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  1. What a call!

  2. Double play Cubs-Brewers

    https://www.mlb.com/video/sogard-turns-dp-after-review/c-1844189183?tid=63817564 Agree with out of his baseline call on R1? Is there anything the home plate umpire should have done better in regards to positioning? (Besides have F2 make a better tag)
  3. Cuzzi's unusual position, mechanic

    It would have looked cooler if he didn't run into Lindor.
  4. Out or lodged ball?

    Donaldson noticed, and looked up the rule!
  5. Foul tip?

    ball is coming in straight, then moves to the left. Don't think contreras is going to whiff on a fastball. Plus, Souza clearly thinks something happened and turned around. You can also listen to sound here
  6. Foul tip?

    you tell me. I'd say no. This was ruled as strike 3 in the game.
  7. I can answer your first question. The top of the fence is within play. (Both Comerica Park and the G-Rate don't have any ground rules regarding this)
  8. Scoring Question

    officially I believe that this is ruled a FC and the shortstop gets the putout. It's interesting to note that in baseball rules if your grounder simply hit your teammate you would be credited with a single, but since he committed interference you get a FC.
  9. Home plate collision Q

    OBR has the catcher's collision rules in a different section than obstruction.
  10. Interesting Time Play

    yes, I said it was an awful decision by happ to go towards third- but it's his call not and not the third base coaches
  11. Interesting Time Play

    ball is in front of the runner, so it's the runners' call to decide if he can advance to third. It was just a SH*# decision, as well as not sliding. The almost scoring runner gets a bit of a break because he just came off the DL with a strained hamstring.
  12. MLB Situation

    don't think so http://m.mlb.com/official_rules/replay_review
  13. That seems to be common sense, but do the interps agree? I don't see how this could be ruled as intentional, or that he had complete control before knocking it out. From the PBUC manual:
  14. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    I think that's a little different as it's hitting the fence and not the top of the fence. But I wish that this was reviewed so we would have clearly known what the MLB interp on this is.