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  1. I can answer your first question. The top of the fence is within play. (Both Comerica Park and the G-Rate don't have any ground rules regarding this)
  2. Scoring Question

    officially I believe that this is ruled a FC and the shortstop gets the putout. It's interesting to note that in baseball rules if your grounder simply hit your teammate you would be credited with a single, but since he committed interference you get a FC.
  3. Home plate collision Q

    OBR has the catcher's collision rules in a different section than obstruction.
  4. Interesting Time Play

    yes, I said it was an awful decision by happ to go towards third- but it's his call not and not the third base coaches
  5. Interesting Time Play

    ball is in front of the runner, so it's the runners' call to decide if he can advance to third. It was just a SH*# decision, as well as not sliding. The almost scoring runner gets a bit of a break because he just came off the DL with a strained hamstring.
  6. MLB Situation

    don't think so http://m.mlb.com/official_rules/replay_review
  7. That seems to be common sense, but do the interps agree? I don't see how this could be ruled as intentional, or that he had complete control before knocking it out. From the PBUC manual:
  8. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    I think that's a little different as it's hitting the fence and not the top of the fence. But I wish that this was reviewed so we would have clearly known what the MLB interp on this is.
  9. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    I don't see your logic in this. We've seen a ball hit a player and go out. We seen many cases of a ball hitting the top of the wall and skipping out. So, why would the combination of them be a double instead of a home run?
  10. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    not sure how you're getting that from the universal ground rules. see also: https://www.mlb.com/video/must-c-carom/c-34605679?tid=11493214 Here's a play that was incorrectly ruled as a double; petco park ground rules have it as a home run. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/239209012/padres-wil-myers-near-homer-ruled-a-double/
  11. you think from the press box they have a better view? Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought most broadcasters simply call the game from their monitors and not actually look down at the batter.
  12. Thrown ball goes into the stands

    tangentially related, there was a recent play in which Justin Upton hit a home run then may or may not have touched first, then touched second and realized that he might have missed first. So he re-touched second then went back and touched first. (Replays later showed that he did barely touch first base the first time by) So, would the second touch be legal? I'd lean towards no based on what you just said regarding a different play.
  13. Best lines you've heard or used at an umpire?

    I suppose this wasn't the most proper thing to do, but I had a coach tell me that a coach couldn't come out to have a mound visit because he already had one in a previous inning (not very high quality ball under OBR). He was so adamant that he was right that he offered to google the rule for me. I told him to go ahead and google it, I'll just wait here. He must have realized how wrong he was from how I was replying that he quickly said that it's okay and it doesn't matter now because the coach was already out there. Couldn't help but laugh after that.
  14. Gfoley4

  15. sounds like they didn't know the ground rule about the metal roof
  16. Pitching break

    Here you go http://imgur.com/gallery/UiU59iL
  17. Game winning home run

    Thankfully, this exact situation is covered in the rule book my bolding
  18. What to look for here?

    https://www.mlb.com/video/gonzalez-hill-nab-bell-at-first/c-1762405183?tid=63817564 This type of play seems to be one of the hardest to call. My question is, what should we be looking at?
  19. Full brawl NYY vrs Detroit Tigers

    then again, Pedro thought that it was on purpose. They showed that his foot was turned more towards sanchez that other pitches. I don't think the mechanics would change that much just depending on which side they wanted to throw.
  20. Don't know if there will be clips, but tough night for Cederstrom's crew. There was a mile high popup in front of the mound in an infield fly situation where PU (Cederstrom) didn't indicate infield fly right away. U1 indicated infield fly at a reasonable time, but the third base umpire did not see it in time and banged R2 on a "force" which of course had to be corrected. Then there was a play right around the third base cut-out on a high chopper where U3 called foul while PU pointed fair. They got together and ruled fair ball, B/R gets first. Good thing there weren't other runners to deal with. Obviously these aren't the biggest deals, but it wasn't a great look for the crew.
  21. Questions About Umpire Interference (OBR)

    The "working in the infield" is just apart of a comment explaining that the pitcher is not considered an infielder for the purposes of this rule. The actual rules states, That's pretty cut and dry
  22. Questions About Umpire Interference (OBR)

    Edit: as an aside, please stop posting the same topics in multiple sub-forums. Just post it in one or the other. If the ball passes by an infielder, there cannot be umpire's interference. At the MLB level, the only time you're going to see it is when the second base umpire is in deep B or C with runners on. Here is an example of a situation where it wouldn't be umpire's interference (in this case it was foul when it hit West, but let's pretend it was fair for this situation) You would just play the bounce, no interference because West is "not working in the infield" and is behind a fielder. Here's a crazy play that was correctly ruled not as interference because it struck the pitcher before hitting the umpire. Here's an example of umpire's interference. The runner on second cannot advance while the B/R gets first base.
  23. Hunter W leaves game

    That's an all-star mask, right? I was just noticing an inning before how good it looked, then bang.
  24. Attempt towards second?

    I'm a Cubs fan, but I feel like he definitely made a quick step in the direction of second. You can see that the first base coach notices it as well as he claps in relief afterwards. It certainly is more of a move than this from a few years ago- although this just seems like a straight miss to me.