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  1. Looking for plate jacket

    I emailed the guy about that coat and he said he didn't have it.
  2. Catch/injury AFL game

    I didn't watch the video yet but isn't voluntary release how we prove the player had secure and firm possession of the ball?
  3. ISO Small Douglas CP

    Looking for a small Douglas chest protector. I wanna try one out so if you have one, DM me and let me know your asking price.
  4. Mask Porn?

    I'm gonna try a seam ripper to get it off as I'm trying to make my Nike look cleaner without that W on the pad!
  5. Mask Porn?

    Going pick one up today. Thanks!
  6. Mask Porn?

    Any recommendations on how to get a clean cut? I think what you're saying is right.
  7. Mask Porn?

    Anybody remove the loud yellow W from their Wilson memory foam pads? Does Acetone work? I HATE that W.
  8. You've made edits so I can't now. However I guess I'm lucky you have me SOME of my money back (sarcasm) although I still lost some.
  9. Lol I've never seen someone deny when they're wrong and deflect their wrongdoing to someone else.
  10. "play"

    Why wouldn't you point to start after the first? That's a mechanic that unfortunately goes away as you move to higher levels. Why though? I still put every dead ball back into play as I was taught in pro school. Are people getting dinged and looked at as rookies for doing this?
  11. In this very post you referenced the "original" post and the original post unlike what you've put it here didn't say that they were a size 36.
  12. Make it known that the original post said they were a 34 and these are REALLY a size 36.
  13. Heating and fitting Wilson West Vest Platinum

    Delta flex. I'm gonna do some more bending today after I let it sit in the sun. It'll be 90 by 3 PM here!
  14. Heating and fitting Wilson West Vest Platinum

    Trust me I've done my share of 90+ games in that (one this previous weekend in SEPTEMBER). I still don't quite have the fit I want.
  15. Heating and fitting Wilson West Vest Platinum

    Platinum with Team Wendy padding.