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  1. Thanks for alll the ideas. I will share them.
  2. Will add the suggestion that we make the wings removable and/or to make them lower profile or without the shell. Something different for sure as not everyone likes the wings and removes. Bigger guys who umpire lower levels tend to be the ones who are good with them. Small frame guys it's almost unnecessary. Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. The Jet one is the one I have. You are correct.
  4. I ordered this indicator from a different site than above as the price and unfamiliar brand made it worth exploring. I'm going to suspend my policy of NOT talking bad about products we do not offer, but this indicator is a No-Go. It came shrink-wrapped in a thin greenish plastic, I wasn't sure if it was intended to stay on or not but the plastic easily started to come of in places. I attempted to remove the plastic, but I was not able to get the all the plastic off. A sticky residue and marks were left as well.
  5. Good question. We will soon be meeting with their new person in charge of the team gear line that includes umpire gear. Our suggestions we will be emphasizing are harness improvement, a lower profile memory foam padding and longer chest protector options. These will most likely not happen for spring 2018 inventory but we are hopeful for fall 2019 for at least the first 2 suggestions. Any other suggestions, do not hesitate and will pass them along.
  6. Kevlar Lining in Force3 Mask Pads, Chest Protector, and Tights Pads. Zorbium Foam (military grade) in Team Wendy Mask Pads.
  7. Ah-ha. THIS if the first I heard of the NUMBERS paint fading. Sorry I misunderstood that. We'll reach out to Champro right away. I just checked Markwort's catalog and could not locate a 3/2/2 3-dial steel. I do see a 4/3/3. If you come across one, send me a note as I'd be eager to add it to the selection.
  8. Lots of good indicator ideas. A few insights on indicators. 1) The All-Star Steel indicator several of you have mentioned has become the best reviewed indicator this year. 2) The Markwort stainless has been one of my favorite indicators for years but several price increases from Markwort have had us raising the price more than we'd like. So the idea of a 3-dial option that's a 4/3/3 I'm not as excited about asking them to do. 3) Optic yellow dials are the trend. More are going that route these days over the white. 4) On the issue of words "strike", "balls" and "outs" running off, Champro was to have fixed that over a year ago. 5) A customer gave us a good technique to keep the paint from fading if you wanted extra insurance. There's nothing else on the horizon in new indicators that I'm aware of. We'll keep our eyes out. For now, looks like the plan is for umpires to find the BEST available option for them. (If not quite the PERFECT). GOOD TOPIC! Love talking indicators. BTW-Sorting for the most popular umpire indicators in the last 12 months, you'll find these.
  9. Thanks @BrianC14 for the kind words and the business. You are correct. The material is substantially different so not possible to match the color exactly to the poly-wools or polyester. To ease your fears, I do know MANY college umpires went with the poly spandex this year knowing their crews may not match just so. I was at a regional game where everyone but 1 were wearing the PolySpandex. No one appeared to notice the one umpire in the lighter poly-wools. For future sake, if could share the number of pants bought poly vs poly-wool vs poly-spandex this year, you would see that there is a BIG WAVE of umpires moving to the poly spandex. As @conbo61 alluded to, this shouldn't be that much of a concern...especially moving forward. Enjoy the pants. Look forward to seeing more feedback on them here.
  10. There is not.
  11. Somewhere in the 30-40% of pants purchased by all umpires are heather grey. I would encourage you to try a pair of the charcoal, if you want. We'd be happy to pay the returns shipping back if they don't work for you or aren't close enough to doing so. If after looking at them (and the female heather grey when they come out next month if you want there as well), feel free to send me a PM with suggestions for any changes for a female fit, and I will share them personally with Joe DeRosa at Smitty.
  12. Not a dumb question, but could be a dumb answer depending on your interest in colors. Today, we just added heather grey poly spandex and that same heather grey will be available in a women's cut in about a month. So for those, we would have a photo of those....maybe you can be the model.
  13. Stock arrived today - a week earlier than expected - and all sizes are back in stock of plate and base...for now.
  14. Good way to put that. According to New Balance, they will continue to be the provider of MLB umpire shoes.
  15. I appreciate the good words. WE WOULD LOVE TO BE THE OFFICIAL SUPPLIER OF LITTLE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL. We have tried on numerous occasions to reach out to multiple people there. No one there has ever gotten back to us. If you have a specific contact/know someone, have them contact us.