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  2. I don't see the big deal; it's a time call for Pete's sake. If the umpire feels he needs time so be it. He clearly came out with the "time" call before the pitcher began his delivery, so those comments on the CCS article are nonsense. I always hate it when teams chirp about "calling time when the pitcher was already started" - by the time you decide you're going to call time and verbalize/signal it, sure the pitcher could be starting his delivery, but so it goes. He also could have sat there for another 5 seconds for all we knew. There had to have been some other bad blood boiling between the umpire and the Cardinals in order to get that reaction out of them, and it sounds like there was. Some of the comments on the article about the umpire being the aggressor are pretty unfair IMO...Molina pretty clearly and aggressively starts the confrontation.
  3. I know I'd have a hard time processing all of that in real time; good to see that even an MLB guy can too.
  4. If you are able to slow it down and drag on the cursor between the :02 and :03 marks, it looks like he stepped off but before the pivot foot hit the ground his front side started moving. Really close though. In real time, something just doesn't look right. Guess he would've been safe anyways, so the balk just saved the pitcher a ball
  5. Now tell us how you really feel Ian...
  6. Wow, that is a disaster of a play! No idea how I would have handled that
  7. 3 man mechanics. R1, 1 out. I'm in C (U3). Batter hits a low rocket to F5, who gloves the ball right at ground level. F5 didn't take a step in any direction, basically just reached down in front of his left foot to make the catch. Whether it was a catch or no catch was very close, although I only heard 1 sound and did not see anything that would have led me to a call of no catch. R1 took off running when the ball was hit and F5 immediately threw to 1B without selling a catch or even glancing toward 2B. I made no call on the catch as I thought/hoped that PU would. PU also made no call on the catch. CCA mechanics say balls in front of the F5 are PU's responsibility and that balls toward the middle of the diamond are U3's responsibility, so this seems like a bit of a gray area. We got together after the play. PU was not sure if the ball was caught or not, while I and U1 had a catch. We called it a catch and R1 out for a DP. Just wondering how we could have handled this better. Should I have immediately come out with a loud and clear catch call as I would have if this ball were hit to F6 or F4? My worry there is that PU comes out with the opposite and we have a double call. Or should I just sell it immediately and clean up the mess if we do end up with a double call? Should PU and U3 make eye contact before signalling a call?
  8. Where in the world was U1 here?
  9. It appears as though the batter ended up hitting a double, driving in a run to give COL a 2-1 lead. I suppose that gives some context as to why Bowa was barking during the commercial break. Totally agree that pitch is often going to be called a ball with the catcher standing up and stabbing the ball down as he catches it. In a game we amateurs do without pitchcast, you'd probably hear as many complaints calling that a strike as you would a ball just due to the catcher making it look low.
  10. Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is the COG? I'd never heard of it before this thread. Does it only involve baseball? Separate from CBUA? Did a little googling on them and it looked like they oversee some of the eastern conferences?
  11. I don't necessarily condone walking off the field, but when teams are struggling to find umpires (maybe they aren't in this area, idk) or perhaps being cheap and only being willing to pay 1, they shouldn't treat the umpires negatively. I don't see why teams feel they are entitled to "chirping" and "usual grousing." Sorry dudes, enjoy your town ball games.
  12. Seems like a rotten deal for the defense; you go and tell the umpire what you want to do, and because the umpire misunderstands or incorrectly writes down your substitution, your bullpen and outfield are blown up for the rest of the game? Hard to believe that you could apparently get "Belisle for Rosario" when Molitor wanted "Pressly for Polanco." Bizarre situation...
  13. Seems strange that the PU wouldn't have noticed that the pitcher warming up didn't match what he had written down on his lineup card. If he did notice it, would it be something he should ask the coach about, or do you let it go until someone asks?
  14. @johnnyg08, I appreciate the question as it is a rare scenario that many people could umpire many years and never see. Thank you
  15. I apologize for using the search function for a situation that's already been discussed and adding to it.