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  1. I'm a LL UIC, in a league generally coached by non-rats. If there's an issue, I want people to let me know; how much salt I consume with your report depends on your tone and your rep, but it alerts me as to who I want to watch out for. I'll give your observations more credit if I also hear you volunteer your praise of the quality umpires from time to time.
  2. They make that distinction but never actually define it.
  3. Go for Morris Day. Or Otis Day.
  4. You know what happens when you assume.
  5. LL is the dugout as well. LL fields with an actual dirt circle are...well, I won't say rare because I'm sure there are some areas with nice, well-tended complexes. But it certainly can't be assumed at this level that there will be one.
  6. Just quickly searched through the 2017 LL Rules and Instruction Manual. One of the instructor comments under interference mentions it could be verbal. That's good enough for me to grab it on either INT or OBS at this level. Would be better if that at least made it into the rulebook, or the approved rulings, but so it goes.
  7. Once you're down to 8 at Majors, you have to suspend the game and let the board sort it out. Rule 4.17
  8. Speaking truth to power. Worth some sort of recognition at any rate. Sports certainly revealed that he has a better grasp of the game than his elders. Sometimes, your elders are full of the brown stuff.
  9. No House of David games for you, then?
  10. Jai alai. IIRC, the ball is deemed to be moving to fast for anyone to be expected to react to the "backwards" spin off the wall safely.
  11. This is awesome to see and I'm filing it away if I ever run into someone who might need it around my league. Thanks for sharing the follow-up!
  12. Amen to that. I'm UIC for my LL. I try to take game reports like this from my coaches and turn them into teaching moments for the junior (and adult) umpire corps. As you describe it here, I have obstruction all day long. And no, no, and hell no on coaching runners to plow over guys.
  13. You could also go single-caught stealing-single-caught stealing followed by four singles, the last of which had the missed touch appeal. Substitute a pickoff if you like.
  14. Man, going right to the ball bag is a little forward, don't you think?
  15. No, you could run it as Mudisfun describes--issue the "warning" and the runner can't be put out, but can keep what they can legally get. I guess that's less a warning than a milder penalty, but you could do it. Since I can't get my league to get rid of it entirely (though I badgered them down to only the first week this year), I'm going to advance that as an approved ruling next season.