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  1. Just like a bad Law, best way is to enforce it and make the Powers to Be responsible for the Rule or get rid of it. my .02 SJA :-)
  2. As an Umpire, if I hear any abusive, berating, belittling, unsportsmanlike, verbal unbecoming conduct, or comments that would be considered socially unacceptable by a reasonable and prudent person, from any player, coach, or manager towards any person(s) involved in the on-going game, they MAY get a warning, otherwise, they’re gone! SJA
  3. If anyone is interested in a TPCCV Model 6626 Black, I'm selling an XL size. Only worn 4 times and in MINT CONDITION! . . . I put on some #''s so I had to go to an XXl :-( . . . $125 + shipping. Email if interested. :-)
  4. This I agree. I was confused (?) with some of the previous posts. TKS, :-)
  5. This is just under Fed Rules?. If under OBR, wouldn't 5.08a (4.09) apply?
  6. I think that's the unfortunate reasoning. The "actions" have had to be "legislated" away. They weren't changed due to peoples' good conscience, moral, or ethic thought as to others. :-(
  7. Rob's a good dude. Sure looks different after seeing him this winter with whiskers! HA! :-)
  8. In my opinion, people in today's world lack Honor. It is all about winning without regard how it is achieved. The flowers of yesterday are the seeds of today. Sad. “It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.” Mark Twain :-(
  9. Thanks guys, I'll look into it further. I do have a Firestick. :-)
  10. Yeah, NADA :-(
  11. Too much $$$$ :-(
  12. I have ESPN 1, 2, & 3 via Sling Tv, but not Deportes. :-(
  13. is there a special "service" (Dish, Direct, etc) or App you need to have to watch these games on Tv? TKS :-)
  14. "One man's trash is another man's treasure!" ;-)
  15. I've got a set you can have. Can't seem to post pics here though? You pay shipping. :-)