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  1. In response to both scenarios in the OP:
  2. Screw the part about the umps wearing shirts advertising the local bar, I want to know how a PCL umpire gets fined for letting an "extra and unqualified" umpire work a AAA game??? I had to read it twice; the story just casually mentions it. I mean, was a PCL crew chief drunk one day when he turned to his two crew mates and said, "you know what would be funny as f^*k? Let's go to the local little league and get Smitty and see if he can make it through tonight's game without causing a sh!thouse!" I mean, someone has to do some research on this! I have never come across this story. It is probably hilarious as hell.
  3. I have been thinking about your post. I think it hints at an even bigger issue. Too many of us umpires feel the need to "talk" during an the point where we start arguing/discussing/talking before the coach even opens his mouth. That is, we don't wait to hear what the coach has to say before we feel compelled to open our mouths and start talking. Hell, some of us start talking/yelling while the coach is still walking/jogging toward us. We don't even wait for him to arrive at our location. Those of us that do this (and I used to be one of them) really need to stop doing this. We need to hear what the coach says/argues before we even open our mouth. When we feel the need to be the first one to start talking/yelling we are doing so only after having made an assumption that we know what the coach is going to say...and we all know what happens when we ass-u-me. On more than one occasion I have been on the field when a head coach came out to "argue" (either with me or a partner) and the first words out of his mouth were, "I know you got the call right, we're just playing like crap so I'm out here to show my team that I'm fighting for them," (or something similar) (I'm not making that up...this has happened multiple times in my career). If my partner or I had started yelling/talking to/at the coach before listening to the coach, we wouldn't have had the chance to realize that the coach wasn't even coming out to argue! Additionally, there have been other times when I was 100% sure I knew why the coach was coming out to argue...only to find out that I was wrong. For instance, I once had the Vanderbilt head coach come out and I was sure he was going to argue that the second baseman had come off the bag too quickly in turning a 6-4-3 double-play. I wasn't feeling great about my call. However, lo and behold, his argument was that the batted ball had hit R2...which I knew was not even a remote possibility. If I had opened my mouth first instead of waiting to hear what he had to say...I would have just given the head coach another thing to argue! Anyways (now that I'm off my soap box), if the coach comes out to a standard safe/out play at first base, I'll listen to them. I'll tell them, "I had the ball just beating the runner," or "the runner just beat the throw." I'll let them reply and then I'll say "We'll have to agree to disagree. Now, we need to get the game going." They'll usually give a parting shot (coaches love to have the last word.) Then we go on. I have never had this happen, but if a coach told me, "Well, we saw it differently," then I would probably reply with, "Okay, then we'll have to agree to disagree. Now, Its time to get the game going."
  4. Never seen this. It does, however, beat the "my partner goes and sits in a chair off the field between innings" thread that has been going continuing on Facebook this week.
  5. Sweet!
  6. MLB's decision, I am sure, will read, in its entirety: "Protest Denied." They do not need to explain anything. Since the Yankees did not score that inning, the umpire's ruling...if it were, in fact, incorrect (which it is not)...did not materially affect the outcome of the game. Historically speaking, when the protesting team goes on to lose the game, but the play that is being protested clearly did not materially affect the outcome of the game, MLB usually just states that the protest is denied without further explanation.
  7. When one (1) grows up in the Boston suburbs and (2) the Red Sox are a's phone tends to blow up when a "crazy rules" play happens. As I told my family on Saturday: the umps got it correct. Therefore, I agree with Gil and Maven. Of course, my family disagrees with my analysis. I believe the word bullsh!t was texted to me several times.
  8. No. I'm "damn lawyer". As in, they ask at some point after meeting me, "you're a damn lawyer?!? I should have known!" Accompanied by an
  9. Go to youtube and search for Ontario Blue Jays ejection. I've never had them, but it appears that their coaches think they are in pro ball. Of course, that is just one Canadian baseball program.
  10. I believe it was @maven who taught me the phrase (in a prior thread), "you can have an accidental force, but you can't have an accidental appeal!" (Correct me if I'm wrong!)
  11. In South Carolina, for our high school association, the only shirt you are required to have is the collegiate style (original MLB) black shirt (with the two pin stripes at the end of the sleeve and on the collar). If you want to wear any of the other black shirts (including with the vertical white stripe or the gray panel), you long as you match your partner. You also can wear any of the "light blue" shirts. Finally, you can also wear navy. We don't allow red shirts (red is dead!) and the state high school league will not allow camouflage (they had to actually announce a "no camo rule" because two guys (who were not in my association) wore camouflage in a high school game last year). We have some guys who have every style of black, navy and light blue shirt ever made. And they can wear any of long as they match their partner. If they work with an umpire who says "I only have the mandatory black shirt," then that crew is going to work wear the collegiate style black shirt. Basically, our rule is a compromise between the guys who want to be able to wear different shirts, and those guys who can't afford to have a sporting goods store in the back of their car. Likewise, the only jacket one has to have is the one that @maineump posted. If guys want to get another black jacket that has been worn at some point by MLB...that's fine as long as they match. But, again, you only must purchase the one that @maineumphas posted. Also, we have no "patches" on our shirts or jackets. Rather, we just have an embroidered hat. Our guys wanted to be able to wear their shirts/jackets for all the different leagues that they umpire. With shirts being more expensive than hats, they voted to have our association's logo on our hats while leaving the shirts plain. So, we wear the embroidered hat for our high school games and plain black hats for all of their other youth level games. (Of course, college guys have to buy other stuff...but that's a whole other post. LOL) (Oh yeah, we wear the dark (charcoal) gray pants, too.)
  12. I can never predict what the committee will or will not do...But, I highly doubt it. At the plate meeting I ask, "are all players properly and legally equipped according to Federation rules?" and "Are bats, helmets and all equipment proper and legal according to Federation rules?" Coaches will just have to learn that when they answer those questions beginning in 2019 and 2020, respectively, that they will also be certifying that the baseballs are legal (NFHS and NOCSAE stamps) and that the catcher's chest protector is legal.
  13. I will decline attempting to answer your question for these reasons: First, I was not a party to any email conversation you may have had with Mr. Hopkins, nor did I read a transcript of any such conversation, so I cannot and will not comment on anything that may or may not have been said in any such conversation. Second, I have no authority to speak on behalf of the rules committee, the NFHS nor any employee of the NFHS. Thus, I cannot and will not attempt to speak on behalf of Mr. Hopkins. Third, with the exception of when I am being paid to be someone's attorney, I make it a habit not to speak on behalf of anyone else. Nothing good can come of it, and, in fact, bad can come of it. So for that personal reason, I will not attempt to answer your question.
  14. Now, that the press release has been issued I can state this: I think the biggest change you will find in 2018 is that the casebook will be updated to reflect runner designations that are used by all of the other organizations. That is, R1 will be the runner on first at the start of the play, R2 will be the runner on second at the start of the play, etc., etc., etc.