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  1. A smorgasbord of equipment...

    What are the size of the pants and shoes? Thanks
  2. How does 3n2 sizing compare to New Balance; ie, if I wear a 9 in New Balance, would i be a 9 in the 3n2? I can't find a pair of 3n2 shoes to try on and will have to get some via the web. Thanks
  3. interference??

    thanks fellows. I got nothing even if it appears he is in the way, just not on purpose. Thanks for the Claire F. Cation...........
  4. interference??

    R3, 1-2 to the batter, no outs. Dropped third strike, catcher clears outside and makes the throw to 1st for the out. Batter runner turns around and trots back down the base path enroute to third base dugout, R3 begins to advance, BR is now blocking the throwing lane of F3 to F2. FED rules. What says the knowledge base? Thanks
  5. Uniform Sale

    JP, I sent you a pm re: two large shirts, light blue and black. Thanks, Wally "FishnFed"
  6. ball bags no interior pockets

    Thanks fellows.
  7. Does anyone have a recommendation on a ball bag that does not have interior pockets for indicator, brush, etc? I normally wear two, balls on will hang up on interior pockets. I may just sew them up. Thanks for any comments. Regards, Wally "FishnFed"
  8. Plate pants

    @Thunderheads lock it up please. sold.
  9. Plate pants

    2 pair of plate pants. 34x30 with some hem. Charcoal grey are Honigs with waist extender tab. Heather grey are Dalco. No waist extender. I'm 5'8" and they fit nicely to my shoe. $25 each plus shipping or $40 for the pair plus shipping. email slessig@tds.net with umpire pants in the title if you're interested. Thanks
  10. Balk or not

    Good point. I can see that going a long way when a coach comes out to discuss what he saw vs what you saw. Thanks. Good replies from the two.
  11. Balk or not

    Fed rules, R1, R3, and lefthanded pitcher. After F1 comes set, R1 begins to run, F1 raises his front foot and spins towards 2nd and becomes disengaged from the pitcher's plate. R1 stops and the pitcher throws to F6 who is moving towards 2nd. I have no balk since the pitcher came off the rubber, threw to a fielder moving towards the bag and R1 was advancing. It was a bit odd looking, but that was my thought process. Anything from the Knowledge Base? Thanks
  12. Tan Team Wendy Mask Pads

  13. Tan Team Wendy Mask Pads

  14. Tan Team Wendy Mask Pads

  15. Tan Team Wendy Mask Pads

    Set of tan Team Wendys. Used this fall. $30 tyd.