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  1. Tested my Nutty Buddy yesterday

    Ordered my NB today from Honigs.  I have had that queezy feeling before and decided enough is enough.  The boyz will thank me later I am sure.  :yippie:
  2. Lodged ball?

    Thanks guys.  I could not find anything that would make the play legal, but can not reason why the two base award on an easy defensive play.
  3. Lodged ball?

    B1 hits a one hopper back to the pitcher.  F1 attempts to remove ball from glove to make the throw, but can not get the ball out. He then removes his glove and tosses it, with the ball, to F3 in time for the out.  Do we have an out, or is the ball lodged in defensive players equipment for a two base award??
  4. New Bat Rule Drama

    Our association (NC) was told to check bats and helmets as always before the game. Then, if a coach questions the legality of a bat, we check it against the list. I had to remove one illegal bat this season.
  5. Fed Rules test - on-deck circle question

    I think the reasoning behind this rule is to prevent any smart comments and jawing back and forth between players that could become a problem on the field. Most players do not fall into this category, but the few that do could cause a huge headache on the field.
  6. I don't Get It

    I am not advocating not checking bats. I think it is one of our duties. But, I think we should check for dings and alterations, not check them against the list of accepted bats.
  7. I don't Get It

    We have been checking the bats and helmets for years, but to check the bats against the list of approved ones would take forever. Let the coaches state at the plate meeting that all their bats are legal. Then, if there is a problem, they must prove the bat is legal or out it goes.
  8. I don't Get It

  9. NFHS Test & Working games

    Bikerider.. The scrimmage will be an opportunity for your assignor to watch you work and determine which level you will begin the season. Listen to the veteran officials, study the rule book, and read the posts online. As you improve, so will your position within the association where you work. That will lead to more and better games. Good luck.
  10. Warren.. Your reply was excellent. Way too many people want to bash the umpires without really understanding the situation. Bob
  11. Weather

    The sound of rain falling on my roof sounds a little better after reading that.
  12. New Chest Protector...

    Mazz.. I have one just like it that I have used for years. I have tried on WV Gold, Platinum, Original, etc. but nothing feels nearly as good as my Douglas. I have found one spot where you can feel a hit. There is a spot in the crease at the shoulder where you can feel it, but not too bad. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine.
  13. Weather

    I lost mine today also Warren. It was a really good one. I hope I can get it back when rescheduled. Looks as if Monday is questionable as well. At least the rain is slow and soaking in, some areas of the country are having a rough time.
  14. Base Mechanics

    In our association, we are expected to signal back when the UIC give us one. They are supposed to be subtle and not draw attention to us. If I have some information for my partner, after a play such as a tag at the plate, I will simply stare at him. That way, if the coach has a question, my partner knows I saw something he did not. (Also, no one else can pick up on this signal) Whether he comes to me or not is up to him. Bob
  15. plate or bases which is harder

    I like to take the plate and seldom have any problems there. Not so on the bases. For some reason, second base has become a jinx for me. I have had many more problems there than anywhere else on the diamond.