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  1. Anybody want these? I would sell them for $75 shipped.
  2. Honigs.
  3. Anyone buy the new MLB shirts from +pos yet? Hoping for a size material color review. I was not impressed by the smitty version I got earlier.
  4. I got one. Harness is new. Pads are used. Frame is like new.
  5. I got a pair of each. What is the offer?
  6. Two masks available: Both are $55.00 plus shipping: 1) Wilson Dynalite with brown wilson pads - All parts new 2) Diamond Big League Umpire Mask: Matte Black - Great Condition no dents or dings - throat guard not included unless wanted for an additional $5.
  7. I think it's a previously discussed "v-pro" with wilson stickers.
  8. Sometimes I feel like a fool for it. That's usually when the sales start. Keep your eyes peeled.
  9. I am confused @MadMax, what do I do with masks?
  10. There are obviously a couple masks on eBay that have changed from Adidas to Nike in this past week. My question is this: since they are majorly secondary market products, is there a way to tell them apart and do you care?
  11. @Thunderheads Sold - lock it up!
  12. Yes.
  13. Anyone else feel that patience in the area of pants purchase could lead to sale prices as so many quality new options(GD poly, smitty polyspan, smitty polywool) have entered the market while quality existing quantities (gd charcoal, smitty charcoal, honigs poly) are still in circulation? Thoughts?
  14. Update.
  15. 2 masks left.