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  1. basejester

  2. Best lines you've heard or used at an umpire?

    That's a good point; there's no local league authority at a tournament game. I would think that the logical equivalent is district, regional , or Williamsport staff. Some umpires have never seen (let alone studied) a tournament affidavit, so this feels buried for an item that radically changes the responsibilities.
  3. F2 carries ball to DBT

    My sense of fair play is telling me the runner is out. I don't see anything in Senior Azul's PBUC interpretation about intent. (If there's context that affects that sentence, I could be convinced it doesn't apply.)
  4. Balk

  5. Volunteer UIC survey help...

    I'm not sure it matters much if the managers or parents think it's a good idea in theory to have paid or volunteer umpires. It's much more relevant to ask, in my humble opinion, would you be willing to volunteer for a game? And, Would you be willing to pay for an umpire?
  6. This isn't how Little League rules work at all. Quite the opposite. His district has written a rule specific to them, not the level in general.
  7. Spray-Chalking bases, pitcher's plate, home plate.

    I didn't know that spray chalk existed. This has been an educational thread for me. I have experienced a painted home plate. Do not want.
  8. Obstruction?

    https://www.baberuthleague.org/umpiregram/knowing-the-rules-rules-review.aspx Obstruction Obstruction is the act of a fielder who, while not in possession of the ball and not in the act of fielding the ball, impedes the progress of any runner. No one is allowed to obstruct a base runner by getting in his/her way or by tripping or otherwise blocking him/her, unless the fielder involved is in the act of making a play. Unless he/she is in the base runner's path to make a play, the fielder must at all times be out of the runner's way.
  9. Cheering or Jeering?

    I'd draw it with all of those examples on the legal side. If you have a problem, this is a rule available to use to solve it.
  10. Cheering or Jeering?

    LL 4.06 - No manager, coach or player, shall at any time, whether from the bench or the playing field or elsewhere - (2) use language which will in any manner refer to or reflect upon opposing players, manager, coach, an umpire or spectators;
  11. Cheering or Jeering?

    It's true that softball has a lot of annoying cheers. There's nothing about that experience that makes me want to import that behavior into baseball.
  12. For Little League, there's a case play in "Make the Right Call" which explicitly states that high-fives, etc. are not physical assistance.
  13. Leaving badepath

    Supposing the ball was thrown out of play during the rundown. Now what?