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  1. @gjanssen24no mask has been sold. @Thunderheads
  2. @wolfe_man got it. Pm me with your shipping address
  3. @wolfe_man yes the harness is black. ok great. my paypal is please send as gift to a friend
  4. no. the reason i would ideally like to ship tomorrow is because i'll be in the US which will be a lot easier and cheaper to send. i'd do $27 including SH
  5. Up for sale is a BRAND NEW (never cut) Nike Harness. Can ship tomorrow if purchased by end of day today. $25 OBO Thanks!
  6. This is a long shot, but @BalkHawk you still got this for sale?
  7. @umpirepdx It is
  8. Hey! @Thunderheads Indeed you have! LOL Yes this mask is definitely extremely light!
  9. Hey all, Up for sale is my Nike Titanium mask. This thing is in GREAT shape. Only worn for about 1 season, and has been treated like royalty. This thing pretty much looks brand new. I'm looking to get $330 plus shipping. Send via paypal as friend. Selling frame only. I do have another thread open with some other stuff for sale... bundle some stuff together and I'm sure we can work out a price discount. PM me if your interested. Thanks!
  10. PM with offers, am tying to get rid of this stuff.
  11. @Stk004 The throat guard isn't attached using electrical tape, he uses the electrical tape to help hold his TW pads lower in his face mask. The throat guard is just part of the mask. Just like a throat guard on a wilson and Nike. He got it customized from Japan.
  12. @JDavis225 nope, the original throat guard is still on there. The TG is just over top.