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  1. I'd cut the guy some slack – the temperature likely dropped lower than what was forecast. From the look of the new 2017 ThermaBase jackets (with those Sky Blue shoulders and flank accents, treí shiek) they are very trim, and aren't intended for plate work. Probably far too insulating, too. Eddings likely didn't travel with a long sleeve plate shirt, and didn't have his plate coat on hand (if he even uses one). But hey, it looks a helluva lot more acceptable than a HS umpire wearing a black long-sleeve undershirt under that state-mandated navy shirt!!
  2. @KenBAZ has you well in hand. He is easily the ambassador for baseball umpiring in the Valley, and knows everybody who is needed to know so as to get onto games. There really aren't associations as you might know them to be. There's JuCo ball and High School ball, but beyond that, we are considered Independent Contactors (thank goodness!), and while you certainly do want to make yourself known to as many assignors as possible, you do not have to endure the rigidity of an association's pecking order. I would emphatically encourage you to prepare yourself for the ever-present sun and oft-oppressive heat. By contrast, there's something surreal to baseball in December and January, and you're one of the only participants in short sleeves... because you think the conditions are ideal.
  3. I'm going to give it a go and say yes. 3 base hits (singles) load the bases. The next two singles leave the infield and R3 is thrown out at the plate by an OF. The sixth one is a single, but R3 misses the plate, and the defense appeals the missed touch and run is negated. This is just an attempt to answer this odd riddle. As I'm pondering it, how is a Runner Interference scored? Obviously, contacted Runner is Out, other Runners are returned to base at TOI, and BR is placed on 1B (moving preceding runners up accordingly). Is that scored as a Fielder's Choice? Single w/ some sort of notation? If this Interference occurs back to back, such as R3 or R2 (or R1) getting sah-moked by a line drive in successive at-bats, and these are scored as Singles, this could also account for hits 4 and 5... but I have to guess that hit 6, if indeed possible, has to involve an appeal.
  4. I'm going to throw a kink into this thread... While browsing through the nearby Nike Factory Store last week, I happened across Dri-Fit Golf Pants (slacks, more like)... in charcoal grey. So, I tried them on, and they fit and looked terrific. I waited a week to see if they went on sale, and they did, so now I'm the enthused owner of Nike Golf Pants for use as Base Pants. They will never be plate pants – I'm not expecting them to be – but in terms of base pants, if you have the physique for it, they not only look extremely flattering, but they weigh nothing, breathe beautifully, and move effortlessly. I only noticed two minor (petty, actually) issues, and both are due to them as Golf pants: they will not accept a belt broader than 1.5", and don't do well with a thick, heavy belt at that, so all you guys fond of wearing 1.75" patent leather belts... can't they are cut in such a way to cleanly accept one rather thin golf shirt to be tucked in. When one has to tuck in an undershirt and an umpire shirt, even using the ultra-thin Majestic and TheOfficialsChoice material, it gets a little... frumpy around the waist and seat. Major pluses though? Love this: Ethereal weight. They feel exceptionally light. Dry within minutes, if not seconds. Flat front. No stupid pleating. Already sold to-length, and length is dead-right-on. "Nike" = Victory, Excellence, etc.; "Smitty" = Problematic, Slipshod, OOO, etc. Granted, that last thing is extremely petty. But really, the leadership of Smitty should consider changing the brand name and identity, and bring the company out of the dark ages, and the chuckle-behind-one's-back.
  5. Take this exact event situation, Warren ( @Umpire in Chief ), but now increase the tension and chaos by involving your company leadership – who know nothing about technical processes like these – hounding you by the hour with, "Is it fixed yet?", "When can we get email?", "Why isn't it fixed yet?", "Why can't I get our company mail from my Yahoo account?", "Is it fixed yet?" and then mix in an IT guy (me) who didn't leave the office building for 2-3 days and took crash-naps on the conference table... ... only to find that one of the service providers would only be open during "normal" business hours and wouldn't have the same person on the phone twice, so would have to be completely re-briefed on the original problem and each of the solutions attempted so far, and finally making progress to "Hey Max! We're missing emails! Why isn't it fixed yet?" One of the worst weeks of my life. So, since I can not only sympathize, but empathize, I commend you Warren... now go get some much deserved sleep.
  6. The thing to get, that solves a lot of the problem, is the Convertible jacket. Majestic debuted it a few years ago, in Black and Navy. When they ceased making it, Smitty picked it up and continued it. Looks great tucked in, and you can zip on and off the sleeves with ease. Wear it with a base layer, and then with the umpire shirt too, if need be. I'm from Wisconsin, and used my two Convertible jackets the majority of the spring and fall seasons. When I got to Arizona, I continued to rely upon them for Winter ball, only zipping the sleeves on once the sun went down. There was only 1 January game wherein I had to fish out my ThermaBase jacket.
  7. @Matt is right, @Tborze, but there are two things jumping out here to consider... You stated this is a Fed game. With this, there isn't any ambiguity on whether or not an award of home was warranted. Once you signal obstruction (by pointing at it, and trust me, a coach somewhere saw you point), the award is an additional base; thus, it's the plate. You were correct in not killing the play (some umpires have been known to, mistaking it for Interference), as the incoming throw may have been cut off and redirected to make a play upon R1 or BR, which the defense has a right to attempt as they have conceded the play against the obstructed runner (R2). EDIT: As I posted this, I suddenly realized a potential fallout from this play that has me thinking... So, I present to @maven, @noumpere, @Matt, etc. – If the OBS does occur, and R2 is impeded and slowed from contact by F5 in reaching the plate, and the incoming throw comes in and is cut off, only to be redirected to tag R1 or BR (assume he has touched 1B successfully) before R2 touches HP, what do we (as umpires) judge regarding this? Do we score the run and allow the Out? Do we score the run, negate the out and place runners? Something else?
  8. In honor of Easter...
  9. @JSam21, I'm still waiting for two pieces of information... 1. Where / who are you in this? (BU? Participant (coach? Scorekeeper? etc.)? Parent?) 2. I'm reading that F3 never made a throw (likely stunned by what he saw happen 70+ feet away). Did R2 ever crawl over and touch home plate? Oh, and you can forget the later altercation bit, @ALStripes17 – these are 12U's. These kids scream and hash it out right there on the field, in real time. If you were to ask the ODB what had happened just 30 seconds prior, he wouldn't have been able to tell you the situation. All he knows is that little Danny / Billy / Austin / Johnny got a hit, and now it's HIS TURN TO HIT!!! IntoTheBoxIGoRightNow!! I'm surprised he didn't clock his R2 teammate with an air-swing as he got up to the plate. The way these kids swing the bat and pound the plate, I'd think they were aspiring lumberjacks. But yeah, I too have "nada". The guys on FB are idiots.
  10. I'll get one more kick... THERE!... on this dead horse... If you guys read the article, and understand the context, the pitcher in question threw a complete game no-hitter. As in, there were 27 batters he faced wherein this "egregiously distracting glove logo" could have been addressed by the umpires. And what are we seeing in the clip? Out number 27. Does he still have the glove on? Yes. Then it must not have been an officially-interpreted distraction. Umpires didn't miss anything; the glove is legal. Case closed, call the equine renderer to get this carcass off the field.
  11. @Jimurray, you're looking for Pantone, not Pantene... unless you want your hair to have body and bounce.
  12. Pay

    I run in slightly different circles than @KenBAZ, so I get a mish-mash of ArbiterPay / RefPay, mailed checks, checks-picked-up-on-site, and cash. Within ArbiterPay / RefPay, there are some assignors who are known to be none-too-swift at issuing payment. Some are lightning-fast, paying you at the close of the tournament / event or the next day. Some are 2-4-6 weeks out. One in particular is stuck in a bad, unenviable position, and we (the umpires) try to be understanding and accommodating, but sometimes it gets strained. Back in Wisconsin, one of the large leagues to work within was cash-at-plate. That was fantastic, and spoiled me for years. Add to that, most of the weekend tournaments were cash-at-close, with one TD in particular peeling 20's and 50's off a big wad and handing them to you after you finished your 15th game of the weekend. Cha-freakin'-ching! Or, for others, they'd have an envelope with your name on it, ready to hand you at the end of your set of games. I'm a mobile umpire. My bank is based and HQ'd back in Wisconsin, so it makes deposits challenging. This bank offers Check Imaging / Mobile Deposit as an app (trei sheik), so I can take that check and have it deposited within minutes of receiving it. I also have Square, PayPal and ChasePay, should any TD or LD want to pay via one of those methods. Lastly, now with cash being handed to me here in Arizona, I opened a AMEX BlueBird card. It's a nifty debit card that has _0_ fees. I can walk into (nearly) any WalMart, go to the customer service counter, swipe my BlueBird card, hand the teller the wad of cash, and it's deposited on my card within seconds. They even have a real-time app to keep track of transactions and current balance, and it includes check-imaging / mobile deposit too.
  13. That's basketball, @scrounge (I'm not correcting you, just conversing), where a game, whether close or a blowout, can erupt into a gang battle. Wisconsin high schools, and the governing body of basketball officials, are always put into a quandary regarding basketball games in Milwaukee (in particular, but I'm sure it happens elsewhere), because in one much-publicized instance, a fight broke out between the two teams in the closing moments of the game (the dribble-out of the last seconds of the clock), and then the audience came down out of the stands upon the officials. It was bedlam. Back to baseball, I am normally a very gregarious and personable guy, but inside the fence, I now cringe a wee bit when I hear a coach tell his team "Go thank the umpire". Noooo, I don't want thanks and handshakes from fourteen 12-year olds (soon to be twenty-five of the little buggers, because the other team follows suit)... I just want your coach to sign this silly scorecard so I can get the heckouttahere and get on to the next thing on my itinerary. So if a pack of ballplayers try and shake hands or fist-bump with me, I now just address and acknowledge the lot of them with something like, "Gotcha guys. Well done team", as I start making my way towards an exit. High school players are somewhat appreciative, but they understand that we're not there to socialize. In a sanctioned high school game, the umpire crew is already at or thru the gate (or should be) by the time the first handshakes are exchanged anyway, because the school officials and home scorekeeper are taking care of those particulars. The higher levels you go, the less interaction and engagement one should have inside the fence. Certainly, during the game, if you (as a BU) are chattin' with the 1BC about this-or-that prior to live-ball activity, that's pretty innocent and innocuous. But as soon as the game is over, unlike any of the participants who may stand around and catch up, the umpires should remove themselves from that context and the confines of the field.
  14. Shouldn't your strike zone be consistent, no matter what level of ball? Did you get a read step in there? That's some timing, lemmetellya.
  15. I'm with @noumpere on this one, @kstrunk. It is a clearly enunciated "Ball four", stated loud enough so most of the infield can hear. Even though the prior three balls pitched went unannounced because they were obviously balls, the fourth one I have made a habit of announcing in this way. I never say "Take your base" nor do I ever gesture in any manner towards first.