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  1. Some men just want to watch the world burn.....
  2. Seriously? I'm not in the coaching business, either, but all I do is say "Dude, it's only two" if I see that he's walking away thinking he's out. Would it KILL you to do that? Not begging, and it sure seems a lot easier than antagonizing a team. (And yes, it's happened to me before.)
  3. Strangely enough, it's the second time this year I've used it, and it worked then, too. First game of the year, had a lot of close plays on the bases. Coach wasn't happy with his team, and just missed a 3rd strike call. So I safe a BR at first, and he's kind of had "enough." I let him walk all the way to me, since I knew what was coming, and was in no hurry. The first thing he said was "That was at least a step!" That wasn't true, so I knew he was already just arguing for the sound of his own voice. "You can't anticipate that play!" [Thinking: "Coach, if I'm anticipating anything it's strikes and outs. Never a safe."] "You've been so good all day! How can you miss that one??" [This was a new tack to me - odd enough that I looked up, made eye contact, and chuckled.] "You've been so good!" When he realized I hadn't said anything, and wasn't going to, he took a slight step back, and kind of pushed downward with both fists, kind of like a little kid having a tantrum, and upped the ante slightly: "You *missed* that! How could you miss it! You missed that!" [Again: I've said nothing.] At this point, he's done his griping, vented some, and gotten NONE of my own words to use against me. So he turned and walked away. Total time elapsed, from the time he arrived out in C until he turned away: maybe 30-45 seconds? No ejection, no prolonged argument, nothing personal (other than to say I missed it, but again - it was thisclose, so for him to act like it was bigger than life, he had nothing). Again, I don't advocate it for everything and everyone - had other coach chats that had to be addressed already this year - but it actually seems like it can work. If I could only figure out the alchemy enough to know exactly WHEN to use it .......
  4. As in, you hate the concept, or in that it doesn't work on coaches you encounter? For me, I had nothing else to say at that point, so I went with no response. He's not supposed to really do much other than ask "what'd he do?" AND by not saying anything, he's got nothing to turn against me. I'm not going to suggest silence works ALL that time, but I had nothing more to say.
  5. Had a situation like the OP this week. Maybe others have let it go, but a kid at this hitch-looking deal when he came set. And it was one of the first pitches in the set in the first inning. Maybe it was because our association had a briefing on balking, but I had the kid stopping, then moving his hands to a lower set position. (Given where the convo went with the coach, he may have felt it was continuous movement, but I didn't.) Coach: What'd he do? Me: Start and stop. Coach: He does that with every pitch! Me: I give some leeway on movement, but he stopped and moved again. Coach: But he does that on every pitch. Me: [Silence.] [Thinking: Well, we'll be out here on the 40 degrees and 20-30mph wind for a long effing time, then!] Coach: [Walks away, Says something to the kid - I'd already stopped paying attention.] Lo and behold, he DIDN'T do that on every pitch! He brought his hands straight down to the belt area in one smooth motion, and didn't dick around any further! So apparently, whatever disease this kid had that made him do that on the mound? I CURED him! Yay for me! So I let the coach have a brief say. But it never became an argument about balks, since it takes two people. Give him what you had, and that's it.
  6. Sorry, VolUmp, but scratch lists are a TERRIBLE idea. (I'd say more, but I believe we have a profanity scanner on this site.) And I think the buyout idea is even worse. Coaches are already generally pretty full of themselves, so the last thing they need are ego-stroking ideas like this, to feed their Napoleonic complexes. As was said by someone else: I don't officiate to make money. I DO earn money, but given the time I sacrifice from other pursuits outweighs the money made over a year, and it's not even close. I do it to do the work. Getting paid to NOT show isn't a draw for me. And being barred from certain schools because a coach has a hard-on about me? How is that a good thing, ever?
  7. Ah. I misunderstood. My fault.
  8. I dunno, man. I've had it happen to me. Once. And I I "looked to toss the batter" - and not by waiting for any more pitches. By dumping his a-- on the spot. For me, when that happens, it DOES have the feel of "well, I'm ejecting you this AB, no matter what." 'Cause I'm gonna.
  9. Where are you in Virginia, specifically? PM me if you want.
  10. <Looks at self whilst sitting on the couch> Welp. that's about it for MY umpiring career, then. <scene>
  11. As a person that's spent far too long in the IT world..... They. Are. Pound. Signs. Don't ruin them for me.
  12. Personally, I would have been happy to rule his a$$ out, once he got up wagging his finger. But that's more an emotional response to what I saw on the screen. (And I'm not gonna lie - the upholding of the call made me very happy.) And this is what happens when replay is introduced. Can't wait for the first player/coach to say something at one of my games. Because once players start showing that sort of disrespect at the MLB level, it WILL filter down.
  13. Dear God. Already? You've got Virginia beaten by at least three months. (More, I hope.)
  14. What - the heckling, or the apology? I can believe the latter.
  15. Dave, I gotta agree with @Mudisfun - this is probably the least-qualified group to ask. a) because everyone loves umpiring too much to want to tell someone not to do it, and b) I can't recall anyone saying they're a board-certified cardiologist. However, being completely unqualified about a subject never stopped me before, so why start a trend now? If your chest is healed up from the cutting and cracking, I would think a hard-shell protector would be sufficient. I mean, could you get hit in such a way and place that would cause issues with your heart? Sure. But so could anyone here on this site, surgery or otherwise. But DO speak to your cardiologist about this.