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  1. Trying to "enlighten" a player is a good dead... ... but no good deed goes unpunished.
  2. WTG, Jefe
  3. Batter also gets 1B and any runner forced to move up also advance one base.
  4. I think that the reasoning for not calling both balk and CI is a chicken/egg thing created by Fed's immediate deadball balk rule. If you balk it, then it can't be CI because it is a deadball.
  5. Are you disputing the validity of Fed CB 8.3.1b ruling (which, IMO is analogous to the play in the video) ? Or are you disputing that its analogous ? If so, please say what significantly distinguishes them.
  6. Yes ... the other team should expect a common sense freebie ... actually lots of them. Not at all. Don't confuse being scared to eject at all with judicious ejecting. If I didn't EJ the guy that you did, but next half inning the other team's player throws his helmet in rage over my call, I would eject without even considering the first helmet throw. Any argument that the two incidents were equivalent would not be taken seriously... "is that all you've got coach, then this discussion is over". So why did you post what you did. If you are just looking for kudos about your misadventures, then you came to the wrong web site.
  7. It really does come down to the level of play that you are working. At youth baseball levels, safety is a high priority. At higher levels where athletes are strong/fast, it is much harder to keep them safe. Using your youth ball safety standards at a HS varsity game would be impractical, IMO. ...but I will add your partner, who didn't ask for the trip to Turdville, to my pray list, on the other hand, are on your own.
  8. I think the balk is for failure to deliver a pitch to the plate. It's similar to a pitch slip that doesn't cross the foul line is a balk.
  9. I'll pray for your partners (of whom I will never be) on their way to Turdville.
  10. You need to post a link if you want input.
  11. huh ... 8.3.1b ... had forgotten that ... thanx
  12. I didn't there'd be a rule diff here. What would it be in Fed ? What's the penalty ?
  14. Apples and bowling balls
  15. You are free to cite the rule to justify your EJ and handle your game as you see fit, but I think it may have been a case of using a rule to solve a problem that didn't exist. What would have happened if you ignored the helmet throw. The defense is happy that they prevented a run, and the defense goes back on defense in a competitive rivalry game. Ejecting changed the game dynamics. There are times when we have no choice in changing the game dynamics, but we should avoid doing so whenever possible.