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  1. LL 50/70 all star game over the weekend. Took a foul just nicked by bat into the twins. Everyone in stands, players and coaches gasped! New Nutty Buddy took the shot just like their video. Barely felt a thing. Bruised the inner thigh but jewels were protected. I would recommend to everyone!
  2. Just got a pair of Smitty PW base pants from UA and after hemming, they fit and look just fine. Their base pants are true base pants and will not work with shins. They are a different color than say Gerry Davis but close enough. They do have an expanding waist which is good if you want to tuck in a jacket (that's another thread!!) For the price they are fine. Might stick with Gerry Davis for next plate pants after hearing other stories.
  3. University of New Mexico- Lobo Field (old photo! has be renovated),-106.632247&spn=0.002083,0.002427&t=h&z=19&output=embed&output=svembed">
  4. Albuquerque New Mexico- Central New Mexico Umpire Association 1st meeting is January 12th @ Sandia High School- 6pm
  5. I got here from a link on Jim Kirk's Ump attire blog site.
  6. Just found this forum. I check 3-4 other forums regularly. I do not post very often but do read and pick up things to think about all the time. I am located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have been calling for 13 years and really enjoy the comments posted by all. Good luck to all. Happy New Years!