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    I have been umpiring since 1980, starting in LL. I am now working college, high school, American Legion and yes, still doing LL. I have umpired in tournaments as far away as Guam.

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  1. Every game is a championship for some kid - could be their first hit or first win Every game deserves your best, and we should treat them all as a championship game
  2. A couple of important 3-man tips are: 1. Communicate with each other - Communicate - Communicate 2. Understand 2-man very well, as any time U1 goes out, you may need to slide and cover 1B.. 3. Get to where you need to be, but remember you will still have outfield responsibilities. Never get caught just 'standing around'. 3-Man has a lot of movement for U3.
  3. Fenway - Get tickets on-line to make sure you can get them. There is parking around the stadium, but no official parking lot. Many lots in the area (charge about $60). I usually park near Gate F in a gas station parking lot. Have fun on Yawkey Way for the pre-game. Get there early to check out all of the stuff in the street - Carnival atmosphere.
  4. I am sending mine to jlutgen0 - I replied with a PM.
  5. Yeah - I understand that part of it. Just solve the problem, ASK YOUR PARTNER .
  6. Protest a strike/ball call? Isn't another name for that arguing balls/strikes?
  7. sorry 'bout that - It didn't say anything when I found it - I have a 2016 copy I can give you of the CCA, just PM me your address, I will send it within 2 weeks (I am heading our for a week on Monday).
  8. This is a printable version of it that I found:
  9. In some rule sets we MUST ask if asked to check. What is the big deal, your partner either saw a swing or didn't - just ask. It doesn't make you less of a plate umpire.
  10. It might be just as easy to go to and buy 1 or might be available through NCAA. I don't believe 2018 is out yet, but '17 is definitely out.
  11. On my way to work some Cape Cod Leagues games next week - hoping for great weather!

  12. In Maine - we finally went to Black for default and playoffs. That is shirt jackets and hats. We still have the option for Navy and Powder, but a navy or black hat still with that, and the Navy jacket with red stripes is still ok (must match partner). Charcoal gray is the pant color. The shirts and jackets must have state patch on it, and the hats have the local board's initials on it (there are 6 boards in the state). This is basically so all of the groups match, so when the umpires are mixed and matched for playoffs, then the only difference is the logo on the hat. All items can be ordered through 1 supplier - and all logos are put on for us. This is a step up for us to actually have a state-wide system.
  13. Try: This is website you can try
  14. Be careful - I have one and it is a ball magnet. I got it from a friend in Tokyo, maybe he put a hex on it.
  15. He either needs to reach in to take the ball our of his glove (voluntary release) or he needs to make the catch and change his path, like heading towards the infield (switch directions) for it to be a catch. The rules specifically say this. The act of a fielder in getting secure possession in the hand or glove of a ball in flight and firmly holding it, providing the fielder does not use the cap, protector, pocket or any other part of the uniform in getting possession. In establishing the validity of the catch, the fielder shall demonstrate complete control of the ball and that the release of the ball is voluntary and intentional. Only two circumstances may be interpreted as creating a voluntary and intentional release. 1) When the momentum of the catch is complete; i.e., the fielder has reversed his direction and is running the ball back toward the infield or; 2) When the fielder is reaching for the ball to make a throw. a. It is not a catch if, simultaneously with or immediately after contact with the ball, the fielder collides with a player or fence or falls down and, as a result, drops the ball. b. It is not a catch if a fielder touches a fly ball that then hits a member of the offensive team or an umpire and then is caught by that fielder or another defensive player. c. If the fielder has made the catch and drops the ball while in the act of making a throw (i.e., reaching for the ball in the glove) after the catch, the ball shall be judged to have been caught. d. It is not a legal catch if either foot is touching dead-ball territory when the catch is made (see 6-1-d-4).