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  1. Stock arrived today - a week earlier than expected - and all sizes are back in stock of plate and base...for now.
  2. Good way to put that. According to New Balance, they will continue to be the provider of MLB umpire shoes.
  3. I appreciate the good words. WE WOULD LOVE TO BE THE OFFICIAL SUPPLIER OF LITTLE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL. We have tried on numerous occasions to reach out to multiple people there. No one there has ever gotten back to us. If you have a specific contact/know someone, have them contact us.
  4. Listening...stay tuned.
  5. FYI: Wilson shared with us last week that they will continue to be the official MLB supplier of umpire gear.
  6. I'm glad the word is getting out. I'm not sure that everyone understands the benefit of our new free returns policy. The free returns policy is NOT JUST that we don't hassle you about giving you a full credit on the price of the item when you return it. The returns policy (in the contiguous U.S) is: We WILL credit you for the price of the item and; WE'LL PAY FOR THE SHIPPING COST BACK TO US In other words, the risk of something not fitting or not being to your liking is ON US, not you. You guys get nickled and dimed enough. So take my new friend @SAEJohn and his situation as an example. He could order all 3 of the items we carry, try them all on in the comfort of his own home, pick his favorite and send the other 2 back. We pay for the shipping. He can easily print in less than 1 minute right from our returns page. And it's not just gear. It's name it. Not sure which size pant will fit best? Order 2 sizes and send the other one back. We know many of you don't have a store in your local area. So we want to bring the store to you. It's already on your mobile device, and now with free returns it's now at your home.
  7. It did hit me "maybe he's narrowed it down to these he's read the guide". Good stuff. Thanks. Made my day to know that.
  8. You might find this buying guide helpful, especially with 3 of the 4 that you mentioned are discussed in some way or another.
  9. We were offered a chance to retail these. We were worried about how well the rubbery (flex) part would hold up over time...especially when the current Nutty Buddy is already so well loved. So we passed.
  10. They had more good stuff than I can ever remember. Thanks for promoting. I bid on some things myself and not sure if I won out. Haven't had time to look today.
  11. Max, With all due respect, Smitty is not changing their name. I've said it before. The name Smitty came from an actual person's nickname that started the company. His last name was Smith. Who else knows a guy named Smith they nicknamed Smitty? I do. He's a friend in high school who's now a doctor. I will add that Smitty has worked very hard to improve the quality of products since their inception about 9 years ago or so. Everyone knows that. Is everything perfect? Of course not. If you look at our website reviews, there are many products with many great reviews and several with some not-so-good. Each year, the positives go up and negatives go down (the new poly spandex and poly wool pants are evidence of better products in the marketplace as well as their commitment to it). The ideal brand name? Probably not. Smitty has also added many products compared to their competitors in the market. For us, I count we have 164 total Smitty products. I know how much work and investment that amounts to. Besides, they have nearly 20 hard-working staff in Canton, Ohio. Plus they are owned by a retired NBA basketball official. I estimate we, alone, have over 50,000 customers who wear and/or use Smitty products. I know you mean well. Feel free to suggest actual golf pants for use on the bases if that helps anyone, but I think your comments are off-base and not a reflection of the overwhelming majority of umpires out there.
  12. Smitty is also the nickname of a gentleman with the last name Smith who invented an officiating product widely used today and started a company that eventually became Smitty Officials Apparel. I'm glad we've all outgrown the other non-related reference.
  13. As I understand it "titanium" the metal is quite expensive to process. There were some retailers several years back that sold a "titanium" frame although it was only that in color, not metal. I can't speak for Boombah's titanium catcher mask. You guys have been smart enough to realize that silver frame masks are not made of silver and Wilson chest protectors are not made of gold.
  14. Not available. Magnessium is a nice metal for umpire masks but didn't sell well enough for Champro (or us) to keep around. Champro, like others, have moved to a less expensive aluminum alloy over magnessium and titanium.
  15. Now I understand. We made a rookie mistake. To get a shipping quote on the site, an item ordered by itself has to have a weight. We neglected to add a weight for this product. Now fixed. Thanks for heads up.