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  1. Smitty is also the nickname of a gentleman with the last name Smith who invented an officiating product widely used today and started a company that eventually became Smitty Officials Apparel. I'm glad we've all outgrown the other non-related reference.
  2. As I understand it "titanium" the metal is quite expensive to process. There were some retailers several years back that sold a "titanium" frame although it was only that in color, not metal. I can't speak for Boombah's titanium catcher mask. You guys have been smart enough to realize that silver frame masks are not made of silver and Wilson chest protectors are not made of gold.
  3. Not available. Magnessium is a nice metal for umpire masks but didn't sell well enough for Champro (or us) to keep around. Champro, like others, have moved to a less expensive aluminum alloy over magnessium and titanium.
  4. Now I understand. We made a rookie mistake. To get a shipping quote on the site, an item ordered by itself has to have a weight. We neglected to add a weight for this product. Now fixed. Thanks for heads up.
  5. Yes. We carry all current Force3 products on the umpire side. Does that answer your question?
  6. Yes, the combos could work depending on the size of your legs. I'm sure others here have gone that route.
  7. Certainly can mention next time we meet with them. I do like that feature. My guess is it was considered but may have been cost-prohibitive compared to the price point desired - as adding the feature will increase the cost to some degree.
  8. Waist size. I don't know anything about Nike or Under Armour tights fitting (maybe I should) but only about the tights we offer. When someone mentions a sizing issue I look to our return rate percentages to look for a red flag. There is not one here. This item is returned less than 1 in 20 purchases. That tells me that's a good indication that the sizing is working for the overwhelming majority of wearers. Ordering your waist size is almost always the best bet on all the products we offer without overthinking it. If we have a concern about an item and it consistently runs small, we'll say so in the description. (e.g. Fechheimer pants come to mind we used to carry, current Champro pants we are discontinuing and older model NB MU450 plate shoes running narrow). I'm definitely not a fan of having products where the sizing is not right, which is why we spent so much time looking at these tights this week. Having said all that @Thunderheads, If something about your body type/size always seems to work out by ordering a size down in tights, then trust your instincts. Hope that helps.
  9. Love seeing all the good words from you @umpstu and others. Here's a special PSA to all Umpire-Empire readers: Poly spandex pants stock will start to be an issue very soon on popular sizes of plate and base given the HIGH demand. As expected, and despite 2 significant size orders on our part, we are already out of stock of a few sizes and the next set of stock are not set to arrive at Smitty until July.
  10. I've taken a few days to respond in order to do some due diligence on these. Scott, Paul and myself have discussed together plus we've communicated with Jason Klein at Force3 for his input. After all that, my opinion is that these tights will fit MOST using the waist size scale provided. Force3 did extensive work to ensure the size chart was as accurate as possible to begin with for most waist and leg size combinations. We did our own as well. First, we compared leg area width to that of the Smitty tights and the Smitty tights do taper more than the Force3 tights taper in the thigh area as waist sizes decrease. Therefore, it is possible as @majordave alluded to that there may be some who are really thin in the thighs who these tights may not fit properly. We tested 2 individuals in the the tights on near-opposite ends of the spectrum. 1 with large thighs in a 2X size and 1 with medium thighs in a M. Both were in their waist size. Photos are enclosed for both and as you can see there are no issues. For those who might have tiny thighs, another saving grace for this year could be that the Kevlar pad inserts are about 25% lighter than the originals (S-XL have the newer / 2X and above stock stil available on last year's version as of writing). So if there would be any sliding-down issues on those whose thighs are smallest then perhaps this issue will now be less prevalent. Therefore, if you are considering these tights for your season, I would NOT recommend sizing down (as the thigh size will not decrease anyway). Wear your normal size. I hope that helps.
  11. Quite perceptive @gnhbua93. He is. V2 Defender Mask with silver frame and tan pads.
  12. You have good eyes. Low cuts, yes.
  13. I'm weird like that, too, so we are all a part of that club. However, I have not seen it but may keep an eye out.
  14. Yes, he's wearing the poly spandex. They do look sharp for sure. Really glad you like yours and thanks for saying so.
  15. 3X was largest for Majestic. Smitty goes to 4X.