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  1. Is this a balk in the windup

    What if, in the same play, the pitcher's free foot lands towards first instead of second base in this strange attempt of pickoff move to second?
  2. Balk question

    Exactly ! that's what i was thinking about. Once his free foot has moved off the plate, he has no other solution than pitching to the batter, so it doesn't change anything if he stops his motion for a second, he must throw to the batter anyway...
  3. Balk question

    Hello USA ! I was watching a french game on FB this week-end and saw something i've never seen before. R3, outs don't matter, OBR. RHP is in wind up, starts his motion, and as he raises his free foot, stops for a good second, "fixing the runner" before going towards home plate to make his pitch. I know we call a balk if the pitcher does this if in set-up, but what about if he does it during a wind-up ?? Thanks ^^
  4. intervening play

    Thanks guys ! very helpful ! as usual....^^
  5. intervening play

    Because i'm french and i should have said "outside" !!!
  6. intervening play

    hello USA !! A question about intervening play. R3, less than 2 outs. Runner stealing home on the pitch, the batter hits a poor grounder in front of the catcher. While the catcher picks up the ball, R3 scores. Catcher throws to first but BR within the 3-foot lane and the throw hits him in the back and the umpire calls an interference. Does the run score ? The fact that R3 stole home is considered as an intervening play or not ? Thanks ^^
  7. Carter Capps

    Hello everybody !! Couldn't find a topic on Carter Capps' delivery Why not calling that an illegal pitch? Why would it be legal ? I need your opinions...
  8. New Mask Choices

    your choice really depends on how you'll use your mask. How many games/week, pitcher's speed.... i bought this one last year. Light, comfortable. i took a few pitches (foul tips) at +85mph, wearing glasses, and i didn't feel anything...
  9. Force out

    No. what else? ^^
  10. For the game GB vs Israel, the first french umpire of WBC history had the dish.
  11. If some of you come to France, i can find games for you to work with me
  12. Another strange play, score discrepency, catfight.

    As i often say to young umpires, youth baseball is the best field to learn, everything can happen !
  13. HBP called by BU

    you're not wrong....and something i didn't think about is the fact that only PU decides if the batter did try to avoid the pitch or not.....
  14. HBP called by BU

    Totally agree with you. A HP or a foul ball that hits the foot are sometimes difficult things to see and call...If my BU calls something that i didn't see with the intent to kill the play immediatly and make things clearer for everybody, i've got no problem with it.