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  1. New Balance 460's Size 10 D

    @blue32 send me your email for PayPal payment I would assume. My old Reeboks Magistrate finally had their last season!
  2. New Balance 460's Size 10 D

    email me pics jglopez7@yahoo.com. INTERESTED! @blue32
  3. Masks - jackets - pants - shoes

    Interested in the all the GD pants and Honigs pants.
  4. Post the address so interested umpires can send their equipment.
  5. Hanging it up everything must go!!!

    How old are the polywools? I'll take the black long sleeve. If the poly wools are in good shape I'll consider. Email jglopez7@yahoo.com
  6. Retirement? Sale

    Send pic of the pants. Interested in all. Jglopez7@yahoo.com
  7. For Sale -- New Balance MU460 Plate Shoes

    Take $80 with shipping?
  8. Team Wendy Mask Pads for sale

    I will give you $35 shipped via PayPal today
  9. Team Wendy Mask Pads for sale

    $35 obo each pair or for both?
  10. Riddell Power / Team Wendy + Force 3

    Trade for a Nike TI with TW pads. I've seen the power sell for a minimum of $400.
  11. Selling Mizuno 2QA-122 mask

    Sent u an email. This one I am interested in.
  12. Selling Masks

    Are the mask aluminum or steel?
  13. I'll take the 34r polywools both plate n base. Also interested in the Wilson ti and Niki ti mask only no pads.
  14. http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/spo/5338317067.html Local link in San Antonio. 6 pair of used Heather gray pants size 34x30 with 2 inches to let out. Be great for LL starter. Honigs plate shoes size 10.5. And 3 umpire shirts size large and 3 gray ball bags. Just asking to pay shipping. PayPal only first come first serve