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  1. All Star FM4000MAG

  2. All Star FM4000MAG

    All Star will send you one if you request it. It is the 2019 edition. Nothing else new in terms of chest or shin protectors/guards.
  3. All Star FM4000MAG

    Ordered Gray pads Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Facemask Upgrade

    Get the Honig’s mask...it’s huge and throw on a 6” throat guard as an attachment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Champro Magnesium

    Yes. The silver is gone. Again, not a big deal to me but others may find it frustrating.
  6. Champro Magnesium

    I have had it long enough (20 games) and it does it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Champro Magnesium

    I don't mind the grey look TBH but that seems to be the case yes Max
  8. Champro Magnesium

    Be prepared for it to go from silver to grey real quick much like the all star S7.
  9. Nike ti, Wilson pads

    For sale are the below items. All like new or new. Pm me if interested. 1. Nike ti powder coated matte black by Tony. Frame only shipped for $375. 2. Wilson gray/black pads. W removed and logos blacked out. Shipped for $35. 3. Wilson dynalite frame and or wrap around doe skin pads new. Pads are $35 or $70 for entire unit. 4. Spyder throat guard new. $50 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Champro Magnesium

  11. Will add pics later...bored and going through stuff I don't use. No prices listed, not interested in trades, and will negotiate prices via IM. Not willing to get hijacked with shipping costs either. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for looking. 1. Nike Ti powder coated at Mask It matte black. Brand new, no dents, no scratches, and frame only (unless you want red Nike gel pads for some reason). 3. Honigs silver mask frame. 6. Wilson two tone wrap around padding used 7/10 condition. 7. Reebok Zig Magistrate black/white mid size 13.5. Used twice. Look brand new. 8. Reebok Magistrate II size 14 low. Brand new, have MLB logo on metatarsal plate. These are impossible to find. 9. Brand new New Balance 950 all black low size 14. 10. Honigs Pro Elite chest protector. This is the first version 12" and is in 8/10 condition. No tears, all parts are excellent. 11. Wilson charcoal chest protector. Used 10 times. Great condition.
  12. Father's Day Masks

    Am I the only one that wants the Father's Day mask? I think it would be a great gift! @JimKirk any chance we will see it available for sale?
  13. ISO Black S/S Majestic Jacket

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Authentic-MLB-Umpire-Onfield-Gamer-Rain-Slicker-Jacket-RARE-XXL-/371306903670?hash=item56739db876:g:SpUAAOSwrklVL~za Speak well of me.
  14. Anyone wanna trade my honigs silver frame for a Wilson chrome moliben low profile frame?
  15. Old West Vest Frame (converted - Riddell)

    Does everyone wear navy mask pads in high school?
  16. Mask Porn?

    I cut mine off
  17. Hydro Dipped Mask

    looks sharp
  18. Mask, Pads, CP

    Pics upon request... 1. Honigs Silver Mask frame with black or tan pads. Frame and pads used less than 5 times. Retail is $70. I will ship for $50. 2. Wilson brand new all leather black pads. These are not available retail. These were the pads created for the Japanese market and sold with the black titanium. All leather! NO P/U!!!!!!! Will ship for $45. They are wrap around pads. Same as worn in the MLB during 2014 and 2015 season. 3. Honigs 2010 Elite Protector. This is not the current offering. Has Velcro full harness. In 9/10 condition and will ship for $65. 4. Wilson Charcoal chest protector. In like new 9/10 condition. Comes with bicep extensions. Will ship for $65.
  19. Mask Porn?

    I would wear it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Honigs

    No problems. Go ahead and order
  21. Sun visor for All-Star FM4000?

    ask @Thunderheads he will hook you up
  22. Replacing the foam in the Gold or Platinum

    Actually Wilson designed it to fit under the throat guard of the dyna lite frame and create less of a gap and assist in added protection for those that don't attach a 4 or 6 inch throat guard.
  23. Replacing the foam in the Gold or Platinum

    Huh? Team Wendy is not Kevlar. It is Zorbium foam correct?
  24. Anyone used the All Star FM4000 Mag?

    Just ask Kerwin Danley