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  1. Equipment Bag Debate

    These are what I have, 2 of them: https://www.ebags.com/product/ebags/mother-lode-etech-20-29-wheeled-duffel/242271?productid=10211600. Love 'em! . . . and I totally agree with Little Blue on the "airing out" ! :-)
  2. Chris is a great guy and a damn good ump. He was one of the instructors @ NYSUA Clinic last Jan. Great to have had him work with me. :-)
  3. Volunteer UIC survey help...

    RUN!, RUN!, RUN! . . . stay away from LL Leagues, and their political BS. SJA!
  4. Such BS! My avatar says it all to Adrian Beltre . . . and MLB "powers to be" SJA
  5. Hydro Dipped Mask

    Just contacted this company in my area (Maryland) ref my Wilson Ti Mask dipped in CF. $65.00. Customer Service answering my questions was excellent! Check out their website :-)
  6. "The Elephant in the room" syndrome. . . . like most everything else in today's world. . . . no further comment if you don't get it . . .
  7. Captcha

    I'm getting it also :-(
  8. Earl was an AZZ!, had that BaltoMoron John McGraw attitude. . . . hated that jerk! :-(
  9. Another player gone...

    Our Delaware LL pays 1 Umpire for Rookie & Minor divisions, and 2 umpires per game for Majors and Seniors in both BB & SB $35.00 EACH. Generally 2 games per night if you want them. Longest game I've had is 1:20 in two seasons :-) :-)
  10. Honig's

    You mean . . .
  11. Am I crazy?

    Wear a "Cooling Vest". Best investment I've made after all these years! :-)
  12. The honking of horns maybe?
  13. FWIW, The following may give a clue to practical applications? . . . hummmm . . . Quote from the preface of the 2017 LL RIM. “INSTRUCTORS COMMENTS These notes are not part of any Rulebook publication, but are helpful comments or explanations from Little League International." SJA :-?
  14. NCAA Softball and Illegal Pitching

    Just like a bad Law, best way is to enforce it and make the Powers to Be responsible for the Rule or get rid of it. my .02 SJA :-)