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    I have been umpiring since 1980, starting in LL. I am now working college, high school, American Legion and yes, still doing LL. I have umpired in tournaments as far away as Guam.

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    Career Fire Captain / Paramedic
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    College (D-2, D-3, D-1 non-conf, CCBL), High School, American Legion, LL regionals/WS
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  1. don't read into FED tests too deeply, or you will mess yourself up more than the test does. Read down through all of the answers and pick which ones are correct - look for an answer that has all of the above or the correct choices you found. If you find 2 answers that could be correct, and don't find an option of choosing those 2 or all of the above - look for a word change from the rule in the 2 answers you like. These seem to work well for me.
  2. with 2 outs, or pitcher in wind-up
  3. We still have the weather for it - , but It's not hockey time anymore
  4. Do I sense a disturbance in the Red Sox Nation force?
  5. For summer ball: Do you belong to an association or work directly for an individual assigner? Legion - Our HS group work the games. Assigned by a member of the group - College summer - work for college assignor - Little League - assigned by district UIC If an association, how often do they meet? Varies by association - in general meet once before the season Do they provide training? Yes - during the spring (school season) Do they have an evaluation process? Nothing formal that I know of How long are your meetings? Varies What is the average attendance? Do they have multi-year contracts with leagues or is it year to year? College summer (Cape) yes Do they have a website and would you be willing to provide a link? , If you work for an individual, do they arrange for any training? Yes - offer clinics Anything else you are willing to volunteer We do not have any youth assignors that use the position as a job
  6. Extra shoes and a mask are all I have extras of - I generally don't do 2 plates in a day, so no need for the rest of the stuff.
  7. I agree with Maven - if it came out while he is attempting the throw to 2B - no balk, as he can feint to the base. He may have been trying to feint, and the ball came out during the arm motion..
  8. I don't mind them asking - they may not have seen it. Give the quick - no stop reply then move on. If he continues, like Maven said "In my opinion" locks it up - he has no place to go then. If your balking in the winning run, then you may get the big blow-up, but generally speaking, they will ask, disagree and move on. Basically it is an agree to disagree arrangement and we continue on.
  9. Mine is my regular coat size. It is cut properly for the fit.
  10. wear what works for you. If 1 bag is crowded, wear 2. I wear 1 for HS and 2 for college and Legion - depends on the number of baseballs you are carrying. An XL ball bag works well until it gets worn out for 4 or so baseballs.
  11. gnhbua93 and I were both standing there when he gave us the scoop on the coats. I guess tradition is going away - too bad, because if they fit you correctly, they are very comfortable to work in.
  12. We heard from our college supplier the other day - no one is making them. I asked who makes them for MLB, he said that the company that makes them will not make them for retail. They also make the MLB ball bags, and will not retail them. Chuck said he cannot find them anywhere -
  13. What happens if you don't make the call and your partner isn't in position to see it? You need to make the call, then if needed after the play, there is a discussion with your partner to see what he had. If you are in B or C, there are obviously other runners to worry about, and he may be watching them. If he doesn't give you any information to change your call, then you go with it. It is the BU place to make the call, not the PU - we need to do our best to see the foot/tag (adjust).
  14. Pleasure for me too Mario - call 'em like you see 'em Brother
  15. I agree - I am talking for comfort for me.