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  1. Max, please PM me the pics. Actually my revised short term thoughts are to simply get some velcro attached to the foam and on my cp plates so I can go test it at a batting cage. If it passes, then proceed to the next step and source out a fabric. If I don't like the test results than go back and select other products.
  2. I am seeking out the fabric now. I am also emailing the tech folks to see if the foam can have glue applied to it and what type. I will try to use a ribbon, edging sewen around the perimeter to hold the fabric. For the sample piece, I am wanting to velcro the padding to the plates instead of trying to sew the velcro straps on the foam to place thru the slots in the plates.
  3. I received the sample material yesterday. Made a template of my existing cp padding and will be cutting out the material soon.
  4. @MadMax is the Zero Gravity cp padding removable or permanently attached?
  5. Just received a shipping number, sample material due to arrive 8/7.
  6. It could also be off centered cutting on the padding, offline sewing, or any other visual defect that may not effect performance.
  7. They are the foam manufacturer. There are several companies already buying their foam and making protective products for other sports, snow skiing is one of them. They seem to be confident in their product and are sending me two different samples at their expense. I learned today that there is a glove manuf. that is using their product for added hand impact protection in their gloves. I am patiently waiting for the delivery and then cut the material to fit my cp and get in front of a pitching machine. IF the results are good than see if those folks are willing to expand their service. The hardest thing to know at this point, is how many units they could expect to build in a 6 month or 12 month period. Any manufacturer will ask this question.
  8. Update, I just had a receptive conversation with this company sales engineer. I am now awaiting shipment of two sample pieces that I can retrofit to my cp and do some live fire testing. That is all for now....
  9. Thanks, LOL!
  10. @MadMax, I have a scheduled time to speak to them on Wednesday. I would love to get a sample and fit it to one of my cp's and go stand in front of the pitching machine and get a real world test. They already do impact engineering and for their products. Again they are already making protective padding for other sports and activities. Snow skiing protective body armor is one example. If it will protect you in a 50+ mph wipeout, then I think it may work for us. They are evidently big in the shoe insole and protective shoe line and have an impressive partner list, of which New Balance is one. My goal is simply to convince them that there is a market that isn't being fully served and see if they are willing to recognize the opportunity and pursue it themselves or discuss with one of their partner companies that is already setup to manufacture sports equipment. Companies usually don't listen to the little guy, but they will listen to their suppliers.
  11. This particular company has a unique foam that is already being used as impact protective padding in other sports & activities. They have partner companies that use their products and some of these companies we would recognize, My hope is to push this thru them to one of their partner companies. They have been intrigued enough to want a second conversation.
  12. I have actually been talking to a foam manufacturer about a laminate foam that I am very excited about. I hope to hear back from them this coming week and hopefully receiving a large enough sample to make a replacement padding test piece from.
  13. I think the early ones did come in blue. Check with @catsbackr I believe he still has a blue AA cp. If you pick it up let me know I may be interested.
  14. The rivets is the new style. There are still a few retailers that have the velcro attached plates in inventory. I bought mine a few years ago from on deck sports. . I would call first and make sure that is what they have in inventory. If that is the style they have, it's at one heck of a good price.