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  1. Assigning Expectations

    Around here, this would simply result in good or moderately good umpires being replaced by horrible umpires, because, "Man ... those guys we used to work with are WAY too difficult! They have no understanding WHATSOEVER how little control I have over changes in the schedule. Greedy SOBs!"
  2. That was certainly true, as you say, "Many, MANY years ago, but going to the grass to take the pivot man out hasn't been part of the game in my lifetime (1963) and I grew up a die-hard Reds fan with a little known roughneck player named Rose who popped up, Barrell Rolled, reached, kicked, tripped, bowled over, and like during Michael Jordan's day ... it was often said he was given special treatment by the refs, there's no doubt that Rose was given special treatment by the Umps. They really started flirting with INT when guys like Albert Belle were getting away with forearming guys to the ground half way to 2B.
  3. 2018 POE

  4. 2018 POE

    Rick (see above); I think this is a better reply than, “OK.” And if spoken in the right tone, it says something a bit differently without having too much sarcasm. ”OK” is obviously just a way of saying, “Shut up.” ”How ‘bout that?” IMHO says, “Wow — interesting — you’ve been getting away with unenforced rules ... that’s pretty lucky. Well, Sir, not today.”
  5. 2018 POE

    Truly sorry if that’s the way it is where you work. Not the case here. In fact, our State Director preaches repeatedly, “If you guys go by the RuleBook, we can back you up every time and we won’t even entertain Ccoach complaints. “Vary from the RuleBook and we have a hard time supporting you.” Coaches have been disciplined for trying to vote out (blackball) an official from a postseason District Tourney for being “too black & white by the book ... e.g., delaying the game to put the kids in the dugout ... making cheap INT calls ... calling balks that didn’t deceive anyone ...” These coaches are usually told, “Ya know, it’s a privilege to play, and especially to “host” the postseason tourneys. If you’re gonna knock one of my best umpires for going too literally by the book, all that means is you don’t like the rule ... it tells me he’s doing precisely what he should, and what a lot of guys refuse to do. Lodge a written complaint about the rule ... not the man who enforces it.”
  6. 2018 POE

    Absolutely ridiculous.
  7. 2018 POE

    Seriously. Proofread your posts for typos. It’s too hard to read. It’s not quite English.
  8. "Look, I'm just here for the kids." (I don't know the rule or interpretation you're trying to explain to me, and I'm sure as hell not going to take the time to learn it, so I'll do my best to shame you into thinking you're taking this too seriously.) "Control the things we can control ... don't worry about the stuff we can't." (The Plate Umpire sucks. Deal with it.) "Come on, Blue, call it both ways." (Blue, I really don't want you to give the opposing team that call, but my son's pitching, and I expect 4-5" off the plate to be a strike.) "Balk? What'd he do?" (I can't stand umpires who enforce balks ... they don't enforce them in MLB, so why should I learn the balk rules.) "Interference? He was trying to get out of the way!!" (F2 was throwing to 2nd) (I hate the interference rule, mostly because I don’t know it.) "Blue, that's Interference! He didn't even try to get out of the way!!" (F2 was throwing to 3rd) (I hate the interference rule, mostly because I don’t know it.) "It's not where he catches it, Blue ... it's where it crosses the plate!" (I don't really know what that means, and I can’t see anything from here, but I've heard my husband say that 1000 times and it sounds like it raises my “Baseball IQ.”) "Appeal 1B ... he missed 1B!!" (That 3-run bomb is really gonna hurt.) "Blue ... is he coming set?" (I can't stand umpires who enforce balks ... but I think I can piss this guy off.) "What do you mean he was out for running lane interference???" (Ball was bunted right in front of the plate) (What's the running lane???) "Why isn’t he out for running lane interference???" (Ball was hit to F6). (Blue just changed the running lane rule.) “What do you mean Obstruction on my 1st Baseman? The batter ran around him ... he was out of baseline!” (Ball was hit to the RC gap) (What's Obstruction???)
  9. Common BS Comments — Translations Included

    Like in game 5 Yeah ... but I agreed with Smoltz 1000%. He (Bill Miller) was very consistent in giving 2-3" on that side of the plate all night for both teams. I read news posts all over the internet the following day about his "terrible" strike zone. 2-3" and consistent all night and consistent between teams is not "terrible," it's a very well called game. He established his zone in the 1st inning, then he likely missed 3-4 pitches in 10 innings. Perfectly par for the course in MLB. In the infamous Eric Gregg game 20 years ago, he established his zone and missed zero pitches in 9 innings. When you widen the zone by 8" on each side of the plate, it's hard to miss a pitch.
  10. Common BS Comments — Translations Included

    I enjoyed and agree with all six of these contributions. And you are very astute in your translation to #5. But there is a third option ... There are subtle rules (especially safety rules in FED) that go unnoticed by umpires. They would enforce the catcher's headgear rule if they made it a priority to check it, but most don't ... so the Head Coach is not actually lying, but he also knows the rule and is playing dumb to avoid accountability. He was at the same state rules meeting that emphasized all the safety rules as the umpires were ... so ... he's still a RAT for saying this. (Yes, Ives ... I said it).
  11. Common BS Comments — Translations Included

    And Rich, you're taking the entire post too personally since you're a coach. I'm just here for the kids.
  12. Relocating due to rain

    … or C … or D … or K … No one makes more money umpiring in a concentrated stretch of time than in a travel ball tourney. Far above a HS DH. It’s rare that I’m scheduled fewer than 4 games in a day. College Guys who’ve worked themselves into a lucrative conference still always end up calling summer travel ball since it’s still the best gig in town.
  13. Assigning Expectations

    FROM MY PERSPECTIVE AS THE Asst Coach/GM: 1) If I'm the Asst Coach/GM, and the situation in the OP happens, then I suck ... and the umpires are not gonna get shafted. The umpires will not be the last to hear that there is a delay because of an unfit field, or a reschedule, or a change of venue. I can honestly say it never happened when I was in that role. My son played travel ball for a team during his High School summers and falls that ALWAYS asked me to umpire, ALWAYS offered to pay me, I never accepted payment in cash (the moms slipped some Cracker Barrel gift cards to my wife a few times which was very nice), but I was able to relax with the fact that I always knew the umpires would be well-informed, since I was half of the crew. 2) If I were the GM (and not an umpire), and any of the above scenarios occurred, I'd get on it right away with the umpires (or assignor if we went through one) and weigh all the options. "George, we're gonna have to delay the first game 2 1/2 hours just to let the field dry out. I'll either pay your guys half a game fee extra if they can work with my head coach and work 12:30 and 3:00, or I'll take a new crew, or I'll take a split crew ... I'll even take just one umpire and pay him 50% more for game 2 if that's all we can do." (And that's assuming the guys didn't find out about the long delay after they left home). In other words ... I realize I'm throwing a huge curveball ... it can't be helped due to Mother Nature ... but I want the guys to feel appreciated, and I want them to come back ... and I want them to remember me as the guy that went out of my way to take care of them. FROM MY PERSPECTIVE AS AN UMPIRE: This kind of thing, as inexcusable as it sounds, has happened to me so many times I couldn't take a stab at guessing the number. I would leave, grab lunch, watch a game on TV, find something to do for two hours (which really isn't hard to do), and either stay and do the 3:00 game for no additional (expected) compensation, or if I literally couldn't because of a prior commitment, I'd tell the coaches and my assignor at 10:00 am and help find a replacement for that 2nd game. (With my kids mostly grown, I don't recall an incident where I scheduled something so tightly that I couldn't stay). My point here is, $hit happens in baseball that shouldn't, but I wouldn't insist on additional compensation even though I just stated that I'd offer it as a goodwill gesture if I were on the other end (GM). As Michael Keaton (Bill) so eloquently stated in the movie NIGHT SHIFT, when he was feuding with Henry Winkler (Chuck): Bill: "I gave you a hundred bucks." Chuck: "Yeah, well, I didn't ask for it." Bill: "I know! That's what made it such a beautiful gesture on my part..." Just this past summer, I showed up for the first of what was going to be four 15u Tourney Games with one of my favorite partners. The Tournament Director was using only High School Certified umpires from my Association, and he just "forgot" to tell our assignor about a schedule change. So as we walked to Field 1 about 10 minutes before game time, we passed Field 2 and noticed they looked ready to start, but had no umps. One of the TD's underlings asked me ... without even an introduction, "Can you gear up and take that game? (pointing to Field 2)" "Hi, I'm Bob ... (extending my hand.) What have we got here?" "I think we have two umps running late." (Translated: Field 2 is starting an hour earlier than your schedule says) "Well, Sir, I'm gonna have to say no unless I'm told otherwise by my assignor. We're following the schedule you have online." So, sure enough, after half an inning, the young lackey motions me over to the fence with a cell phone in his hand and says, "It's your assignor ... he needs to talk to you." My assignor didn't TELL me to do anything ... he kindly "asked" if I would bail these people out by gearing up and starting the game on Field 2 solo, my partner would stay on 1 and work solo, and when the other umps arrived, we could either switch partners or switch back. I told him, "Yes Sir ... I'm on it." When the other two umpires showed up, they were turned away at the gate by one of the other young (and mis-informed) lackeys, and told that they had been replaced "since they were late." (Now, I do fault them for taking the kid's word for it and not walking up to the fields to check, but they were pissed, so they just left.) They stopped to get a brew and called our assignor and told him they'd been turned away and replaced. So after two games solo, my original partner and I got our first chance to sit down and talk, and my phone rang. It's our assignor who wants to know who turned the other guys away. Of course, we had no idea, we just knew that the TD caused the problem with a schedule change (he emailed the coaches ... he never even changed the website schedule, let alone informed the assignor) and we were going solo. A thunderstorm ended our glorious day in the 2nd inning of games 3, as two substitute umpires were showing up to partner up with us. This story, I tell, because it is the only time I can recall in the last 14 years that I personally pushed it for our assignor to collect ALL the money that should have been paid to the umpires. I suggested that the four umpires who drove to the park and never worked each get one game fee, and that my partner and I each get 3 full game fees. I honestly don't know how my assignor approached it with the TD, but that's how the money was collected and divided up ... on the principle that all of the problems were avoidable, and none of it was caused or embellished my the umpires. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my willingness to be flexible has been rewarded in many, many ways over the years by my various assignors. They know I get shafted occasionally, but then I also might get first dibs at a really good assignment. I might get put on a District Post-Season 3-man crew of my choice two years in a row, because he's quietly thanking me for my helping him out so often. Karma's not always a bitch ... it's often very kind.
  14. Backswing interference?

    Is a video or audio account findable online? I’ve already searched with no success. It sounds like a punishable offense for Joe Buck to say that to Palermo. Buck served as He-who-shall-not-be-named’s apologist for the 1,247 interps He-who-shall-not-be-named screwed up in his color commentating career (for which I blame Fox), but to diss Palermo to his face? I don’t know how Fox tolerated it — which is why I wanna see/hear it.
  15. Backswing interference?

    I think we are agreeing. Just like the NFL changes their "what is a reception" "interps" (sometimes from catch-to-catch) which really sucks for the officials, the NFL or MLB brass can come out and say, "That's really not what we meant." Then the official is staring upward at the underside of a very large bus.
  16. Backswing interference?

    If there is such a distinction between the "letter" and "spirit" of such rules, Layne got this right 100%. If INT is called, and penalties are assessed as if the INT never happened, there simply was no INT, because everything played out exactly as it would have. All this discussion, unfortunately, is about the letter of the rule. Wieters didn't put up much of a fight, and after the game during the post-game interview, he sounded very humble — admitting he wasn't sure of the rule, but that it really shouldn't matter, because he should have blocked the 5-hole. I think Wieters may be displaying more common sense than anyone of the MLB brass. He knows he cost the Nats dearly with his two passed balls (regardless if they were scored WPs), and his CI call.
  17. Batter's Box

    BPA 12u Tournament OBR with a few safety mods. Had a coach that was livid tonight who insisted that the part of the foul line that cuts through the batter's box is not "Fair Territory." Here is my question ... so please don't think I'm asking a question to insult anyone: In 2017, on a bunt play, there is no point along the foul line from the back corner of the plate to the Home Run Wall where a bunted or batted ball touched fair by a player or stopped right on the foul line is not fair and live. I was asked how long that's been the case. (Instead of answering "always," I said "for about 160 years.") Has anyone who is a historian with OBR known of a time that this was not the case? I'm not talking about a bunt that touches the batter in the fair portion of the box. I believe that has always been considered a foul ball by tradition and/or interpretation. So, has there been a stretch of time that if a bunt landed in the fair portion of the batter's box (including the foul line) that it was considered foul?
  18. 2018 NFHS Casebook

    This FED news dwarfs: 1) Russian meddling in 2016 US Presidential Election 2) Bruce Jenner removing his member 3) Bruce Jenner suffering member-removal-remorse 4) Harvey Weinstein contemplating a makeover 5) Bill O'Reilly playing the victim of slander 6) Americans coming to the realization that Trump is the most unskilled liar of the last 6 liars we've had in office (OK ... not fair ... Reagan wasn't ever really quite sure if he was lying ... ) but that lying is part of the job. 7) Joe West losing 75 lbs. during this upcoming offseason to improve his mobility 8) MLB possibly abolishing the 40-man MLB September roster in favor of a 26-28-man September roster 9) Eric Gagne trying for a comeback ... again ... and again ... and again ... 10) 3 WHITE HATS (from the entire NFL Officials' pool) actually realizing that the Chargers have moved to LA GOOD JOB, LAW. AND THANK YOU.
  19. Batter's Box

    PROTECTIVE GEAR. And the catcher stood closer to 25 feet back. Caught every pitch on “first bound..”
  20. How in the world can you change that call?

    OK ... all points taken. What I learned from this is ... those sources "quoting" Wolf who had not spoken to him directly cannot be trusted. Those who accurately (on a recording) quoted him as saying he talked himself into changing the call were accurate. That brings me back to what I thought happened from the very beginning in real time, which is very disappointing. 1) Grandy argued for something that he knew didn't happen. 2) Wolf had his confidence shaken and "appeased" Grandy and Roberts. 3) Winters allowed the poor procedure to continue. I absolutely don't believe U3 or U1 "saw" a tip that didn't happen. 4) Forget my assertion that they should be fined. It just plain sucks. 5) I believe in the adage, "Tell it all, Tell it now, Tell it yourself," which is what Wolf did right after the game. Kudos for Wolf.
  21. Batter's Box

    Now that's very interesting, Rich ... so ... just like today, when a batted ball touches 1st, 2nd or 3rd base, which makes the ball automatically fair (even if it bounces out of play), home plate used to be the treated the same way. I can see how that makes sense. I wonder what changed that rule? Perhaps too many times a batted ball hit the plate, spun backwards,. and played "pinball" among the batter, catcher, and PU?
  22. How in the world can you change that call?

    May I ask what the hell is the difference?