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  1. The NCAA does not accept that...I have had partners that have been scolded for ejecting after using that as their warning. This crossed my mind as well. We'll probably never know I guess.
  2. Hopefully the NCAA doesn't give the umpire the reprimand that he didn't say "this is your official warning, if you continue to argue you will be ejected." Perhaps he did prior, just can't quite tell from the video. From this end it seems like a bit of a quick ejection.
  3. only video I could find...
  4. Thanks, I must have been thinking of changing a foul ball to fair.
  5. True, but they allow for it on a no catch. It would be a pretty rotten deal if you had a 400 foot fly ball with tying run on third in the 9th inning that was reversed to a catch and your runner isn't allowed to score and you lose by a run.
  6. Yes, the rule is that the runners do not advance. Seems like one where the umpire's mistake put the offense at a disadvantage, wonder why they don't allow for the umpires to place runners as they see appropriate like they do when a catch is reversed to a no catch?
  7. Wondering if anyone has video of the no catch that was reviewed and called a catch in the Wake Forest - Florida game yesterday (Monday)? I did some searching but couldn't find it. Might not be much to see but someone was asking me about the play so I was curious to see it. I believe it was in the 2nd or 3rd inning with Florida batting.
  8. Interesting strategy; I think I'd have a hard time giving up bases loaded and 1 out in the first inning to trade a run for an out. My guess is the first conference was to make sure no one killed the play prematurely and to accurately place runners.
  9. I have my doubts about an electronic strike zone speeding up the game, but really with all the replay even base umpires are hardly needed. Anything that isn't obvious is reviewed anyways (or could be), but they'd have to come up with a system that doesn't slow the game down terribly.
  10. Interesting, did not think of them being additive...
  11. Where are you getting 7 games from? 5-16(b) Physical Abuse of Game Officials or Umpires -- Any threat of physical intimidation or harm to include pushing, shoving, contact, kicking dirt on an umpire, spitting, spraying, throwing at or attempting to make physical contact. PENALTY for a. and b. -- If a player, coach or team representative is ejected from a contest because of physically abusing an umpire or fighting an opposing player, the following shall be enforced: (1) For the first offense by an individual, ejection plus suspension from the team's next four contests. (2) For a second offense by an individual in the same season, ejection plus suspension from the team's next five contests. (3) For a third offense by an individual in the same season, ejection and suspension for the remainder of the season, including postseason competition.
  12. Probably one of the easiest suspensions they've ever given. I saw this happen while I was at the gym with no volume on the tv so I didn't realize it was an assistant coach - what in the world was she doing out there? I don't follow softball but it appears their rule is about the same as baseball's. I believe UCLA had a similar play called obstruction that went against them in an earlier game in the tournament, so I'm guessing that played a role in the outburst.
  13. Even in the low-level NCAA ball I do that casual profanity is rampant. I've had coaches swear during their arguments but that's not what I'm talking about. Players yelling the F word every time they get out, etc...I don't see much of a place for it in the game. After all, those NCAA commercials always say "400,000 athletes, and most of us will go pro in something other than sports." How many professions would tolerate you screaming profanities on a regular basis (coaching it appears)? It would be a slippery slope to try to legislate against it though, as you said. I guess it's just more disappointing that coaches allow their players to do it.
  14. I'm sure this has been on here before but couldn't find much in the search with the number of OBS topics that are on the site. R1, batter hits a ball to the gap and R1 has to make sure it's not caught so he's not running hard until the ball hits the ground. R1 is held up at third and the BR rounds second hard but has to throw on the brakes since the runner in front of him stopped. Throw from the outfield is cut off and the defense has an opportunity to throw out the BR coming back to second. In going back to the base, the BR is obstructed by the F6. FED rules say the minimum award is one base, but in order to do that you'd have to award the lead runner home as well. Is this a situation where you would not award a minimum of one base?