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  1. Judge or Altuve ?

    Altuve !!! Best baseball player on the planet.
  2. Judge or Altuve ?

    Who's gonna win the AL MVP ? Best Slugger in the game or Best Baseball Player in the game. MLB announces today 6pm MLB Network.
  3. Homer Simpson HOF

    I have no idea of the Simpson's schedule, I hadn't seen the show in years .The first time I saw it was on Fox network on Friday (10-20)... before Astros/Yankees Game 6 ... that's how I found it. I recorded the rebroadcast on Monday 10-23 on Fox Sports 1. It is still available on my On-Demand system.
  4. Homer Simpson HOF

    Yeah, kind of. It was a Simpson's cartoon (with all the Simpson's characters ... Bart and Lisa are "blamed" for originating the "DARREL" Strawberry chant). But it was narrated (documentary style) with lots of cameos from the MLB world telling the story. An hour long show (episode). Very funny.
  5. Balk Question

    As described, I don't have a balk either, but consider the possibility that the umpire saw something illegal that you didn't.
  6. 2018 POE

    OK Right tone ? Your description of what you mean by ”How ‘bout that?” reeks of sarcasm. I'm not skilled enough in the art of deception to make that response not sound sarcastic. Sarcasm is an escalation trigger. The point being, use whatever response that you need to: 1. not escalate the situation; 2. not give the coach any ammunition to keep the discussion going; 3. end the conversation ASAP; 4. get back to baseball ASAP.
  7. 2018 POE

    Most HS umpires don't understand the risk that they are taking when they don't enforcing this rule. When the umpire crew allows F1 to throw to a base from the hybrid wind-up position, he's going to get crap from the OHC for allowing the pickoff (from the wind-up and illegal stance) or DHC for balking F1 (coach insists that F1 was in a legal "set" position). Either way the crew rules, they are screwed.
  8. My thoughts on the 2017 World Series

    It is not a new notion that "encouraging" batter's to swing (calling lots of strike) makes for a better game. Should the PU be "blamed" for causing one of the most entertaining WS games in recent years ?
  9. Gurriel's action and punishment

    Probably so, if you're looking for social justice. These ignorant gestures of racism should be pointed out as abhorrent. Individually though, I doubt any punishment will change the heart of those satisfied in their ignorance. More here to pity than punish, I'm afraid... ... But then, stick and stones may brake my bones, but names (and gestures) will never hurt me. Maybe time for the snowflakes in the world to find something worth reacting to. Setting a level of punishment is above mine and all y'all's pay grades (though some might think that its not above the Commissioner's). Punishment would be better left to the big guy ... Karma, and the other baseball gods may smite him for distracting us from the WS. Disrespecting another human or race is despicable. Disrespecting an inanimate object that represents the freest society in the world and memorializes the men/woman that provided that freedom is also despicable. No need to prioritize them. This country isn't perfect and can/will do better...we always have. Authoritarian/lawless societies don't.
  10. Backswing interference?

    From CCS: Rule 6.03(a)(3) & (4) Comment ("If a batter strikes at a ball and misses and swings so hard he carries the bat all the way around and, in the umpire’s judgment, unintentionally hits the catcher or the ball in back of him on the backswing, it shall be called a strike only (not interference). The ball will be dead, however, and no runner shall advance on the play") makes no exception nor allowance for any issue... This backswing (follow-thru) OBR rule is the kind of lowest common denominator rule (and official interp) that the Fed would create. When contact occurs from a backswing (follow-thru), umpires can't be trusted to distinguish between [6.01(a)(5)] interference, a dead ball strike non-interference and "that's nothing".
  11. ricka56

  12. Live or Dead Ball???

    Call TIME quickly and prevent the WTF crowd from gathering any momentum. The longer you take to kill this, the harder its gonna be to sell whatever you are selling... ... easier said than done though, when you're included in the WTF just happened crowd.
  13. Oh no Laz! Play the bounce!

    From the Astros bench, you could hear words of encouragement to their pitcher. "That's OK ... Nobody hurt".
  14. Homer Simpson HOF

    Did anyone see "Springfield Dreams: The Legend of Homer Simpson" on FoxTV. The story of how Homer Simpson got into the baseball HOF cartoon...with dozens of baseball celebrity cameos telling the story documentary style. Forking hilarious. It might still be available OnDemand.
  15. Odd appeal play

    That's an interesting assertion. Can another fielder's (F2) intent to appeal a retouch satisfy the requirement that the appeal be mistakable, when the fielder "doing the deed" (F5) does not have the intent to appeal ? Though F5's attempt to tag the returning runner might be evidence that he didn't intent to appeal the retouch, or he ?might? be trying to cover both scenarios (umpire will/won't grant the appeal). Benefit of that doubt (IMO) goes to the defense.