancing. As for older kids... my son is playing 14u Pony having come out of years at LL where there are no balks... bases are closed through Majors. He is a pitcher and has quickly had to understand and learn what is a balk and how not to commit one. The first couple games the umpires would call, enforce and explain if asked by coaches or pitchers the infraction since most of this was/is new to them... but only for a couple games. At this point in the season they call the balk, tell what it was (no stop, shoulder etc) and move on. Up to the coaches to coach and correct the issue. So far so good...
  15. It was odd that F3 in the 6th or 7th started this behavior... coupled with the fact the offending team was leading, if I recall by 20 or so runs so it just looked bad. The HC who was at 3rd stopped on his way by and apologized stating he had told F3 on multiple occasions not to do that in prior games. After this there was nary a peep from F3 which got me where I wanted but using the wrong method.