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  1. American Legion Rule Changes

    I also have some mixed feelings about the 7 inning games. It is nice to have a 9 inning game with two good teams playing - a 7 inning game can feel pretty short and a mistake or two can really bury you. On the other hand, trying to run a tournament where you're playing four 9 inning games in one day can get long, especially if there are any delays whatsoever. Those loser-out games between teams with no pitching left can be pretty brutal having to go 9 innings as well. Overall I think the change is a good one. It will also allow some of the teams from smaller towns to have a little more of a chance as the pitching demands won't be quite so great. Having to play four or five 9 inning games in 4 or 5 days really wears down a pitching staff. With the pitch count, am I right that if you throw more than 80 pitches on a Wednesday you can't throw at all until Monday? I'm all for protecting arms but that seems a little much to me.
  2. What a call!

    Great call; looked like Counsell was arguing that the fielder pushed him off the bag...really Craig?
  3. ALWS

    Yeah, those darn Cliff Keen shirts...at least they're free!
  4. ALWS

    What's the experience like in Shelby? I know a couple people who have done one and have good things to say. Had you worked an ALWS before?
  5. My goodness that's about as easy a call as you'll see. Would have been interesting to hear what Hinch was arguing - that there was no contact? Doesn't seem like you see very often where the crew chief comes in and gets the EJ. Is that the usual practice for the CC to come in during a fairly civil argument and tell the coach he has to stop or be ejected? Seems like that should have been PU's job. I'm not a Joe West basher by the way...
  6. Double Play Attempt

    Being discussed in the UEFL page...
  7. I think he was agreeing that the runner's attempt to interfere with the throw from F3 to F6 for the first out did not lead to hindrance (the slide is a separate issue). I know maven will be back so I'll let him fill in the rest.
  8. Interesting play. I don't think the runner trying to get in the way of the throw to 2B is an infraction since it caused no hindrance. The slide and return throw is more fuzzy, but I don't think the runner hindered the throw but obviously that is debatable. I see Gregorious making a sloppy throw, not necessarily because of the runner. I'm guessing that is why the call was not overturned, because the video did not have indisputable evidence that the umpire's judgement was wrong on the field and there was no rules misapplication? Certainly an easy INT call on the slide in FED, NCAA, etc...
  9. Full brawl NYY vrs Detroit Tigers

    Seems it's kind of like fighting in hockey where they only half-heartedly punish it. Almost like it's something to drum up excitement during a long regular season. I could really care less about pros throwing at each other, but the part that annoys me is when high school (or lower) teams start to think that every time someone gets beaned there's intent behind it because they see it on tv. We have one coach in our area who likes to play that card and I just want to say you're watching too much sportscenter coach.
  10. Tough night for crew in angels-rangers game

    On the fair/foul one, I'll avoid discussing the judgment aspect of the call, but how do you avoid the "double call?" Seems like it is a tough spot on this type of play where the ball is touched right about at that front edge of the base where the PU's responsibility ends and the BU's begins.
  11. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/20389152/umpires-ban-together-ian-kinsler-criticism-angel-hernandez
  12. I don't see the big deal; it's a time call for Pete's sake. If the umpire feels he needs time so be it. He clearly came out with the "time" call before the pitcher began his delivery, so those comments on the CCS article are nonsense. I always hate it when teams chirp about "calling time when the pitcher was already started" - by the time you decide you're going to call time and verbalize/signal it, sure the pitcher could be starting his delivery, but so it goes. He also could have sat there for another 5 seconds for all we knew. There had to have been some other bad blood boiling between the umpire and the Cardinals in order to get that reaction out of them, and it sounds like there was. Some of the comments on the article about the umpire being the aggressor are pretty unfair IMO...Molina pretty clearly and aggressively starts the confrontation.
  13. confusion at 2b-

    I know I'd have a hard time processing all of that in real time; good to see that even an MLB guy can too.
  14. Balk?

    If you are able to slow it down and drag on the cursor between the :02 and :03 marks, it looks like he stepped off but before the pivot foot hit the ground his front side started moving. Really close though. In real time, something just doesn't look right. Guess he would've been safe anyways, so the balk just saved the pitcher a ball
  15. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/20354481/ian-kinsler-detroit-tigers-rips-angel-hernandez-day-umpire-messing-baseball-games Now tell us how you really feel Ian...