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  1. Reebok Field Magistrate

    @BT_Blue - Do you have pictures?
  2. Douglas Tee Hooks w/Force 3 Harness

    I have that set up and it has some slack on top and side straps, but I am a small guy. 5’7” 165.
  3. low profile umpire chest protector shirt

    Like my daddy said, “The lower the level you are doing the more you should put on!”
  4. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

    A Riddell Power for $30 dollars!
  5. All american fit

    It was me! Hope you can get the issue worked out. It is a beaut.
  6. Poly spandex in MLB?

  7. Poly spandex in MLB?

    Anybody think that Under Armour will just keep the Majestic stuff going because they bought the factory and line from VF? Make money on both sides? Idk...just a possibility.
  8. Dangling Throat Guard

    2 options. I have a couple you could send me your thoughts about or buy a 3/4 in roll of Velcro and cut pieces to size.
  9. I have a brand new pair of them. Not for sale...but everything is for sale !
  10. No Logo - All-Star MVP4000 HSM

    @Thunderheads - sold. Lock it up.
  11. This item is in great used condition. Less than 10 games of use. Looking for $140 obo. Thanks
  12. @Thunderheads - sold! Lock it up.
  13. These Pants were provided to the MiLB by Ump-Attire through Custom Officials Wear. Brand New - Size 34 - Un-hemmed Price - $70 shipped
  14. Wilson's and UA Gear

    2 Items Available: 1) Wilson Dynalite- Frame, pads and harness have been used. $25 Shipped. 2) Ump-Attire pads and harness. $25 Shipped - Price reduced
  15. Wilson's and UA Gear

  16. I bought these pants when they first came out but was skeptical so I waited to hem them until others could review them for a season. I have 2 main questions: 1) After hemming did they shrink in any way that made the hem incorrect? 2) Any real negatives to these? I would understand pm's to address the second question.
  17. Honigs

    I had to call mine in, but it was delivered quickly and accurately.
  18. Masks for Sale

    Two masks available: Both are $55.00 plus shipping: 1) Wilson Dynalite with brown wilson pads - All parts new 2) Diamond Big League Umpire Mask: Matte Black - Great Condition no dents or dings - throat guard not included unless wanted for an additional $5.
  19. Masks for Sale

    @Thunderheads - sold. Lock it.
  20. Gentlemen: Thought I had a pair of honigs polywools. Once I looked at them again, I don't. I don't know what I have but a nice pair of charcoal pants. Please let me know your thoughts after investigating the following pictures. Thanks in advance.
  21. Nice Pants - What are they?

    Anybody want these? I would sell them for $75 shipped.
  22. Navy mask harness

  23. +POS Umpire Shirts - fit and size?

    Anyone buy the new MLB shirts from +pos yet? Hoping for a size material color review. I was not impressed by the smitty version I got earlier.
  24. ISO Nike TI with Black Pads and Harness

    I got one. Harness is new. Pads are used. Frame is like new.