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  1. https://streamable.com/ejakc
  2. Benidtenei out of baseline

    Became notable as this would have been the only hit in the game
  3. Sign stealing prevention CHI - COL game

    I disagree with his premise of that Baez shouldn’t be doing it though. If you can steal signs/give location, why can’t he stand in front of you?
  4. RLI on outside / foul territory side

    Don't think I've ever seen this video discussed on here. Same ruling in all codes?
  5. Batter hit in the box

    I say we pin this answer, as well as another one about appeal/time plays!
  6. Base award

    similar to this, maybe?
  7. Passing R1 on home run

    https://mobile.twitter.com/FOXSPORTSAZ/status/985348117045198848?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet When thinking about this sort of play, it's all about thinking about a plane in the direction of orthogonal to the line between whatever two bases the lead runner is going between, correct?
  8. RLI on outside / foul territory side

    I thought there was some interp that allowed for this. Maybe high school?
  9. Darvish balk

    https://www.mlb.com/video/embed/c-1934174883?mute=&volume=100&autostart=false&useHTML=true&siteSection=mlb_gameday&playerContext=AtBat Real-Time Highlights Was this called because of the head movement? Darvish is pretty consistent with his "double pump" delivery with runners on, and this was the first time it's been called. Example of it not being called: https://www.mlb.com/video/sanchez-interferes-cubs-escape/c-1934136183
  10. here's the clip. http://mediadownloads.mlb.com/mlbam/mp4/2018/04/07/1910539683/1523064599021/asset_2500K.mp4 Similar play happened in 2015: back in 2015. But looks like today's crew messed it up per rule 5.09(b)(9)Comment, which did not exist in the 2015 Cubs-Mets game. "5.09(b) Any runner is out when: (9) He passes a preceding runner before such runner is out; Rule 5.09(b)(9) Comment: A runner may be deemed to have passed a preceding (i.e., lead) runner based on his actions or the actions of a preceding runner. PLAY—Runners on second base and third base with one out. The runner from third base (i.e., the lead runner) makes an advance toward home and is caught in a rundown between third base and home plate. Believing the lead runner will be tagged out, the runner at second base (i.e., the trailing runner) advances to third base. Before being tagged, the lead runner runs back to and beyond third base toward left field. At this time, the trailing runner has passed the lead runner as a result of the lead runner’s actions. As a result, the trailing runner is out and third base is unoccupied. The lead runner is entitled to third base if he returns to touch it before he is out, see Rule 5.06(a)(1), unless he is declared out for abandoning the bases."
  11. The Interference Call

    I think my most common interference play in 10-14 years olds ball was R2 running into F6 when he's going for a groundball or pop up towards the middle of the diamond.
  12. Base Running Appeal

    TOP as noumpire said, and this is determined whenever the pitcher started his motion to commit to pitch. (usually moving the free foot)
  13. U3 in 3 man...

    I'm going to be U3 tonight for a semifinal in a 50/70 cal ripken regional. Any tips? We're going to have a long pregame to go over everything but perhaps some of you guys have some things to mention that I'd never think of.
  14. Yankees Orioles game potential double play

    Meals admits he was wrong: Wonder if anything more will come out of this, besides probably an internal memo to every crew telling them to not F*#K this one up if it happens again haha.
  15. Another for Orioles/Yankees

    I think it "could" have, but I think F3 is going to have to be knocked on the ground or similar for it to be called. Maybe someone else can chime in with an interp from the MLBUM or similar. "6.01(b) Fielder Right of Way: ...If a member of the team at bat (other than a runner) hinders a fielder’s attempt to field a thrown ball, the ball is dead, the runner on whom the play is being made shall be declared out and all runners return to the last legally occupied base at the time of the interference."
  16. Timing play or force out

    Not a force out, this is an appeal and a time play. As long as the runner from third scores before the runner from second is put out, the run scores.
  17. Force out

    That's a softball rule, I believe. PBUC manual page 84
  18. https://www.mlb.com/video/bregman-reaches-on-error/c-1899930483?tid=63817564
  19. Pitching Question

    BTW don't go to facebook comments or something with this video... so many people yelling "BALK!!!11!!"
  20. Jon

    And if you ruled intent, only option would be calling him out for interference, correct?
  21. The Batter

    depends on the scorer's judgment if he had a play. if it was a squibber into no-man's territory between the pitcher and first baseman, and the pitcher wasn't going to be able to cover, probably a base hit
  22. The worst kind of double call

    The one where you're about to put a solid shot into F6's ribs (first play) https://twitter.com/AuburnBaseball/status/966135365919703040
  23. Rule 7.05 (j) Babe Ruth League

    seems to be covered under (j), no?