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  1. Love the soccer flop. Did you notice the kids reaction when he got called out?
  2. So I finally got around to looking at my notes from my time at TUS/UTA. (Thank you Jimurray for being so patient!) We did cover 7.09h, albeit briefly. Interestingly, I did write down the following two sentences, which seem to agree with Wendelstedt's interpretation of assistance. "7.09h - A teammate, coach, or a runner who has scored cannot assist another runner. Runners chances were improved to accomplish his goal." Not sure if this info was written on the screen from a Powerpoint, or just from the lecture. That's all I found, however, based on the fact that we did cover it, MiLB must have a ruling on this type of play. Granted, my notes are unofficial, but it may shed some light on how they want it called. I'll try and reach out to someone at UTA and see if I can get more info. Hopefully someone there will remember me, and not immediately delete my inquiry! LOL!
  3. Any luck finding anything TUS teaches about who should be called for coach assist?

  4. Thanks, @Jimurray. I don't specifically recall this point being covered in the rules classes. I can look at my notes and other material when I get home. I'm in the beautiful state of Oklahoma visiting grand-kids, won't be home for another week.
  5. We have earthquakes everyday in California, thousands of them, millions of people are talking about them! Tell everyone not to move here!
  6. No such rule.
  7. Never heard of it either in 16 years of umpiring. I'm sure I've read some of the threads here about that play, but I guess I wasn't paying attention! In our meeting the PU admtted he wasn't sure what to do and when the stalemate continued, he called time and re-set everybody. Some at the meeting argued for abandonment, and our local HS governing body ruled this a legal play. We did not discuss what to do if F1 doesn't pitch and there is a stalemate. I'm most curious on what to do in that situation.
  8. This is more what I was thinking. In the situation described in our meeting, it seemed that F1 just was standing there off the rubber and made no play on R1. At what point do you get the game moving? Can you call F1 for delay in this situation?
  9. Just got back from my HS association meeting tonight and I wanted to share and discuss a situation that happened to a couple of our umpires at a game last week. I've never heard of it before, but apparently it's a designed play that a school in our area has run before. Made for some good discussion in our meeting. Just wanted to get some thoughts. After some discussion, I'll explain what the PU did, what some of our members said to do, and what our area HS governing body ruled. Here's the situation. HS varsity, R1 and R3, outs don't matter. F1 is ready to pitch, when R1 takes off for right field, and just stands next to the right fielder. F1 legally steps off rubber and just stands their with the ball looking a little dumbfounded. Obviously, offensive team wants defense to play on the R1, so that R3 will score. F1 never made a play on R1. What do you do now? Thoughts?
  10. I'm sorry if you interpreted my response as snarky, that was not my intention. The comment was intertwined with the whole "balk warning" discussion. Yes, umpires should know the rules. Yes, coaches should be teaching proper pitching mechanics. Does it always happen? No, of course not. I have no issue with "balk warnings" if that's what leagues want to do. I understand what you are saying, my comment was not intended to demean anyone, but rather just a comment reagrding the whole "balk warning" discussion and how to deal with different situations that may arise with warnings. For the record, I spent 14 years at my local LL, 13 as a manager, 13 as a board member, and 5 consecutive years as league president before my youngest went to play HS baseball. Even though I call HS ball now, I'm still involved with LL on our district level as an umpire and trainer. I completely understand the plight of coaches and the struggles that can face not only volunteer coaches, but league administrators, too. However, I always tried to educate myself on coaching and umpiring as much as possible. That doesn't always work for everybody, but I alway felt it was my obligation and responsibility to do my best whether coaching or umpiring. Being a coach has made me a better umpire, and umpiring has made me a better coach. (Even though I retired from coaching a few years ago.) That's for the feedback. I always appreciate the civil banter we can have on this forum.
  11. In our area most of the fields don't have lights, so there is a sense of urgency for most coaches to get the games in. That being said, we instruct our umpires to have due diligence in keeping the game moving. We want our PU up near the line counting pitches and hurrying the players if need be. We teach our umpires to be ready to go and not to waste time between innings. If the umpire has a sense of urgency, then that attitude often trickles down. If the teams are lagging and the umpire is on it, they get the message pretty quickly. Conversly, if the umpire is yucking it up between innings thinking it is a social hour, that will really slow down a game. We try to discourage that! I think education of game management techniques is the key.
  12. Agree, we're on the same page, just a bit of a misunderstanding. It's all good and I enjoy reading your contributions to this site! Thanks for the discussion.
  13. Sorry ALStripes17, I meant to highlight this portion. We don't ignore the balk in this situation. We only ignore the balk if the BR and all other runners advance at least one base safely. I hope I'm getting my point across and not confusing the situation. In appearance, it seems as if the balk is ignored, but technically it is not. I get that.
  14. Agree, balk is not ignored.
  15. I still don't see where it says to ignore the balk if only the runners advance in any situation.