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  1. Updated...ttt
  2. I bought these pants when they first came out but was skeptical so I waited to hem them until others could review them for a season. I have 2 main questions: 1) After hemming did they shrink in any way that made the hem incorrect? 2) Any real negatives to these? I would understand pm's to address the second question.
  3. These Pants were provided to the MiLB by Ump-Attire through Custom Officials Wear. Brand New - Size 34 - Un-hemmed Price - $70 shipped
  4. 2 Items Available: 1) Wilson Dynalite- Frame, pads and harness have been used. $25 Shipped. 2) Ump-Attire pads and harness. $25 Shipped - Price reduced
  5. I had to call mine in, but it was delivered quickly and accurately.
  6. @Thunderheads - sold. Lock it.
  7. Anybody want these? I would sell them for $75 shipped.
  8. Honigs.
  9. Anyone buy the new MLB shirts from +pos yet? Hoping for a size material color review. I was not impressed by the smitty version I got earlier.
  10. I got one. Harness is new. Pads are used. Frame is like new.
  11. I got a pair of each. What is the offer?
  12. Two masks available: Both are $55.00 plus shipping: 1) Wilson Dynalite with brown wilson pads - All parts new 2) Diamond Big League Umpire Mask: Matte Black - Great Condition no dents or dings - throat guard not included unless wanted for an additional $5.
  13. I think it's a previously discussed "v-pro" with wilson stickers.
  14. Sometimes I feel like a fool for it. That's usually when the sales start. Keep your eyes peeled.