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  1. How bad of an umpire etiquette faux pas is it to ask about a possible misapplication of rules as a pretext to ask WTF did you just do and correct if possible ?
  2. U3 (for those unaccustomed to 4-man) is the strangest experience. 2-man may be second nature now, but we don't ever work 'D' in 2-man. And even now, I still have to concentrate on WTF I'm supposed to be doing when in 'D' . A few years ago as U3 (Texas HS playoff game), I missed an easy balk call in 'D' (RHP/jab step/no throw). A balk would have ended the series with a R1/R3. I didn't have the balls to call it (neither did my 3 partners). OHC never complained ... must have thought F1 disengaged (which was my BS story, if asked). We got taken off the hook with a series ending RBI single. But every time I'm wondering WTF I'm supposed to be doing in 'D', I remember that no call and am determined not to let it happen again. So, in 'D', I'm looking for the balk that my other three partners (in a pressure packed environment) might miss. Maybe this U3 had a heightened balk sensor that got ahead of itself...I dunno. I do hope that U3 (and his crew) have been able to get some sleep since that game (I would have had trouble).
  3. I've heard of this. Never have seen one. I think it would take a lot of practice to do this without spraining an ankle. Son, you're going on the 15-day DL and that was a balk...insult to injury.
  4. I doubt he misapplied the rule. I think he thought that F1 didn't disengage. So would it be proper umpire etiquette for CC to ask about a misapplied rule as a pretext to ask about his obviously bad judgement ? If no, does proper etiquette trump getting this BIG play right ?
  5. So if we had a partner misapply a rule, we would correct the misapplied ruling. But balk calls have both judgement and "not-simple" rule application aspects to them. Do you think that the other 3 umpires, who had to be saying WTF, should have gone to U3 and clarify that he didn't bring an OBR balk rule with him onto the field and fix this mess ?
  6. Bad call, but bad coach rule understanding too. What HC said that U3 said makes no sense, and for HC not to get a clear understanding of what F1 did illegally is really inexcusable...not that that excuses the bad call.
  7. No, the OP was clear (unless you've editted it). MLB F1s have been allowed to go to a wind-up from what has been a traditional set position. But with runners on, non-pivot foot in front of the rubber, hands come together, and a discernible stop, THAT HAS to be considered the set/stop position. It would be unfair (and illegal) to rocker-step towards 1B (fake a move to 1B), then deliver a pitch. That's a balk.
  8. What ? Are you talking about the OP balk ? That was a fake to 3B (legal in HS). That move takes F1 off the rubber. From there he is another infielder and pitching rules (balks) do not apply.
  9. I didn't sign up to see it. They wanted $$$ for the live-stream, but that was two weeks ago and viewing is free now...not sure what incantation is required.
  10. Go to 2:07:40 of the following video, and tell me if anyone can see a game winning balk in there. full size this you tube video:
  11. Silliest reasoning for a balk call, evah (NE pronunciation for the OP).
  12. Brady gets sixth finger surgically attached for future ring
  13. Trying to "enlighten" a player is a good dead... ... but no good deed goes unpunished.
  14. WTG, Jefe
  15. Batter also gets 1B and any runner forced to move up also advance one base.