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  1. What's the difference between abandoning because you think you're out, and abandoning because you think the half-inning is over? The letter of the rule and the spirit of the rule are the same. Unless there is a comment in the MLBUM or in the comments in OBR (which there is not, as I have looked), I believe what I received back from the rules moderator at
  2. This is agreeable at all age levels if the coach cops any sort of attitude. One year we were told to use the first threat at the HS level, "Coach ... is #17 coming out of the game on your terms or mine?" to goad a coach into pulling a kid in lieu of an ejection, and someone from FED evidently got all over our State Director for it, because we've been told ever since to NEVER do that. Afterthought: I rang up a 17-year-old in a crucial situation on Saturday with two outs and men on 2nd and 3rd, and he evidently directed some comment at me, because I heard his young HC yell, "Get in the dugout! Don't you EVER say anything to him! You could have controlled that!" Even if I did hear what the kid said, that's where I'm willing to turn a deaf ear ... when the coach takes immediate control. When my son played at age 15, his 25-year-old coach pulled a teammate out of the game with two strikes on him for showing up the ump on the second called strike. THAT was awesome. His dad came up to me and asked, "As a coach, isn't that where you call time out and have a little tough love talk with him instead of humiliating him like that?" All I could say was, "Maybe he needed to be humiliated."
  3. Well, since I cite my rules, you should know where I get them from. Not if he leaves the base path and crosses the infield. You are misusing two terms that are not identical: Base Path does not always = Base Line.
  4. Any runner is out when: Rule 5.09(b) (2) after touching first base, he leaves the base path, obviously abandoning his effort to touch the next base. Did he cross the infield to try to trick the defense? No ... he crossed the infield because he, like nearly everyone, thought there were three outs ... so he was obviously abandoning his effort to touch the next base. If Evans or anyone else wants to say the interp is that R3 cannot be out until he's in the dugout, I'd like to see that in writing and accepted by MLB — in the Rulebook Comments. Otherwise, quite calling a yellow balloon green. I understand you only have a baseline (basepath) at play when a tag is evident, but this is a clear situation where the runner abandoned. Not for a second or two and then gets yelled at by his coach ... but as long as it took him to get in front of the mound. I've already posted this on and received the answer using the OP verbatim.
  5. There is a Softball SubForum for your post.
  6. Pujols was ejected for precisely the same thing 6-7 years ago before he even left the box. He ran all the way to 1B when his 1BC had to break the news.
  7. No. Talk to the coach first.
  8. Which is a little tricky when HS teams show up with one adult coach, and turn out to be mouthy. On more than one occasion, I have approached a coach and explained that he's sorely mistaken if he thinks I won't follow the rulebook restrict and/or eject simply because he's the only adult present. In most cases, that means a forfeit.
  9. I posted about this rule 3 or so years ago and got skewered for it. And by the way, I know 15 guys in my Association (who don't use wheelchairs) who can't take a runner from A to 3rd on a triple, a pickoff attempt at 2nd, or a 3rd-1st/1st-3rd double play. They're immobile, but they're needed, so they're gonna work as long as they want to.
  10. Our local league would suspend both coaches for the remainder of the year and the one throwing the F bomb would never get to coach in the league again. I'm sure there would be a hearing purely to go through the motions of it and to entertain the Board. Other parents would be asked to step up, and the Board Members would, in some way, assume control of the team.
  11. Wrong again. Read the rule.
  12. FAIL. Maine ... Read the OP ...
  13. Ah. So just make it up and ignore the rulebook. I get it. Thanks. Any runner is out when: Rule 5.09(b) (2) after touching first base, he leaves the base path, obviously abandoning his effort to touch the next base.
  14. Abandonment? Any runner is out when: Rule 5.09(b) (2) after touching first base, he leaves the base path, obviously abandoning his effort to touch the next base.