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  1. I think that's the unfortunate reasoning. The "actions" have had to be "legislated" away. They weren't changed due to peoples' good conscience, moral, or ethic thought as to others. :-(
  2. Rob's a good dude. Sure looks different after seeing him this winter with whiskers! HA! :-)
  3. In my opinion, people in today's world lack Honor. It is all about winning without regard how it is achieved. The flowers of yesterday are the seeds of today. Sad. “It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.” Mark Twain :-(
  4. Thanks guys, I'll look into it further. I do have a Firestick. :-)
  5. Yeah, NADA :-(
  6. Too much $$$$ :-(
  7. I have ESPN 1, 2, & 3 via Sling Tv, but not Deportes. :-(
  8. is there a special "service" (Dish, Direct, etc) or App you need to have to watch these games on Tv? TKS :-)
  9. "One man's trash is another man's treasure!" ;-)
  10. I've got a set you can have. Can't seem to post pics here though? You pay shipping. :-)
  11. My optometrist has an optician on the premises. My be that's why my glasses are so $$$ HA!
  12. Thanks for the info. I'll remember that when I talk to my optometrist and need new glasses. :-)
  13. That's why I said "Scratch proof" in quotes. . . . and unless requested and $$ for, most lenses are not coated to prevent scratching. If this is currently the marketing realm, please let me know what company / brand does this. I would like to save a few 100' $ on my next ones. Oh, and most "scratch" coatings are only warranted for one year after purchase . . . been there for 13 years, done that. THANKS! :-)
  14. Get the lense size that you would normally wear needing prescription glasses. "Scratch proof" coatings are always recommended. :-)
  15. Flexible Titanium frames with polycarb lenses for regular wear, and Wiley X frames with polarized polycarb lenses for sunglasses. Try all frames on while wearing mask. :-)
  16. Question for you guys that attended the Friday night "meet & greet" (HA!) , who was the guy that was in a suit in the back table and all the MiLB umps and Drake ended up there? . . . just curious . . . (hope if he's on this forum, or reads this, he doesn't take offense) . . . . just don't know, but seemed he was important? :-?
  17. Tolls would have been much more but I knew alternate routes to avoid what I could :-) ps . . . it's not that tolls were THAT expensive, it is just the addition to other expenses that adds up. :-(
  18. @Kevin_K, I seriously doubt that I will either. . . 11 Hrs. total drive, $105 in fuel, $19.35 for tolls, $210 for stay, $115 for clinic, and $89 for food . . . total of $538.35 . . . and no Joe as "CONFIRMED" or Ted? . . . Sorry if I have offended anyone of the NYSBUA, but they asked for feedback at the end of the "clinic" :-(
  19. According to David Yorke, at the NYSBUA Clinic this past weekend, there are an estimated 4 MILLION amateur umpires in the US. :-?
  20. Not sure, but isn't it available for Android?
  21. Ya know, the best part of the whole event to me, IMHO, was meeting new umps from everywhere no matter what their level of umping was. I met and talked with some great guys and even had a few laughs about experiences. One fella designed an app called: "You make the call" and can be downloaded from or iTunes. I checked it out and it's challenging :-) I feel like I made some new friends even though we may not meet again unless we all attend the NYSBUA event in the future. SJA :-)
  22. Well, I'm glad to see you guys post your honest thoughts also! Too many times, people are afraid to do so, because of getting backlash or criticized for their input. Lets hope others will chime in with their perspective on this event if they attended. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is good and helps to improve the events in the future. SJA :-)
  23. Hate to say it , but was disappointed in the clinic, (and I apparently wasn't the only one). No Joe, No Ted. A few MLB shirts, jackets, hats, signed autographs. Trying to find the place was an experience for a lot of the1st timers. Somewhat disorganized, a few conflicting mechanics instruction, and distracting due to youth groups using the "complex" and loose kids running around hitting hockey balls everywhere. SJA :-(
  24. I was hoping to have someone to either ride with, or ride with me from this area. :-(
  25. Anyone else from MD, DE, or PA going to attend? :-)