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  1. LOL, I can just imagine that umpire coming back from the field and trying to give the UIC a bunch of 38 inch fungo bats
  2. wouldn't you say a trip clearly hinders him in an attempt to field it?
  3. You are correct in that there is no "automatic out" for multiple runners on the same base.
  4. It's not going to happen. You could really only "get away with it" in the eyes of the opposing team if it's a situation like this where Holliday is running around with his head cutoff. You try doing this on a ground ball to short and I guarantee that runner is getting a fastball to the back next inning.
  5. I never mentioned an instance where a fair batted ball would return the BR to the box. I mentioned a foul popup... your link was a fair popup.
  6. you are confusing me with the guest who asked the question. I simply added the comment about a situation where the batter/runner does not get first base on interference.
  7. This play has a lot of aspects, but the end result was that R1 interfered on a foul ball so the batter continued his at-bat
  8. Haha, I was wondering if I was the only person with this issue. Safari seems to work better than Chrome for me
  9. I can't tell if you're disagreeing with me about interference on a foul popup? Is the batter returning not the case? I recalled that from a past post on this very site.
  10. 1) batter gets first base and is credited with a single in the scorebook. I believe on a tailor made double play ball that hits R1 going to second, you could get two outs (batter/runner also out) on this in FED, but not in OBR unless it was "willful and deliberate" Another exception to the batter/runner getting first base would be if another runner interferes with a foul popup. Batter would just continue at-bat with another strike. 2) I'll let someone else handle this as I hardly ever do FED - but it sounds like obstruction to me.
  11. Nothing in cal ripken book about sliding head first. I believe that's a Little League rule
  12. Yep, I agree with you. Maybe there is some other verbiage in other manuals? PBUC doesn't really add anything
  13. interference by a retired runner has to be intentional? I don't think so. The only question is if this applies under the comment "If the batter or a runner continues to advance after he has been put out, he shall not by that act alone be considered as confusing, hindering or impeding the fielders." Apparently an umpire after the game was quoted as "He [Holliday] was just running the bases."
  14. ? The first sentence seems pretty applicable to the situation at hand.