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    I have been umpiring since 1980, starting in LL. I am now working college, high school, American Legion and yes, still doing LL. I have umpired in tournaments as far away as Guam.

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  1. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Would any of all of the kneeling gotten this far if the President didn't bring it up in a speech? I hadn't heard any more about it until it was said in the speech, now the entire league is involved. I believe, if nothing would have been brought up in the first place, it would all blow over and it would just be "Who was Kapernick?" in a few years. I think the Government had bigger things to worry about than a former player than knelt for the Anthem, Isn't there something about the government interfering with the private industry?
  2. Appeal of pulled foot

    Both calls can be reversed if the CALLING UMPIRE gets information from the partner(s). Basically, call what you see. If you get discussion from the coaches, then you should call time - advise the coach to return to dugout/coaches box - get together a privately discuss the situation. Use the input received from the partner and make your decision. The coach cannot come out to argue if the call doesn't go his way (a rule in HS and NCAA, but works well for other levels too). By getting together in private with your partner, you don't throw anyone under the bus, if he was watching something else. He may just come up, when getting together, and say he has nothing to add - and that is OK too. If I don't get questioned by the coach, then I don't go to my partner. It is my responsibility to make that call. If you go without being questioned, then coaches at higher levels will be after you to get help every time. This is a mess you don't want to get into.
  3. Farewell for now

    Good luck man !!
  4. CP under plate coat

    I don't wear a shirt over the protector with my plate coat. I have seen guys wear a light weight under shirt - that matches the coat.
  5. A friend of mine is working the LLWS. After his plate game, he walked into the locker room and the MLB crew was in there. He said that they got to chill and talk with the guys for about 30 minutes or so. He also said that the game was great - the entire event was amazing and everyone (pro players and umps) seemed to have a great time with the kids.
  6. I am sure that everything has been OK'd by MLB, the Union and LLB. This is a cool idea - they are playing an MLB game in Williamsport - looks like MLB and LLB are trying to start a tradition?
  7. CBUAO looking for members

    Are you thinking about joining the college ranks? The CBUAO is taking applications. The CBUAO assigns in the Northeast, NY, NJ, PA and probably more areas. Use this link for information: http://cbuao.com/2017/07/calling-all-umpires-cbuao-wants-you/ I believe that they contact you for a field try-out as part of the application process.
  8. Two Umpires Make Opposite Call

    Sorry man, sometimes I have a hard time telling on here. - the word EXPERT drives me nuts. Ex = something former, spurt = drip under pressure.
  9. Two Umpires Make Opposite Call

    3-man - We don't go out on all fly balls - just the same trouble balls as 2-man.
  10. Thanks Gil - I should have known you might have the info . Do you have the rest of the breakdown?
  11. Those guys are so strong and quick - it is really tough to tell from the camera in left center - U1 had the angle, they argued balls and strikes - shower time. I would like to know the % of ejections that are balls and strikes this year. Seems like the players/managers don't learn.
  12. At the MLB level and even college levels - the catcher has a lot to do with getting pitches called strikes. If the catcher receives it incorrectly, THEY will not get the pitch. Believe it or not - perception does count at that level and the pitcher and catcher both know it. This pitch is a little different, because the catcher had to make the backhand to get himself in a position to throw - maybe the umpire just missed the pitch - sometimes that happens. Is it right? Maybe not, but that is the way it is.
  13. Darrin Sealey Resigns

    My understanding is this: My assignor applies for conferences or basically bids on them. They bid on prices, number of umpires etc. It might include per diem and stuff like that too. D-1 programs pay big money for conference weekends for 3 or 4 umpires. It works the same for summer college ball. For example my group does the Cape Cod League and the Hamptons league in NY, The COG guys for the NECBL. Now, how do the 'Big Conferences' do it? I am not sure if they put it out to bid or not.
  14. Darrin Sealey Resigns

    I think it had something to do with the ACC application process? Maybe something that came out? Not really sure - but those would be my guess
  15. Darrin Sealey Resigns

    It really bugs me when I hear guys saying they were 'in the war'. My father in law was in Europe during WWII, his brothers were too - they never talk about it. He is now in a beautiful Veteran's Home, and the respect they get is second to none. None of them talk about what they did. I had 2 uncles that were 'just in the army' in WWII. We never knew until after their deaths, that 1 was a gunner on a bomber, and the other was in the 2nd Rangers Batt. They were never 'heroes' in their minds, they just did what had to be done. I also worked with many Nam vets when I first started on the job 30 years ago. They were Rangers, artillery, Navy and "just a grunt" as they put it. Never offered info, but would answer if asked. How dare someone try to 'be a hero' when they didn't earn it.