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  1. Elaborate on these questions you don't ask if you actually want a job in MiLB....
  2. Too many pages to read through so how do the colors match up to others? Instead of another set of Davises, I'm considering buying a set of these as I can have the pants plus my creases added in for less than the Davises. Also, are combo pants usually tighter in the legs? I'm thinking of getting some and using them as plate pants since my Force 3 shins are so low profile.
  3. Got this added to my GDs too for about $15 and it looks flat out amazing compared to my partners. If you don't have permanent creases, I strongly recommend them for any brand umpire pants.
  4. I have the same problem with feet and legs. I'm in pretty good shape otherwise so I don't understand how this is happening.
  5. Anybody else get pain or fatigue in their forearms and hands after working HOK set for a while? I worked about 27 innings this weekend and now my hands are forearms are fatigued. On both the dish and bases I work HOK as advised by my assigner. It doesn't help that now I'm back at my regular job and have valves to turn and ladders to climb.
  6. Give me a review on a week please!
  7. Has anybody read the book titled Warnings and Ejections that is for sale on I'm looking to take on more leadership in my HS group and want to know if this is a good teaching tool.
  8. Is that something new at pro school? That wasn't taught at either school back in 2013.
  9. Great question. Any known trends on minorities?
  10. I like it a lot...too bad SWMBO won't allow me to buy another mask this offseason!
  11. I have a Nike mask and ruined the harness on it. Is anyone looking to sell one? I'd prefer replacing it with a Nike versus ordering just a Wilson replacement.
  12. Those throat guards are hard to come by huh? I just searched SSK Spyder on Rakuten and can't find them. Any help?
  13. This is a beauty. Which throat guard is that? I need one for my Wilson Ti in which I chopped the throat guard off.
  14. Force 3 V1 Chest Protector for sale...$165 shipped. It's missing the under arm wings and neck piece. Pics coming soon.