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  1. Thanks guys ! very helpful ! as usual....^^
  2. Because i'm french and i should have said "outside" !!!
  3. hello USA !! A question about intervening play. R3, less than 2 outs. Runner stealing home on the pitch, the batter hits a poor grounder in front of the catcher. While the catcher picks up the ball, R3 scores. Catcher throws to first but BR within the 3-foot lane and the throw hits him in the back and the umpire calls an interference. Does the run score ? The fact that R3 stole home is considered as an intervening play or not ? Thanks ^^
  4. Hello everybody !! Couldn't find a topic on Carter Capps' delivery Why not calling that an illegal pitch? Why would it be legal ? I need your opinions...
  5. your choice really depends on how you'll use your mask. How many games/week, pitcher's speed.... i bought this one last year. Light, comfortable. i took a few pitches (foul tips) at +85mph, wearing glasses, and i didn't feel anything...
  6. No. what else? ^^
  7. For the game GB vs Israel, the first french umpire of WBC history had the dish.
  8. If some of you come to France, i can find games for you to work with me
  9. As i often say to young umpires, youth baseball is the best field to learn, everything can happen !
  10. you're not wrong....and something i didn't think about is the fact that only PU decides if the batter did try to avoid the pitch or not.....
  11. Totally agree with you. A HP or a foul ball that hits the foot are sometimes difficult things to see and call...If my BU calls something that i didn't see with the intent to kill the play immediatly and make things clearer for everybody, i've got no problem with it.
  12. Hey ! Pas mal mon ami !!
  13. Hello everybody !! Yeterday, i was umpiring a French Elite baseball game between two of the best teams here. Home team (Rouen Huskies) scored a point in the bottom of 4th on a great play at home plate (i had the dish). 1-0 unitl top of 9th. Visiting team (Montpellier Barracudas) scored 4 points on a gd-slam HR by their american player Will Muson. 4-1. Bottom 9th, Rouen placed a runner on 1st and 2nd. Bing ! A bomb to left field and the score is then tied 4-4 !! 3 hits later (the game winning hit with 2 outs and 2 strikes) Rouen scored the winning run. After the game, i realized that umpiring games like this is the reason why i umpire. Living such games is so gooooodddd !!!!!!