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  1. RUN!, RUN!, RUN! . . . stay away from LL Leagues, and their political BS. SJA!
  2. Such BS! My avatar says it all to Adrian Beltre . . . and MLB "powers to be" SJA
  3. Just contacted this company in my area (Maryland) ref my Wilson Ti Mask dipped in CF. $65.00. Customer Service answering my questions was excellent! Check out their website :-)
  4. "The Elephant in the room" syndrome. . . . like most everything else in today's world. . . . no further comment if you don't get it . . .
  5. I'm getting it also :-(
  6. Earl was an AZZ!, had that BaltoMoron John McGraw attitude. . . . hated that jerk! :-(
  7. Our Delaware LL pays 1 Umpire for Rookie & Minor divisions, and 2 umpires per game for Majors and Seniors in both BB & SB $35.00 EACH. Generally 2 games per night if you want them. Longest game I've had is 1:20 in two seasons :-) :-)
  8. You mean . . .
  9. Wear a "Cooling Vest". Best investment I've made after all these years! :-)
  10. The honking of horns maybe?
  11. Just like a bad Law, best way is to enforce it and make the Powers to Be responsible for the Rule or get rid of it. my .02 SJA :-)
  12. As an Umpire, if I hear any abusive, berating, belittling, unsportsmanlike, verbal unbecoming conduct, or comments that would be considered socially unacceptable by a reasonable and prudent person, from any player, coach, or manager towards any person(s) involved in the on-going game, they MAY get a warning, otherwise, they’re gone! SJA
  13. If anyone is interested in a TPCCV Model 6626 Black, I'm selling an XL size. Only worn 4 times and in MINT CONDITION! . . . I put on some #''s so I had to go to an XXl :-( . . . $125 + shipping. Email if interested. :-)
  14. This I agree. I was confused (?) with some of the previous posts. TKS, :-)