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  1. Spoken like a coach who has never umpired a game in his life.
  2. And anyone who gives the FED Editorial Committee (really????) ANY credit for consistency, precision, all-inclusive logical thinking, fairness, etc. is merely kidding themselves. FED's a laughingstock of bumbling boobs. We see case after case of rules and casebook plays contradicting each other, rules contradicting each other, strange made-up new rules that have no apparent logic — not even for a safety concern, it's frustrating as hell. If the MLB rules committee is a 10 on the scale of 1-10, the NCAA rules committee is about a 9.7. FED is about a 3. The only really good stuff they come with is what they steal from NCAA.
  3. Jon, It's worth learning some "shop talk" so you don't get confused by the way we designate runners on this forum. R1, R2, R3 represent Man on 1st, Man on 2nd, Man on 3rd, at TOP (Time Of Pitch). Only High School Rules have a different method, and since you seem to be unpoisoned by this, I shall leave you pure. Once a play begins, R1, R2, and R3 (or any subset that exists thereof) keep those designations until the play ends. In other words, when R1 rounds 2nd and heads for 3rd, he doesn't suddenly change his name to R2 ... he's still R1 ... and even if he scores, he would be referred to as R1 who scored from 1B.
  4. GOOD! Because you are wrong.
  5. And welcome to Umpire-Empire, Fred. Come back often. We use this particular forum primarily for beginners and coaches like you ... who have been a bit out of touch for a while and are getting re-acclimated. Excellent observation and excellent question.
  6. Lay off of him, Scrounge. This is the one forum for no flaming, sarcasm, or snarky remarks. Perhaps he's just learning the game. I'd be the same way on a hockey or soccer forum.
  7. As in a handful of Phlegm?
  8. I've seen this fluttering quite often, and I wouldn't describe it EVER as momentarily adjusting the ball (such as Jim Evans describes in his reknowned BALK video). It's frustrating to me, but I have to say I handled it as Maven suggested, although not with the same attitude.
  9. Anthony Rizzo was made to switch out his 1st Baseman's glove at least twice this year when Javi Baez assumed a position closer to 1B and Rizzo set up to charge the bunt. It was brilliant in the post season, as it was actually a pre-designed pickoff of R1 from F2 to F3 (Baez) and Rizzo got his glove back .....
  10. Rocket surgeons??? Now there's something ya don't hear every day ... or ever, actually ...
  11. Kinda like most people finally wear seat belts now ... not because they're smarter, but there are laws that are enforced with fines and points if they are disobeyed. RIDIC.
  12. Maven ... NEVER stop posting. EVER.
  13. Was this question even necessary?
  14. Another UWNSOH
  15. (Is, "The Hands Are Part Of The Bat" an apothegm?)