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  1. Research Needed for Graduate School Project

    I agree with your response to Q.3. Autumn, I think you can safely assume that all umpires who work games at the Little League level or higher work some games as a plate umpire and some as a base umpire. Often, there is more than one base umpire. As to Q. 9: I agree that "inadequate information" is a better phrase. We've all had our view of a play blocked at some point in our careers. As to Q.10: I use an indicator/clicker/thingamabob. I think that qualifies as a device. (And, yes for me it does assist in making more accurate calls in that I can correctly label my call as "Strike 2" as opposed to "Strike 1" or "Strike 3". ) But, being more serious, since her survey is not limited to HS umpires (I'm not suggesting that you suggested it was), I did indicate in my response that in NCAA we have some limited instant replay. Hell, doesn't Little League allow for instant replay in some games (world series?).
  2. Research Needed for Graduate School Project

    Guys, I have been communicating with Ms. Nelson (outside of umpire-empire.com). She is legitimate. Whether you think her idea is good or not...she needs to know! If you can take the brief survey it would greatly help with her research. Like any good researcher, she needs to hear as many opinions as possible. Thanks!
  3. Assignor (Assigner?) Question

    Become a member of the association for which you want to be the booking agent (...I avoided assignor/er). Then, develop a reputation in that association as being someone who is fair, level-headed, and trustworthy. Also, demonstrate a level of officiating (umpiring) ability (on the field) that generates respect from the membership. To me, this last point is important. When you are the booking secretary there are times when you have to give negative feedback to members. For example, when a member asks you why (s)he is not being assigned to varsity games, or to playoff games, or to (insert big game here). It is my experience that members receive this negative feedback better when they are receiving it from someone whose umpiring abilities they respect, as opposed to receiving it from someone whom they believe holds their position as booking secretary simply because of association politics. This makes for a happier membership and association from top to bottom. The alternative, of course, is that you could join an association that is highly political and values "who you know" over "umpiring ability". Then, use your political skills to become a member of the "good 'ole boys' " network in said association. Then, it will be a matter of time (Re: when the old(er) guard leave) before you become the booking agent. These associations most definitely exist, too.
  4. I gotta say, I enjoy your website. Some of the stuff on it is brilliant. This award, and the award for "worst umpire", are NOT two of the things I enjoy on your website, however. Honestly, I feel they significantly detract from your website.
  5. Common BS Comments — Translations Included

    "No one paid to see you, Blue. You're not bigger than the game." (I really don't like having an umpire who has the guts to properly enforce a rule...and award the proper penalty for a rules violation against my team...late in the game.) "That'll (pitch) get you 20 (wins) in the big leagues." (Why yes, I can see the outside corner better than you from my position over here in the dugout.) "Throw it there again!" (Are you f*****g blind, blue?) "Blue, can you get help on that?" AND/OR "Blue, you don't have to get help just because he (the other coach) asks you to get help." (I only want you to get help when the initial call goes in favor of the other team.) "We've been doing that all season." (I am a liar.) or (We've had crappy umpires all season who don't enforce this rule.) Truthfully, either could be true. "I'm not talking to you blue! I'm talking to my pitcher!" (I'm acting like I'm in kindergarten by pretending I'm talking to my pitcher when I'm really arguing balls and strikes from the dugout.)
  6. Oh no Laz! Play the bounce!

    "Kick save, and a beaut!!" (for us hockey fans)
  7. Live or Dead Ball???

    In FED, if the batter swings and misses for strike three (or is called out on strike three) and then commits batter's interference, the advancing runner is not automatically out. From 7-3-5: "If the pitch is a third strike and in the umpire's judgment interference prevents a possible double play (additional outs), two may be ruled out." (emphasis added.) In other words, in a particular play a runner may just be sent back anyways.
  8. Batter's Box

    If you can find the out-of-print Jim Evans Rules Annotated, it will probably give you the history of the rule(s) you are asking about. Very hard to find, though.
  9. 2018 NFHS Casebook

    I received my 2018 NFHS Casebook. And...R1 means runner on first at the start of the play, R2 is runner on second, etc. And it appears that all of the plays throughout the Casebook have been updated accordingly. We (NFHS) are now in agreement with all other casebooks.
  10. Would this be legal for a pitcher?

    No, it violates the US Flag Code.(Just joking, guys.) Seriously, Maven just beat me in posting. It is illegal in FED...no white allowed at all. I agree with the rest of Maven's analysis, too.
  11. How in the world can you change that call?

    Are you serious? Fined for what? For allowing a plate umpire, who at some point (and for whatever reason) became unsure of his call, to seek help from his crew mates??? In fact, what occurred is EXACTLY what the MLBUM tells them to do in such a situation. The problem is that sometimes, even after consultation with other humans, a human gets a call wrong. After all, they are....human. Back to your quote above...Winters was doing exactly what he was instructed to do. You may wish (as you indicated in your post) for an umpire to live and die with certain calls (I think you wrote (to paraphrase): "as they have done for the last 150 years"), but those days are gone. And it really doesn't matter what your opinion is (and it doesn't matter what my opinion is) about this change in umpiring philosophy that has occurred over the last 15-20 years. The point I am attempting to make is that Winters, and the crew, did exactly what his/their bosses want him/them to do. If you think this procedure is wrong, then your post should vent at the front office and not at the crew chief who followed those procedures written by his bosses. If anything, he is likely to be commended by the front office...both for allowing the crew to get together and his calm demeanor (and long rope) in handling Maddon. I would bet money, however, that there is likely to be a change in the replay rule, soon.
  12. New Feature - Member Map

    Today (10/19/17) it has him in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The guy gets around.
  13. lawump

  14. I never understood why they wouldn't let this type of play be replayed. I have a funny feeling that the replay rule will be "adjusted" this off-season.
  15. Backswing INT vs foul ball situation

    Based on the google search I just did...I would say that's a definitive "yes". (I never heard of the movie until you just posted it.)
  16. Backswing INT vs foul ball situation

    This is what is happening to me as a result of two of the posters I most respect with regards to their rules knowledge arguing from opposite sides of the debate. I never thought that I'd see them disagree so it is causing my head to explode. (BTW, Maven, this a pretty disgusting GIF. Just thought I'd point that out.) I once had a game where a team hit two home runs off pitches that had bounced in front of the plate, but I've never had a batter put the ball in play by hitting the pitch on his follow through. I'll be honest: I don't know whose side I'm on. I guess I'll never know unless it happens to me in a game forcing me to make a decision.
  17. In addition to making some tweaks to the pitch-count rule and minimum days of rest for pitchers, the American Legion has announced that it is going to 7-inning games (for Senior Legion...junio legion already had 7-inning games) beginning in 2018. This is kind of a historic moment...as far as I know...as Legion was the last national youth baseball entity to holdout and maintain the traditional 9-inning game length. To be honest, I knew this was coming. When rain forced officials to shorten most games in the 2017 World Series this past August to 7-innings, the buzz was floating through the Legion officials about, "how much better the pace of play was," and "how much easier it was to manage the pitch count restrictions," etc. I think once the non-baseball Legionnaires saw for themselves that the "their game" would not be ruined by 7-inning games (but, in fact, made better), I knew it was only a matter of time before they changed this rule. On a personal note, I can now add to my resume that I umpired the very last regularly scheduled 9-inning game in 92-year history of Legion baseball.
  18. Game 5 ALDS DTK punch out

    Thanks...I'll check it out tonight!
  19. Game 5 ALDS DTK punch out

    Except my paralegal is my wife and if she knew I was doing "umpire stuff" at work...there'd be hell to pay at home. LOL
  20. Game 5 ALDS DTK punch out

    Why do I keep not finding it??? ARRRR. Can you give me the page cite so I can feel really stupid for not finding it in the MLBUM as I lay in bed last night? LOL
  21. Game 5 ALDS DTK punch out

    I am going to eat crow...I went home tonight and reviewed the 2017 MLBUM and it does not have the "reasonable time" language that is found in the MiLBUD Manual. Thus, only the rule found in the actual rule book would apply...the runner is out when he leaves the dirt circle. I thought this "reasonable time" language was in both manuals, but it appears I was mistaken. I think Mr. Nelson got this wrong. Furthermore, the analysis at closecallsports.com (which is usually spot on) says he got it wrong. Close Calls says Nelson could have awarded the B/R two bases as a result of F2 putting the ball in his pocket. I now say he should have awarded the B/R second base. Mea culpa. http://www.closecallsports.com/2017/10/yankees-end-indians-alds-on-uncaught.html (sorry @Jimurray, I didn't see that you had posted the link before I posted it (again).)
  22. American Legion Rule Changes

    Ouch. (But that's funny.)
  23. Game 5 ALDS DTK punch out

    Fair points!
  24. Game 5 ALDS DTK punch out

    1. No 2. On a swinging strike, point with the right arm out (fully extended) to the right to indicate that the batter swung. The umpire can either (1) hold it there until a tag attempt is made (then he would signal out (for a successful tag) or safe, while saying "no tag" (for an unsuccessful tag); or (2) he can give the safe signal while yelling "no catch! no catch!" to indicate that the pitch was not caught. I have seen both mechanics used. On a called third strike that is uncaught, after giving the strike three mechanic I would recommend signalling safe while saying "no catch! no catch!"...unless it is painfully obvious that the pitch was not caught (such as in yesterday's playoff game where the ball fell out of the catcher's glove (which was at F2's eye level) all the way to the ground and rolled on the ground.)