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  1. Assuming that this league or organization allows batters to attempt to reach base on an uncaught third strike the answer is yes. At that age some never allow batters to run on an uncaught third strike regardless of outs or other runners.
  2. Agree on #1. For #2 the O.P. indicates a step off, after that I believe the pitcher, now acting as an infielder, could change hands to make a play just as any other infielder.
  3. No.
  4. Short answer is no. The runner from first is "forced" to advance. Because he was put out before reaching the base he was forced to for the third out no runs score on the play. The fact that he was tagged as opposed to tagging second base is meaningless.
  5. The substitute assumes the count and finishes the at bat.
  6. @stkjock if it were a legal pitch you would be correct. Once the delivery wasn't legal it becomes no pitch as long as ruled to be caused by the batter's ilegal action.
  7. Something along the lines of "alright gentlemen let's play ball".
  8. Sounds like someone felt that making it to the championship game of the tourney made for too long of a day. Glad you agreed with his decision that he had had enough.
  9. Always amazing, I don't know anyone that would assign one official to more than three games in a day. Good luck! Stay hydrated. Be worried if you stop sweating.
  10. It is possible there is a league or local rule that requires the runner to either slide or avoid contact. Absent that knowledge I agree with those above.
  11. The first pitch to 8 legitimized 9's hit, the first pitch to 1 legitimized 8's at bat. 1 is the correct batter, he was scheduled to bat in this spot and there he is. Would have been interesting is BOO was appealed before first pitch to 1.
  12. Ball is dead when it hits the batter, if he swung it's a strike. In this case it's strike 3 and batter out.
  13. Part of the penalty (at least in pro rules) for interference is that no runners may advance, so no that runner cannot score.
  14. @HokieUmp I am glad you are so passionate, and you don't come off as an a**hole. I am just trying to point out that there are enough people willing to work the solos that if I or anyone else put our foot down everyone else wouldn't care. Just the culture here. I am glad you work somewhere that isn't he case but that's just how it is here. It isn't up to the umpire association, they don't assign us games they just train us. Assignors are independent contractors and any one of them that puts their foot down will lose their assigning gig. Have a great summer season!
  15. Where I am almost all youth stuff is solo - High School is 2 man (at all levels) but Babe Ruth or any of that is solo and if you don't want to work it that way then you don't have to work because there are plenty of guys that would be happy to take those games from you. You show up, work as hard as you can because you have pride and the money is pretty good and then go home.