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  1. I'm completely happy with my other mask and see no need in having this as a spare. Make me an offer and let's see if we can make a deal!
  2. Mask Porn?

    Anybody else see no use for and cut these middle straps? I just got a new harness and thought I'd leave them on this time but I think I'm gonna cut them again.
  3. I use fair play and common sense. Also I saw someone here state and I've passed it along to my counterparts; Use the rules to solve problems, not create them.
  4. Mask Porn?

    My Nike Ti just returned from Tony. Powder coated black although I meant to tell him Matte black with Wilson Memory Foams. Still love it!
  5. Softball vs Baseball

    Plays at the plate. Yesterday I saw a softball umpire go 1BLX instead of 3BLX on a throw from centerfield. Is this taught to them? Why?
  6. Mask Porn?

    Does anyone else's Tan Team Wendy pads feel extremely stiff? It's hot as hell outside so I don't expect them to be hard but they're very stiff. Idk if it's because I swapped from my memory foams or are my particular set of team Wendy's just old and worn. (2 years old less than 10 games worn)
  7. Mask Porn?

    Thanks! I actually contacted him right after my post and will have my mask in the mail to him by Monday evening!
  8. Mask Porn?

    Repairs you say? I've got a Nike Ti with a bent crossbar from a ball. That can be fixed? BTW that Nike is probably the best looking mask I've seen! I sent mine to Tony and may copy if Wilson ever releases the memory foams in a tan.
  9. I've washed cold and dried on lowest heat setting and mine are holding up well after about 3 washes. Having the permanent crease sewn in helps keep them looking well too!
  10. Shirts

    Can any one tell me which shirts have open hemmed sleeves? Medium shirts usually fit me well everywhere except for the arms. I've got guns like Jim Wolf (no brag really he's just the only umpire I can think of with the same build I have) and want to get the same fit he has on his shirts without the circulation in my arms being cut off.
  11. CWS

    How about this for a resume? I found this on a camp site. If you don't think he's got the experience and expertise to be where he was, you're a fool. Let's see your resume. Greg Street Camp Instructor Greg has 29 years of umpiring experience and training. He started his umpiring career back in 1988 when he attended the Harry Wendelstedt Professional Umpire School. He moved into umpiring Minor League Baseball for nine years and quickly worked his way up. He umpired in the Gulf Coast League, the South Atlantic League, the Eastern League, the Texas League, the Arizona League and then into the AAA Level in the International League. With a total of 14 years in College Baseball his knowledge and experiences are extensive. He has attended several camps and training sessions. Greg has worked in many conferences as follows: South Eastern Conference (SEC) for 12 years Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) for 12 years Southern Conference (SoCon) for 9 years Big South Conference for 6 Years Conference USA (C-USA) for 10 years Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) for 3 years Greg's most impressive umpiring experience happened in 2013, were he was privileged and honored to work the NCAA Division I College World Series in Omaha. Greg has umpired seven Division I NCAA Super Regionals and 11 Division I NCAA Regionals. Greg has also has umpired several Minor League Baseball tournaments. They include the South Atlantic League Tournament in 1991; the Eastern League Tournament in 1993 and the Texas League Tournament in 1994. Greg also has umpired numerous college level tournaments, which include the Conference USA Tournament in 2005-2012; the South Eastern Conference Tournament in 2013; and the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Additionally, Greg has umpired for the Coastal Plains League, Team USA, and the World University Games in Tokyo, Japan. Greg was also an umpire evaluator in AAA from 2007-2010 and an Instructor from 2008-2010.
  12. CWS

    Yes and as someone else said LSU took better advantage of it. Do you blame them? Also my question to the naysayers is, once he's called it there 3-4x, would you rather him tighten back up or stay consistent as we hear so very often?
  13. Dan McDonnell Ejection

    I can definitely see where more is being done to keep guys in the game. As in what we just saw after the strike 3 call in the LSU-OSU game. After the 3rd strike, the batter turned around and yelled some expletives at the umpire and the head coach also left his position to argue balls and strikes after being given the stop sign to not come out. Do I agree? I'm not good enough to decide that but it is what it is. There's no denying there's more rope being given in the CWS.
  14. I bought the combos strictly for the same reason. They work well with my force 3 shin guards.
  15. Mizuno Shovel

    I guess we both watched the Dodgers-Cardinals game last night cuz I came here searching for one too!